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  1. Managed to do it for about 12 minutes. Started with building pressure within the head (like something energetic was building up, ready to pop), then felt sudden urges for the body to spasm into weird shapes (like being physically possessed), then the body felt incredibly heavy (like metal). This is when I stopped. All in all, I feel pretty calm now. My body still feels heavy, even now (20 minutes after the session). Interesting. Will try it again tomorrow and see what happens.
  2. We don't, unless we've personally validated whats being said/experienced. For all you know, Leo is bat-shit crazy. It is up to you to validate/invalidate what is being said.
  3. @Torkys Interesting. I haven't experienced this fully. Did you get to this state through meditation?
  4. I mean vibrational in the sense that the sensation ebbs and flows (pulsates almost). So if the identity of the body was gone, the experience of pain would be neutral?
  5. @Torkys I've noticed that when I focus on some unpleasant sensation (anxiety for instance), the actual anxiety is nothing more than a vibrational tone within the body; absent a narrative about it, it just 'is'. The suffering, as you say, comes about when the mind says: "this is unpleasant/i don't want this". What then actually differentiates pain from say a neutral sensation?
  6. @Leo Gura Do you think Insight meditation can be done effectively without cultivating Concentration meditation skills? I read somewhere that people that only cultivate concentration states do not necessarily 'wake up'.
  7. @Outer Isn't that also just an experience?
  8. I don't see how things can be 'in' or 'out' of consciousness, since everything I experience 'is' consciousness.
  9. I think Communism appeals to the ideal of the collective while Capitalism appeals to the ideal of the individual. A functional family, even in a capitalist system practices the ideal of the collective, such as a father willingly looking after his children and wife, despite the financial and emotional cost associated with doing so. Here' the father identifies 'self' as 'family' in an abstract sense. Communism however tries to take the ideal of the collective and completely remove the ideal of the individual, and this is where the violence emerges in Communist regimes. If humans were naturally wired to view the collective as 'self', then Communism probably would work. But this is not our innate nature. We as humans manifest the ideals of both collectivism and individualism, and the denial of either will lead to the total collapse of the system.
  10. @Outer Yeah, survival of the fittest shows that those with lower IQ's are more likely to have progeny. It seems that IQ negatively correlates with fertility. I remember some static saying that global IQ is on the decline. The combination of globally falling IQ's and gene editing technology is going to make for an interesting future.
  11. I think as society gets more and more automated, the entry level IQ needed to enter the job market is going to go up. Maybe in a few decades only people with an IQ in excess of 150 will be able to meaningfully contribute to society. Suddenly an IQ of 80 or 130 is equally useless. Machines shall inherit the earth .
  12. @Serotoninluv I'm not making any existential claims about reality here, nor am I interested in doing so and getting lost in words. I'm just stating what I directly perceive as a result of meditation.
  13. @Serotoninluv That ain't my direct experience though. Some of my insights have permanently altered my perception of reality. Other insights, as you said, end up on the trash-heap. @abrakamowse Ego is like the god damn Borg
  14. @abrakamowse Yes, insights feel as if they're changing the very operating system of your mind. It feels very sudden and pronounced. After that, thought arrives and tries to encapsulate what happened. Then comes the resistance to the insight, which can be a rather unpleasant.
  15. @abrakamowse Yes, that's what I experience as well. A cool thing to do is ask: "What is my next thought going to be?" You'll find that a thought will just arrive out of nowhere, but as soon as it is seen, another thought arrives that says, "I thought that thought". A thought claiming it thought a thought that it didn't itself think... @Rilles Yeah, that's trippy.