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  1. Havent updated in a week. Was very busy with work. I now understand the plight of the average person. Its hard to even do any sort of personal development work or life purpose work when you come home from work and are so drained from 8-10+ hrs at my job. Still the pay is pretty good. I now have enough for the van so I am doing more research on facebook marketplace. Ive been listening to audiobooks recently. I finished Matthew McConaugheys biography "Greenlights". Hes a good example of someone who was his authentic self and followed his bliss from a very young age. Also been watching some good movies. ^^^ I watched this yesterday. It was spike lees first movie and it was actually really good. He had a strong style from the beginning of his career. Looking for something like this. My total costs per month would be around $1000. This would give me way more freedom than I currently have now. Also need to get back on the YouTube grind
  2. Money: Master the Game by Tony Robbins
  3. Lol thats pretty funny. America is so huge that its hard to generalize. New Jersey does suck, so this would be like me living in a shitty town in Serbia for a month and then proclaiming that all of Europe sucks. Places like NYC, Miami, Dallas, Austin, Tampa, Atlanta, Scottsdale, LA, Denver, etc are USA at its best
  4. Evolution in content and communication style
  5. I thought he meant it in the same way that someone would fall for a trap set in chess, where you attempt to sieze on a situation that you think your opponent missed, but your opponent predicted you would see that and planned many moves ahead so that what you thought was a good move, was actually a blunder. I guess in fighting, then could be something like faking someone out so you could land a good hit or attempt a submission. I dont think he meant it in a literal sense of pursuing martial arts is a trap because it can harm you physically. (Peter Ralston is an enlightened martial artists)
  6. <-- Best diet for intelligence I saw some people post about this channel in an old thread. This guy claims to have boosted his IQ by 15 points with quad n-back training and in the process developed better problem solving skills and visualization skills that helped him solve chess puzzles better, even though he barely played. Could be worth looking into ^^^ This guy also has a really interesting channel that deals with memorizing with the use of visualization and memory palaces. He also has an interview with Kurt from Theories of everything. Looking into memory palaces and memory techniques used in books like "Moonwalking with Einstein" could also be useful
  7. I made some of my closest friends on minecraft. The community around a game is almost as important as the game itself, and minecraft at its peak had one of the best communities, especially on YouTube. Also just the general creativity of being able to create whatever you want in an infinite sandbox I think helped me develop some creative skills + attention span. I remember working for weeks with friends to build towns and castles. Its hard to say because I basically played the game since I was 10, but I think it definitely had an impact on my creativity and also a deeper appreciation for architecture. Red Dead Redemption 2 also had an impact on me. I know thats not an indie game and had like thousands of people working on it, but I think its a good example of how videogames can surpass movies as a storytelling medium where you can actually be in the story and change the outcome
  8. Some may argue that videogames can be more real than normal life. Especially in like 10-20 years when VR starts popping off, the boundaries between real and virtual will be blurred. Also I have been very impacted by games. I would not be the person I am today without Minecraft
  9. The book "So Good They Cant Ignore You" By Cal Newport might help. In short, the book makes the claim that you shouldnt go for a career based on your current passions, but rather that you develop passion for your work by becoming world class in a field that you feel has a positive impact on humanity. The life purpose course is always a great start. Another good exercise is just literally stare at a wall with nothing but a journal for hours/days and just write down what you want from your life in terms of material possesions, ideal lifestyle, bucket list experiences, skills you want to develop, dream career or potential careers. The first hour, you'll probably just end up listing basic stuff like a lamborghini and a shit ton of money and girls, but if you stick with the question "What do I really want out of my life" for long enough, youll eventually get to the core of what your authentic self wants.
  10. I really doubt that you could hit all of your nutritional bases with just fruit. Maybe try it for a month and do some bloodwork to see if its sustainable long term. What other recipes could there be besides a fruit salad lol
  11. Another good day at work. I dont really like coming home, my family is very dysfunctional right now and are always fighting. Its hard to even get a good nights sleep. I need to make a plan to move out. I want to move back to florida, preferably Miami. Ive been doing the math and I would need like 3-4k per month to survive with some extra spending income. Also contemplating van life. Im gonna work all summer to save up, I would like to move out by the end of the year. ^^ I watched this twice. Good to see Leo back in action. I think the part about traps being a gift was very profound and made me look back and see how my greatest failures were really just God teaching me a lesson that will help me in the future. It also made me sad because I look around and see so my friends and family keep falling for the same traps over and over again and never learn.
  12. Im pretty sure he mentioned that near the end of the video. You can see traps as a gift that allows you to grow in wisdom. Pain is the best teacher. He gave an exercise at the end of the video where you list out the top 10 traps youve fallen into and what you learned from them Some of mine were 1. Drug addiction 2. Overusing psychedelics as a way to spiritually bypass 3. Engaging in get rich quick schemes and being very gullible to the point of falling for scams. All of these were bad in the moment but upon self reflection, helped me grow a lot
  13. Exploring different types of consciousness and the differences between them (Alien, AI, insanity, enlightenment, etc)
  14. Finally done with college. The biggest relief ever knowing I will never need to go into a classroom again. I didnt get the job from SMC, idk why, I thought I killed it in my interview. Oh well, their loss. Ive only uploaded one video in the past week. Ive been busy with moving back up to NY and with work. I started work a few days ago and I worked a 9 hour shift today, pretty solid day today. I finished the audiobook "So Good They Cant Ignore You" by Cal Newport on my drive to work yesterday, very nice listen. Aim to become the best in your field and then passion will follow. Work schedule is pretty packed for the next 7-10 days so I will probably need to bulk record videos on Tuesday.