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  1. @Outer As he alluded to in the video, human biodiversity allows for a wide spectrum behavioral/mental traits. I like the term Neuro-A-Typical. Those with Autism, Asperger syndrome, even most people on this forum are seriously Neuro-A-Typical . The word 'normal' for many people has an undertone of a value judgement. Typical vs atypical are less emotive terms, as far as I am concerned.
  2. This the real answer to the "How to escape wage slavery" video...
  3. That's a very interesting way of looking at it. If you don't mind me asking, why did you choose to use Cetus in your username?
  4. The fear of letting go of that I know to be false, because falsehood seems more comforting/familiar than emptiness. I don't know what will be left when I let go...
  5. @Serotoninluv Fair enough. I guess I'm just realizing that the symbolic framework with which I view the world has/is tying me in knots. Some symbolic frameworks can cause tremendous distress. I guess we each have our own unique biology and genetics that respond in very different ways.
  6. @cetus56 I feel as if I am learning the same lessons over and over again, then forgetting them, then remembering. Life is a wheel. Oh, I don't doubt it. Everything (cognitive) seems like a distraction at this point. The more I deconstruct the symbols within my mind, they're replaced with finer grain symbols, but symbols non the less. Does this deconstructing process go on forever? I don't know. Am I going somewhere? Probably not... @Misagh What if you don't know what trash is? Nice
  7. I'm slowly starting to realize that most of my suffering is because my mind is trapped in a specific symbolic framework/network. When we as a society look at things, we try to create grotesque symbolic representations of what is truly a miraculous non-symbolic reality. We look at a truly complex system of cells, fluids, electrical currents, responses and call it 'human' or 'mother' or 'daughter', 'bad man', 'good man'. Symbols are there to hide the truly miraculous nature of things, and in doing so, hell within the mind is created since we divorce ourselves from what is. I have also been having flashbacks to when I was 2-3 years old, where reality was a continuous, amorphous, dynamic system of inputs and outputs, without labels and abstractions. There was no 'me' nor was there 'other' -- there was just manifest reality. I'm am starting to realize I saw reality more clearly as a toddler than I do as an adult. wtf? how does this make any sense?
  8. @d0ornokey Ah, my mistake then. Must have missed that.
  9. I find it interesting to create a video on the topic of 'wage slavery' without getting into the issue of living beyond your means. You can be earning 100K plus a year and still be a wage slave if you've fallen hook line and sinker for consumerism. Similarly, if one is willing to live frugally, a 'wage slave' salary can be more than enough. But addressing this aspect of the issue is not really on Leo's agenda it seems.
  10. The video below is a favorite of mine, and happens to have about 300 thousand views. There seems to be something very impactful and mesmerizing about the delivery. Thinking it would be a good idea to create a video like this: powerful statements juxtaposed against prolonged silence. Just an idea.
  11. @DonMario About 4 months now. I've been through periods of fasting for 16 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours and 72 hours in the past. Never longer than that, since I am naturally lean. I see OMAD as just one type of fasting routine amongst many.
  12. I think that omad gives a pretty good break to your digestive system as well as give you the ability to easily go for a 2 day fast. I've found that I obsess about food less and and am pretty happy to eat less palatable (but healthier foods). You also get a level of self control that guides you throughout the day.
  13. Ambiguous word A causes ambiguous word Y. Blame, blame, blame! Haha, am i right?
  14. @Matt8800 I wouldn't say I've reached Equanimity, as i still fall back into old patterns (dark night stuff) when I'm not attentive. @Faceless Is this fear you describe the same as what is referred to as Dukkha in Buddhism (a sense of unease being in all transient-phenomena/mind)?
  15. @Faceless Yes, I can see that ultimately the dropping of any and all thoughts about meaning/meaninglessness would make sense, as meaninglessness can only exist as a concept when meaning is implied as a concept. Ultimately, one must let go of both and just be still. Also, do you think that fear drives ALL thought?