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  1. The woodchuck is chucking wood (if it could) and I am the wood, the woodchuck and the chucking.
  2. ...The woodchuck would be chucking wood if he could.
  3. @Heart of Space Love him. Namo Buddhaya...this is ONE of an infinity number of paths to the top of the mountain. Enjoy the journey.
  4. Looking to investigate timeline of human species first enlightenment by post thread or Leo vid. Was is us? Neanderthals? Other? Are other animal species awake? Were we more awake once before (or more than once). Maybe Spiral Dynamics there was a bit more consciousness that red, blue, orange, yellow, Since they are closer to nature? Thanks for joining in and sharing. Thanks for pushing evolution up to next levels! It's happening!
  5. Insightful. Sufferer to Seeker to Seer. I Am That I Am! Mettaaa to all
  6. Everything is illusory and there is no "The end".