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  1. @DonMario About 4 months now. I've been through periods of fasting for 16 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours and 72 hours in the past. Never longer than that, since I am naturally lean. I see OMAD as just one type of fasting routine amongst many.
  2. I think that omad gives a pretty good break to your digestive system as well as give you the ability to easily go for a 2 day fast. I've found that I obsess about food less and and am pretty happy to eat less palatable (but healthier foods). You also get a level of self control that guides you throughout the day.
  3. Ambiguous word A causes ambiguous word Y. Blame, blame, blame! Haha, am i right?
  4. @Matt8800 I wouldn't say I've reached Equanimity, as i still fall back into old patterns (dark night stuff) when I'm not attentive. @Faceless Is this fear you describe the same as what is referred to as Dukkha in Buddhism (a sense of unease being in all transient-phenomena/mind)?
  5. @Faceless Yes, I can see that ultimately the dropping of any and all thoughts about meaning/meaninglessness would make sense, as meaninglessness can only exist as a concept when meaning is implied as a concept. Ultimately, one must let go of both and just be still. Also, do you think that fear drives ALL thought?
  6. @Etagnwo Interesting post. I'll get back to you after I've truly reflected on what you've said. That makes sense. However, the relationship seems to be more nuanced than you're making it out to be. The drive for security can motivate one towards meaning/no-meaning, however, no-meaning can be a natural insight that triggers the dropping of suffering. It's interesting, as I can see how the mind can run towards no-meaning in order to self pacify, but no-meaning can also occur spontaneously and trigger peace. As I've asked other members in this thread: 'What do you mean by meaninglessness?'
  7. @Etagnwo Morality is a separate issue from direct insight into meaninglessness I agree, but that also comes down to definitions. What is morality to you? Can you give some examples of what you consider to be an objectively moral or immoral act? My personal view is that true morality should be the system we use in order to minimize suffering. That's it. How we go about doing this is an open question imo. As for sugar always being sweet, nah, sweetness is not an innate property of sugar.
  8. @Joseph Maynor I think Peterson's wider audience is drawn to him because he attempts to give the Secular-West (which is collectively facing some kind of identity crisis, as well as an existential crisis) some kind of meaning and purpose to their lives. I think this is his way of coping with his depression and it seems to resonate well with his audience. I believe the West is simply facing some kind of spiritual crisis and Peterson is filling the vacuum. I personally do not like him, as I believe he's constantly massaging the truth and being deliberately ambiguous to push his narrative.
  9. @Sparkist Well, if you define thinking about a word and describing clearly our reaction to it as ego, then sure, its ego. As for whether it's positive or negative or neutral (I find the neutral definition more reasonable) comes down to interpretation. As for it having to be one or the other, that comes down to the interpretation of person in question. The word 'Meaningless' is just a symbolic representation of an idea, or a 'feeling' in some cases. The hope is that dialogue can tease out these differences, and to some extent it has. Hooray!
  10. @Nahm Healthy, in terms of leading one towards greater peace of mind and clarity of mind (in a spiritual context). Sense, by which I mean in alignment with what is. I know that seems vague, but its the best I can do .
  11. @Outer Regarding saboteurs, do you believe that some people here are intentionally misleading others? Or do you think it is just a case of the blind leading the blind? The wide spectrum of views on offer here certainly makes one weary of which items to eat from this surreal buffet we call
  12. @Outer People might not admit that they secretly could be wrong, but their mere presence on this forum says otherwise. That being said, there are a few here that I do think consider themselves to be fully realized (whether they truly are is an open question). As for Jed McKenna, why do you assume he is truly spiritually realized? I've listened to him and he makes a lot of sense, but his writing seems a bit theatrical and really detracts from his message (at least as far as I am concerned).
  13. @Ether The right way? I don't know about that... but whatever, I see your point of view.
  14. @Ether Seems the same bruh . Say that to most people out there in the world, and they'll have a negative reaction to it...
  15. @Ether I understand that most people have a negative association with the word 'meaningless', but some don't. I assumed it was used here, on this forum, in a more technical sense (as I am using it). But yeah, that's why most disagreements on this forum can come down to slight differences in the 'feelings' a word can bring up. What do you then think is a more appropriate word then for what I am describing? Genuinely curious since I cant think of one.