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  1. I added extra details to the topic that could help more people.
  2. Whatever problem you have, there are necessarily a cure for it. When it comes to mental illnesses, I believe most of them are not so related to genetics apart from obviously pretty genetic disorders like down syndrome or autism. If you examine the mentally sick people carefully enough, most of them loose their mind at a later stage of their life. Be it in puberty or in adulthood, or even at older ages, they were all born happy when they were kids. So most probably, something wrong happened during the process of growth. I don't mean basic growth babies go through by the way. Learning continues until you die. It is very likely that something that mustn't happen happened to you or you yourself did something else wrong you are not aware of, which caused you to set up various wrong connections or dopamin addictions in your brain. First of all, you need to increase your awareness regarding those wrong habits. Once you reach this kind of a awareness, the next step is focusing on the solution. After that, you need to take good care of your heath. Most basic brain disorders consist of distorted dopamin receptors and inflammation. If you masturbate a lot or have sex regularly, do yourself a favor and stop indulging in such activities completely. If you smoke, stop smoking( Of course, easier said than done except that you have such a thing as willpower. Make good use of it. Once upon a time, I too was where you are coming from but finally got out of this situation -at least, I am about to, very close to eventually getting rid of all of my unnecessary thinking patterns. I started to be able to pick up a good book and finish it cover to cover ). Dopamin addiction also bidirectionally makes those unnecessary connections stronger. So do not hesitate to target most basic part of the problem. After that comes the issue of inflammations. Inflammation inside your brain may slow down the communication between your neurons which yields to things like depression or slow wit. To reduce inflammation I highly recommend that you do intermittent fasting. What else? What about the connections unrelated to sex or food addiction? Maybe certain traumas, accidental negative thinking which transformed into obsession. What are you gonna do for these? I highly recommend meditation.Make it a daily habit. Meditate, at least, one hour a day. Half hour non-reactive meditation and half hour concentration exercise. Let me explain what each of them means. In non-reactive meditation, you'll carefully observe your thoughts without reacting to them. As soon as you recognize your mind is trying to understand something or find a solution to a problem, gently stop the thought and keep watching your thoughts. Each time you notice an interesting subject or extremely distressing thought, resist the temptation to engage in these thoughts. This way, you'll have weaken those unnecessary connections even if you haven't completely severed those connections. Now, I assume you have learnt to not be affected by the wrong programming in your subconscious mind. At this stage after that, you have already succeeded the pretty essential part of the mental development process. You'll be more present. You'll be able to use your prefrontal cortex responsible for your conscious thinking skill much better since you will have learnt to not engage in irrelevant automatized thinking patterns. Let's pass to the concentration exercise. Since you have already weakened those not-so-needed associations, now, we can pass to truly pruning these. In concentration meditation, you'll simply say "beep" from your mind each time a thought appears inside your mind to cease it completely. You can also pinch yourself to stop the thought. Since your brain is more receptive to pain, this will increase your presence. This will truly teach you to pay attention to Now instead of a lot of worrying or fantasizing without taking initiative at all. This way, you are constantly disabling your brain's default networking mode. What is the brain's default networking mode for? It is just random chattering which usually makes no sense. It was given to us, to regularly use the previously learned information or algorithms(known steps leading to the solutions we face) without having to think consciously. Quite automatic. Still serves a purpose yet our mind is not all about it. It is usually comprised of the track of your previous thinking. And it is very dangerous if you program it wrong either deliberately or due to the things you can't control that befall you. Do these exercises regularly, you'll recover. Your brain's default networking mode will end up closing down. Thus, you'll decide which predefined algorithm you will use with your conscious mind as if yourself have put it with your hand. You can program your subconscious mind faster and more easily instead of constantly having to rely on automatic thoughts that serve no purpose. Your subconscious mind will be the servant of your conscious mind instead of the other way around. And final warning : You will necessarily have setbacks from time to time. This is pretty normal. Just do not give up. And keep trying different methods the times when you understand that the systems you are using do not work anymore. As Albert Einstein said, definition of insanity : doing same things over and over and expecting different results. Hope this helps Wink Note : This is a post I have already written. I just don't want to constantly have to talk about the same subject over and over so thought it would be a good idea to open a separate topic regarding that. I need to be able to refer people to the same article with a more regular format which I will also constantly edit and share my new findings.
