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  1. First, notice the pain you feel right now is a good pain which is making you grow. Basically it is free personal development. You have nothing to do but being still while taking the pain! (easier said than done I know..) then, all you are feeling right now is normal and it is the healthiest reaction a man should have after a breakup. Take the time to heal. Every time you feel the waves of the heartbreak pain coming. Remember how courageous you are for taking the pain. If you are courageous enough, whilst the pain, try to think about what this heartbreak tells about you and why you are in this situation and how you could improve now. Then remember that one day you’ll move on and you’ll be a much stronger man. And you certainly will have opportunities with women that suits you better. I would advise you to cut clean at this point, do not call her, do not text her. Let go. and finally last but not least hang around with good friends. Friends that make you feel good! (I’m basically resuming the Leo’s video on how to deal with a heartbreak.. it is a good one, you should see :p)
  2. Now I need more of the « work hard mentality+don’t procrastinate » whilst keeping my balance
  3. -but I thought the point of relationships were spiritual development to you ? -no here it’s the much more simple than that
  4. At the highest Love, the word Love disappears
  5. I have to let people express and be more silent
  6. Fear prevents you from being accurate
  7. The true miracle is not the Absolute: it is the relative. When you think about it. How do you create something and then create another that relates to this ??? How do you invent language and then people understand it ??? Where the fuck is the ground ?
  8. @Something Funny bro, your post makes complete sens. Work hard and have faith, you are an exponential and the plateau phase is much more longer than expected.
  9. Spoiled alert if you did not watch « the grey »
  10. Wow thanks for this post. I really needed this words
  11. @Something Funny if I’m not being too curious how old are you ? Life as a man tends to be brutally hard in the beginning and smooth up as you rise as a man. Basically once you get a really strong sens of who you are as a man, you almost are fixed for life. Women have an easier beginning in life but lots of issues come later I feel. There is never a point in a life of a woman where she’s like « okay I do not ever have to worry now »
  12. I am a guy so certainly biased but if an alien soul came to me and asked me « hey I’m gonna incarnate as a human, do you advise me to incarnate in a man’s body or in a woman’s body ? » I would tell him, a man anytime
  13. By understanding the people you love do not exist, it makes you love them even more
  14. Getting glimpse of what Leo says about Truth and Love: so basically in my life I often say myself « everything happens to maximize love , that is okay » eventhough for me it is just a belief, it makes me feel good and when I tell it to myself basically, what I do is think about all the things that bothers me and think at them as participating in maximisation of love. And I just realized, when I do that, basically I’m connecting with the realness of reality, with Truth.
  15. I would be very interested to hear about this