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  1. How can you help naive people who trust everyone so easily? Your mom can be crazy for exaggerating the side effects of the vaccine but that doesn't prove these vaccines are effective to avoid the illness. I invite everybody to be more open minded about conspiracy theories. And I highly encourage the moderators to remove this condition of membership that you can't share or talk about conspiracy theories in any way as if it was not Leo who have constantly talked about open mindedness. Of course, there are silly conspiracy theories too but that doesn't mean we should pretend that we will never encounter any danger in our self actualization journey. Unfortunately, the real world is not Alice wonderlands full of do gooders. Your doctors may not be so willing to try to find root cause of your illness instead of just suppressing the symptoms. Evil people can deliberately mislead you regardless of how educated they are. You can even unknowingly undergo technical surveillance. Certain people may misinform your loved ones about you to label you as "crazy". For example, entire internet is full of misinformation about targeted individuals. Wikipedia is no longer a reliable medium. So I am not surprised much when I see that old things was deleted and in the changed article, targeted individuals is called "troubled unfortunates". The author of this article was either too naive or a liar.
  2. Reaction? I have written this by with a smile in my face. lol. ( it is impossible to convey what kind of emotion you write your post with without using emoji ) Make sure it is not you who identified himself with lack of ego, at least, with the goal of eventually reaching this stage which is another attachment. The problem is not related to what sort of path - with or without ego - you prefer but not being able to let go of your attachments. Ego is, will keep being. You can never kill it. The true ego of yours is your consciousness. The "I" which delusional spiritualists call ego is not real ego, not real you. Just impulses, attachments, obsessions that you think is ego. You are not the thing you are trying to get rid of. You are not trying to get rid of your real ego but attachments which increases even the chance that you reach your attachments or desires. You believing egoistic, narcissistic, psychopathic people will never amount to anything, go to hell, reincarnate to a terrible environment within the cockroach form is just wishful thinking. It is expected for you seek justice when crushed by a bigger boss. That's the reason you wanna believe in karma, good people will always win. Not anybody on left hand path knowingly deny a good god punishing bad behavior, rewarding good deeds because they don't wanna bother changing their impulses, abusive addictions. If only such a god existed or, at least, a karma based mechanism existed. Although I am not perfect, I am not a that sinful person either. Maybe, it is you who are sinful person who sees the denial of god as a normal, common thing. I hope it is not you who have reacted to my arguments which are against your sense of justice. This is just a true moral conviction of me which is quite far from denial. I hope yours isn't a reaction either ?
  3. This one is the most retarded advice I have ever seen. Of course, you need the first school more. The second is just to motivate yourself to do more. If you can enjoy just being, wouldn't you enjoy life more if you achieved materialistic success on top of that? What's the point of this? If you will become enlightened and then decide to live in a cave until you die, isn't this no different from having a very expensive, high quality computer and then installing a very efficient operating system like Linux and then not using it. God having infinite power yet being too lazy or unmotivated to try all kinds of utopian combinations... Why shouldn't god destroy itself in that case if it be of no use. Don't we all want the heaven? Hell, heaven is not a place you go after death. It is all in your head. If you change your inside, you will have changed your outside. Life is happening here, in this world. That's another bullshit lie of this matrix discouraging you away from prospering. Trusting and surrendering to a nonexistent benevolent god who punish evil and reward good by constantly being pure good in a pretty naive way, following certain rules without caring enough about, correctly fighting against what is happening to you, your loved ones right now at this moment is easiest rabbit hole you mustn't hesitate to question. A path you have to recognize to be a dead end. You are still taking blue pill in this way regardless of the religion you subscribe or spiritual teachings you adopt.
  4. Source? The statements above about the affect of each color is very round, open ended if you be careful. Not so different from astrology. The brain can not be this imperfect if you don't break it by trying to do dangerous things. It is more likely to be a conditioning or placebo than an actual phenomenon. If you believe hearing the verses of torah will destablize you, you'll experience it like this. I never feared start of david believing it emits negative energy. I admit I had xenophobia against jews, but for more logical reasons. For example, the notorious talmud promoting covert racism for jews. As a non jew, I don't hesitate to take various precautions against that kind of dangerous people. I don't want to generalize all members of this nation but I don't feel guilty for criticising, insulting such stupid kikes so long as I don't harm anybody. As you can see above, it depends on your initial experience, association with the things you see. You can never make someone with different sexual tastes enjoy the kind of sexual position you enjoy no matter how many subliminal messages like that you hide onto the background. The person need to consciously agree with those associations first, so you can use the new triggers you created.
