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  1. @Twentyfirst Agreed, I have to say Tupac Shakur embody this understanding so well in one of his quotes, which quite frankly is pretty egoless, "I'm not saying I'm gonna change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world." Or in Leo's case, the brains. It's a slow process, and in spiral dynamics and in this spiritual journey, we can't get attached to results. Easier said than done, but I'm extremely impressed by his content and forever grateful. Maybe a small change, but I can objectively say, I treat every living thing including myself in a more conscious manner and in a better way. Also, if you believe in reincarnation, Sadhguru has mentioned he's been trying to change the world across multiple lifetimes , and in previous lifetimes even failing at his goals.
  2. See attachment. @Leo Gura Why would you say Actualized.org was not enough? It is one of the most important collection of teachings I have ever come across and has completely changed the way I view and experience the world. I know I'm not the only one. I just wanted to say thank you Leo, and please concentrate on your health. We will be here when you are ready and rested. ??
  3. @Leo Gura So, we know by now this didn't get passed. Do you think this will look bad for Biden or for the SCOTUS and Republicans? I don't have a lot of confidence that the average American can distinguish who is responsible for this not being passed.
  4. Not with his spasmodic dysphonia. Hate to say it, but it impacts his delivery and Americans are superficial, unfortunately.
  5. lol Sports. Fearlessness? Sports are literally simulated environments/games. Try running a successful business where it's literally about survival, then we can talk about fearlessness and courage. I believe in flow in terms of Sports, but most athletes are not enlightened individuals. Too much excessive focus in the material and physical world. Another note, yoga is not a sport. It literally is manipulating the body and mind to transcend them. I've never heard people using sports to get enlightened.
  6. I'm with @Jakuchu. I question his time as a monk. Additionally, I saw a video with him and his wife and his wife is like, "Jay spends hours in the mirror preparing every morning." There's definitely substantial vanity and ego. I don't think he is even tier two on spiral dynamics, rather than more of a quasi-spiritual poster child for stage orange. He talks way too much about "success", and his anecdotes and videos have an heir of superficiality in their analysis.
  7. @integral how is skin care and hair formulation have anything to do with health, versus just vain appearance. This is not doable for 99.9% of the population. Why is his shirt off the whole time. lmao
  8. @integral Nopez but, I did see read this too https://www.businessinsider.com/list-wealthiest-entrepreneurs-searching-for-the-secret-to-longevity-2023-1 . I think it's a foolish endeavor to try to live forever. I think maximizing health while we are alive in a natural, non-neurotic, non-narcicistic manner and trying to attain enlightenment are the most important things. Improving ones health, clear mind, healthy body are needed to do this . I think these men's egos are so strong, they can't stand the idea of death.
  9. https://www.tmz.com/2023/01/26/middle-aged-tech-bryan-johnson-spends-2-million-body-younger-18/
  10. Exceptional blog post @Leo Gura. My only critique is it may be a little harsh to call all of those from royalty cowards. Being born into a system, you often don't know how toxic it is because you don't have a reference living outside that system. Not everyone can just walk away from their privilege like Buddha. Giving up what you know for the unknown is hard for anyone. To your point being from royalty you are definitely at a consciouness and spirtuality disadvantage. But yes I agree Royal Systems are scams for sure.
  11. I had a meditation teacher who could cut him self off with ease from the world, not get tied up in emotions as easily as a normal person and focus for very long periods of time. He also had some idiosyncracies though too. My friend asked me if he was on the spectrum and I had to think about this. As I thought about this, it made me think of a number of great meditators I know, with habits and personality traits that make me wonder if they are on the spectrum, as well. It made me think could being on the autistic spectrum be an advantage in meditation? I realize that the spectrum is wide and so different forms of autism can have different effects and chacteristics. But here's a list of possible advantages certain types of Autism could provide in meditation: - A preference for being alone: "It's common for people with ASD to prefer being on their own." - "Exceptional honesty and reliability." - General Discipline: 1) "Being dependable in regards to schedules and routines." 2) "Able to concentrate for long periods of time when motivated." - To be a good meditator you have to let go of the common way of thinking and even act in counter- intuitive ways to calm the brain: 1)"A capability for alternate problem solving." 2)"A rare freshness and sense of wonderment." Curious about peoples' thoughts on this?
  12. @Leo Gura My business is growing and I am grappling with the decision to get additional employees for my business , right now it's only me. I grapple mainly because most models of business that I've experienced are built on exploiting their employees, making them feel insecure about their worth and under paying them to make additional profit. Do you have any advice for me overcoming this limitation of thought and morality. I am working on developing a business model that is more equitable, but this will take some time. Also, I have been rewatching your wage slavery video and juxtaposing it with your, when does the left go too far, which seems to have some contradiction to the wage slavery video, especially around business and the exploitative nature of our capitalistic economy.
  13. @mmKay reminds me of this key and peele skit ???
  14. @Something Funny exactly.