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  1. Post sex gaze... like the one I saw on a smaller female orangutan at L.A. Zoo.
  2. Beautiful letter. Thank you for sharing. Leo was/is the hard ass that I need(ed) at times! Thank you. Namaste! One of a kind!
  3. @Danioover9000 Apologies. No criticism intended. I misdirected. MUCH LOVE and CARE
  4. Does your body, thoughts, feelings and emotions run YOU? Work on removing the limits of your mind. Practice being in control of your sense perceptions. Question yourself and your own thoughts about everything ... Even other cultures, practices, traditions. Don't let your own knowledge get in the way of true wisdom. LOVE YOU
  5. Spend the nightgame on girls you already know. Be nice, giving, respectful, be a friend, check on our safety, be authentic! ... We can feel just like a meat market at night to those that don't know us already.
  6. Slight clever maybe... its modified parroting.
  7. The whole situation was lost in cultural differences, ignorance, drama and stupid ratings!
  8. AI could be the catalyst that allows a person to have the daily time to slow down - to introspect, to spend time with themselves, to curate the needed worldwide compassion, to expand their consciousness work, and so on. We have the choice.
  9. Remember that traumas are experiences. All your experiences help build your character. YOU are your own parent now and in that you can comfort yourself, love yourself, make conscious choices for yourself. Everyday, spend quality time with your past self, your future self and most of all - your NOW self. We are all sending you good vibes and you will be just great!! When you become aware that you are doing the vicious self talk thing, Choose to talk to yourself in a positive way. Its hard but if you fight the auto pilot mind and do the positive talk, you will win, you will reprogram your brain. Literally. If you cant find big positive things just start small and like be grateful that you can see, that you have heat, that you have clean water, that you have nice shoes, that you can smile, like that....Keep up your great work! You Got This xoxoxoxox