  5. I never believed certain colors have certain effects on our mind. If it was that powerful, we wouldn't be able to function.
  6. True enlightenment is not related to giving up your passions, killing your ego, settling and living in a cave forever. No karma is involved either. Spiritual process is more likely to be neutral in my current opinion. The only logical reason to meditate is to want to get rid of your impulses, hard-to-control cravings, biases so you decide when to do music, body building, date women rather than doing your favorite activities only when you feel like it.
  7. Me being called naturally disadvantaged would be an insult to my intelligence. I like the confidence, work ethic of people with mediocre genes even though I don't admire them that much. I also suffered from similar things they went through. However, this time, the problem was with the things I can't control, not me having any genetic defect. Luckily, I am about to recover from the hell I have gone through. These sufferings thought me the value of Left Hand Path. So I thank my elder brother for giving really hard concussions to my head that is a invaluable treasure on its own, beautiful dominant women who abused me in my dreams, ganstalkers who did their best to break my life, for teaching me the sad facts of the life. I was inherently very advantaged but not that advantaged in terms of the environment in which I grew up. Nevertheless, I have learnt a lot. I am just a gifted man who suffered terribly. Although I am not so similar to Leo Gura for not having mediocre genes like him, I can relate to that difficulty such people have due to low IQ or intense paranoia causing your brain to freeze unable to function that is my case.
  8. Without doing semen retention, the meditation techniques to increase your vibration don't work properly or don't work at all.
  9. The ability to focus whatever you want. The kind of person both psychiatrists and buddhist teachers try to transform you into.
  10. I am glad I met someone with similar vision. He doesn't seem to be as advanced as me. I like his confidence anyway. lol
  11. If it is not something you can acquire, just devalue it, pay attention to your hobbies, find other things you can enjoy in life, forget about it. Don't worry about the stuff you can't change. Life is not about sex. So forgetting the opposite sex is something I considered until recognizing I can solve my own insecurities about my look. If it is something you can fix or, at least, improve, do not think the same things so much besides caring about it only for certain, short amount of time. You can exercise for 30 minutes, eat more wholesome nutritious food in lower amount, do semen retention both to boost your brain and groom your appearance. These don't take too much time if you don't do mirror checking or constantly remember how unattractive you are. As you can see, the remaining time doesn't change very much. So you have similar amount of time again to pay attention to the same hobbies you like. So you are gonna enjoy the life anyway. I too suffered from the similar situation. Too much masturbation was what screwed up my dopamin receptors in my case. So I recommend you do semen retention if your situation is similar to this. Do what I say, you'll get great results both in your appearance and mental performance. Your meditation trips are also gonna get better. I highly recommend you meditate if you don't.
  12. I am never embarrassed for hiding true or old me. If you have an intention like enslaving a vanilla girl, you'll start friendly, introduce BDSM as a game, and then slowly increasing the domination more and more until the coal transforms into diamond. What are you trying to hide? If it is a past you, past is past. If it is not something you haven't become yet, there is nothing wrong with the logic of "fake it till make it". So long as you keep a certain mindset you think works in your mind and applying force towards this new person you intend to become, you'll end up becoming that thing. As for making yourself vulnerable, I don't see any problem with standing up for myself regardless of how others perceive me. Even if that person is a woman. Feeling shame means you feel like there is something wrong with you. It is related to the first interpretation of yours of the event. It is usually your first experience that people condemn so you interpret this first experience negatively. Since I was good person almost all the time, me suffering a lot make me be ashamed of being good person. I felt like a meek person. That's the reason it is harder for me to feel any guilt or shame when I abuse a woman for fun or for pragmatic reasons since I associated women with evil due my old femdom fantasies. No matter how much I intellectually understood not all women are like that, I became addicted to being abusive to women while masturbating to the opposite of the same situation : maledom. Being vulnerable means being meek to me so I don't buy it. Of course, don't become too toxic if that's your case. Most probably not. Most probably, you associated being a little evil with pure evil. Maybe, that's the root of your embarrassment. Because I don't know you much, the only thing I can do, is to speculate about you. It is more likely that you are normal, dominant man who know only to fuck traditionally. Not like me.
  13. It depends. You are making the same mistake of binary thinking. Nevertheless, I won't explain because it is better for you to find out on your own.
  14. He is even dumber than me. He is still at it. Limited duality... If you ask common questions that everybody will be more likely to answer it in the same way, it is expected you'll get similar answers. There is either an unconscious bias or deliberate misleading here.