  3. @eman Well, the problem is not your ego. The problem is not being able to disable your ego when necessary unlike what's said by most buddhist guys who meditate for years, take a lot of psychedelics yet still do not become enlightened. Are you still at it like most? You can understand that not all my arguments are wrong even by reading 70% of it. I have already corrected myself saying psychedelics may still be considered valid for some occasions although I prefer natural nootropics more. I am not spreading nonsense, just spreading my opinion.
  4. @SgtPepper "neuroscience" Cool! I am happy for you. Then, there is are a lot I can learn from you too Great if there are mushroom species who are not that poisonous and are sufficiently safe. When it comes to the brain burning issue, don't worry, I am not that layman. lol.
  5. @SgtPepper "according to my research" That's the problem. According to your research... Are you a scientist? What qualifications do you have? "You say mushrooms are poisonous, where are you getting your information? Science says it is the least toxic substance and less toxic to our body than caffeine, which is ingested daily by the average American." Well, I have never seen anybody who died from consuming too much caffeine. This thing was kept being consumed for days, months, years, even decades by same people yet nothing happened. But there are more news talking about people who die for eating wrong kind of mushroom. "Half of what you wrote is fear mongering, "your brain will burn"?? lol, what is your understanding of biology dude?" Don't you understand I do metaphor here. Hehe. "You say they don't help people spiritually or mentally, yet there are several studies that say otherwise. Good Friday experiment, James Fadiman's experiments suggest it helps with problem solving, Yale and John Hopkins study show decreased levels of anxiety and depression. Decrease in addictions through the use of Ayahuasca, ibogaine, and LSD (popularized by AA founder Bill Wilson) " I agree with this part. I might have been too judgemental against use of psychedelics regardless of how dangerous it is when done in wrong way or of not being that indispensable. It still has some validity although not so essential.
  6. @Snader "But you draw a connection between psychedelics and stuff like high IQ and concentration ability." Why did you exclude the bliss supposed to be reached more easily with psychedelics while at the same time claiming it is more likely to reach enlightenment through this substance. You wanna enjoy just being. What couldn't you enjoy if you were able to enjoy just being? "But if you've done spiritual work and are conscious enough, you learn that there is more to life beyond logic, and that's something psychedelics can show you." This doesn't make psychedelics the only way to go beyond logic. @Salvijus I am glad you got most of my points. But here : "And not to think that you can just skip 40years of work with this "new" technology." 40 years? Are you serious? There many people who reach enlightenment without using anything like psychedelics or artificial DMT. For all that, there also a lot of people who fail in this enlightenment process no matter how many different types of it they have tried for however long. Thanks anyway for being sufficiently open-minded. I am doing my best to understand why so many people are into this kind of substances with as much open-mindedness as possible.
  7. That sounds like a slave fearing freedom. I don't judge you so much since I came from where you are coming from.
  8. "Psychedelics can serve as an activator for what is already there. You don't need more than a few doses for an activation that can last a lifetime. 99% of the work is off psychedelics. Imo" "have you ever tried psychadelics machn? If so is it as life changing as Leo,joerogan,Sam Harris etc say it is?" Cool. I am happy for you. If it works, it works.
  9. Even if it works for some, it mustn't be something to rely on this much. It could be used as a temporary means to mitigate the tough problem you are in. But you need eventually be independent of expensive or hard-to-find substances like this. I just wanted to tease you a little so nobody become so addicted to such a thing. How, otherwise, would I attract your attention to the subject? There are way more effective alternatives to this thing. I just wanted to point to that.
  10. You have given an answer of the exact type I want. PTSD patients, cancer patients fearing death, depressive people, addicted smokers benefited from psychedelics... The examples you have given are pretty coherent. I will research these too. Thanks for the information
  11. @bensenbiz "you are again just in black / white mode. whats with in between?" I think there are also occasions when that black / white mode fits pretty well to the context. So it would also be a black or white thinking to say this form of thinking is always false.
  12. @bensenbiz "just giving psychedelics to gneral population would do more harm, of course. because their baseline concioussnes is way to low." I have already said what is gonna follow from here on but let me repeat it anyway : If their consciousness level is low, almost nothing will work for them. If their consciousnessness is powerful enough, then they don't need psychedelics. So what is the point of obstinately encouraging the use of this supposedly ground-breaking substance called psychedelics.
  13. I have already given enough detail. You can also research the rest from google. Various ways of making your body secrete DMT naturally...
  14. It is more deluded when you expand the use of psychedelics to the general population. It does more harm than good. Or, maybe, it is me who is missing something about the true value of psychedelics. Give me the reasons why you don't agree with me. Don't just say you don't agree. Can you provide some sufficiently plausible counter arguments?