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  1. If you want her, don’t logically communicate with her about that. Next time you see her, flirt with her and see how she reacts. If she reacts in a good way, lead her to the bedroom. Then you talk about a potential relationship
  2. Spirituality can be a very explosif process and you have to be very cautious when you go about it, thinking deeply about what kinds of spirituality fit with your soul. I personally do not really like how Leo eventhough claim openmindedness put the presupposed frame that his work is above other kinds of work.
  3. When you bust a nut three times in a row.
  4. Si basically It has been really hard to forget about one girl and I sometimes have strong negative feelings and panic attacks so I opened myself up to see one man who works with energies. I really do not know what to think about this now. I told him the story of me and this girl. And he told me that she was a perverse narcissist and that she was spiritually leeching energy out of me even when we do not talk to each other. That’s why I feel I have no energy and she feels like she’s full of energy because she is « vampirizing » me. I have to admit I do not know what to think about it. It’s true I feel bewitched. And he kind of make me a little paranoid if that is true that she’s leeching my energy spiritually everyday. Basically he told me that we were all connected on a spiritual level and that she was vampirizing me leaving me on low energy while she’s full of it. I’m skeptical. He also told me that he will have to cut all spiritual links between me and her to make me move forward. what do you guys think about it ? I personally am openminded about this situation but isn’t it bullshits. Maybe I feel bad cause I feel bad and she is not a « demon » like this guy say ? What are your opinions. Does he really have power ?
  5. some people have a brain wired to really love several people. Try it if you want to find out how it goes for you. Just keep being honest with x y and yourself.
  6. Maybe, personally I’ve never seen an improvement due to plastic surgery. Generally the only improvement is in the eye of the one that did the plastic surgery cause they are so obsessed and focused on « fixing » what they believe to be ugly on themselves.
  7. Plastic surgery makes people uglier any way
  8. I know I’m just talking about where to invest to be more physically attractive.
  9. chest shoulder arms(I would define those as the most masculine muscles) are the most important if all you care about is attracting girls I would say
  10. Bro I don’t know why you took my words that personally. If you manage to have sex 1-3times a week this way, congrats. I am not talking about holy integrity, I am talking about something very tangible. You make it sound as if I am talking about some religious hypocritical stuff.
  11. Holding frame is manipulation
  12. Of course it is better to be that guy who gets a lot of girls, I am not talking about beliefs here, I am talking very practically. I am just saying practically getting a lot of girls whilst for example not lying at all( and she will ask you questions before sleeping with you in most cases..) not allowing yourself to fuck drunk girls, not using your social advantages (not fucking your secretary, not fucking who you are leading as a manager for example..) not using any kind of manipulation tricks. It just naturally erases a lot of options. Could a guy still have lots of girls. Yes I’m not saying I personally have more honor and integrity than anyone. I’m just saying this as what seems to be true about how it really works.
  13. Always nice to hear, wish you the best ! Bravo