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  1. From a marketing perspective, podcast and educational well-being is exploding this year. It’s already happening. And we need more people to reach the people who need it. We don’t need any more books or podcasts or content we need what is that hand to the people that need it!
  2. Philosophy can be a science when it's based on external data and measured. Philosophy is also an art. Art is creation. Humans create things and are the "Creator". We created philosophies, arts and sciences. We created this page. We are creating all the feelings, thoughts and emotions from typing these words and how we are perceiving them, and the Kermit, and the popcorn. Love one another and everything.
  3. Corporate is 100% shallow orange. Academia is all about marketing and money, therefore also orange. Do these things. Get the degrees, the jobs, the money, the house, knowing them for what they are. And, study your true wisdom education, insights, introspecting, etc unto your true self. Go deep. This is where the gold is. Namaste
  4. Post sex gaze... like the one I saw on a smaller female orangutan at L.A. Zoo.
  5. Beautiful letter. Thank you for sharing. Leo was/is the hard ass that I need(ed) at times! Thank you. Namaste! One of a kind!
  6. @Danioover9000 Apologies. No criticism intended. I misdirected. MUCH LOVE and CARE
  7. Does your body, thoughts, feelings and emotions run YOU? Work on removing the limits of your mind. Practice being in control of your sense perceptions. Question yourself and your own thoughts about everything ... Even other cultures, practices, traditions. Don't let your own knowledge get in the way of true wisdom. LOVE YOU
  8. Spend the nightgame on girls you already know. Be nice, giving, respectful, be a friend, check on our safety, be authentic! ... We can feel just like a meat market at night to those that don't know us already.