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  1. Hi, I had a strange experience backduring christmass, that i had initially attributed to depersonalization, but recently have started considering alternative explanation upon reading an excerpt on kundalini energy from a kriya book. I didn't know wheter to post it here or on the mental health subforum, but decided on here since i will see a psyquiatrist anyway just to be sure, and therefore came here in search of answer more related to the spiritual, energetic side of things. So, a little background. I've been on the spiritual path for almost 6 years now, practiced zazen at first and then kriya for a while, though i stopped doing kriya to try Sayadaw u Tejaniya's method of constant awareness in July (i know i could do both, but confess i have been somewhat lacking in willpower lately). I also smoked weed a lot during my lifetime, though have been mostly doing so around the new years for the past two years. After a long period of not smoking, i started doing it again in december as the holidays arrived, and had been doing it almost daily for some 3 weeks to a month when christmas came. That's when it happened, i went to visit my cousin and he was smoking, so he passed it to me and i accepted it. After smoking it was mostly a normal high, until i had what felt like a visualization of what seemed like a rope circle opening itself in one spot. Like if that spot had either burst or been released. I instantly felt fear wash over me, for the idea of something coming loose in my head, something that shouldn't have, was pretty scary. I also noticed i instantly became more reactive in the conversation with my cousin, as if i suddenly felt a much stronger need to not annoy him, or be "approved" or "validated" by him, which is pretty weird, because he is a very chill dude and our relationship has been that of mutual respect for a while now. After we came back to the city 2 days later (that had been at our family's small farm) i began taking notice more clearly of the differeces in my mind (also stopped weed again), the main differences where: 1. Felt as if "me" (or whatever i was identifying with) felt a little bit more distanced from my thoughts, like when i remembered to be aware, it seemed to be a brief delay between the thought appearing and awareness "showing up". This has mostly gone away by now, if it remains a little bit it is at a level that i have a hard time comparing it to before. 2. Felt a pressure in my head, this seems to have lessened a little, but it is still very clearly there. Almost as if there is something ocuppying space in it, also gives off a feeling of being almost heavier when i turn my head or move it in different ways. It doesn hurt, not most of the time at least, but the pressure is constant. 3. My thought and my mind seems to have a pressure in them as well, this is different from the head pressure, and doesn't hurt or anything, but is very weird. It's like a can feel the different thought moving inside my head as i think about different subjects. This one is probably the weirdest. 3b. At the beggining it felt as if the thoughts had all come loose from the places where they used to stay and where all floating in my head, clouding it. But as i thought about these things again they slowly sliding back into place. As if when i think about something or have an insight about a subject, that part of my thoughts stabilize themselves again. As this proccess goes on, my mind seems less and less bloated. 4. Lastly, the one that scared me the most at the beggining, my mind seemed to have lost depth, almost as if it had lost a dimension. Suddenly i couldn't be aware of a thought while having a thought, like there was no space for the mind to turn back and look at itself. it went from something spatial to something linear, as if i had regressed to a lower cognitive developmental state. This one, albeit the most scary, has gone away by now, so i am not worried about it anymore. So, at this point, essentially all i feel is this pressure inside my head, and maybe a very very slight delay in the time it takes for my mind to return to awareness after it catches itself from distraction. SO, I had been thinking about common psychological problems for a while, but my research didn't come up with anything that matched it. Up until a few days ago i read about how people called kundalini "the coiled serpent" and how people have describes head pressure as a sympton of it. The initial thing i saw could be described as an uncoiling, or a orobors releasing it's tail. The main counterargument would be that as far as i remember it wasn't in the lower body region, but felt more like somewhere in the head, so i don't think it is kundalini, though i don't know much about, but have started wondering it is not some energy thing maybe? has anyone ever experienced anything similar?
  2. @An young being Yes, but these concepts you mentioned all existed long before the scientific method became the golden standard, Spiral Dynamics didn't. Also, most of these things are entirely internal to an individual, so they are really hard to be measured. SD, on the other hand, deals with memes that are common amongst many people, and you can know which memes are present in someone's mind by asking them simple questions. That means that with some effort and personnel to conduct lots of interviews, it wouldn't be that hard to get substantial data that pointed to the SD model being accurate.
  3. Thanks, if i manage to get an answer i will be sure to post it here. Have you ever tried talking to some of these developmental researchers?
  4. i didn't say i want to go post-scientific, i just pointed out i didn't want to go pre-scientific. And even if it has it's limits, proving stuff with data and studies is definetely helpful in MANY cases. And i will trust a model that has enough data to back it up MUCH more than one that doesn't. Third person knowledge is an essential part of humanity, and for that, the scientific method tends to be the most advanced tool we have. And this is surely one of these cases.
  5. Has anyone here ever looked at the research behind these famous developmental models we see around here and in the authors books? I love developmental psychology, and hold Spiral Dynamics dearly in my heart, but to this day i haven't had any success in finding the research behind, and that drives me nuts. How am i supposed to show something to people when i have no research to back it up? Yes, it maps very well to my life, but that is very anecdotal. I like to consider myself as someone who thinks things through, but how can i trully understand this models if i can't see the research they were based off of? i remember reading somewhere that SD was based in research conducted in over 100 different countries and possibly in over 10.000 people. WHERE IS THAT DATA?? i know science has limits, but if we don't use data and evidence to base our decision making out of, we are not being post-scientific, we are being pre-scientific. I admit i mostly searched about SD and a little bit about ego development, but if anyone can point me to some solid developmental model that has made it's data publicly available i would love you sooo much. Anyway, thanks for reading this so far!
  6. I still don't see it, i've watched him for many hours through the years, and he seems to be pretty consistent. Can you show me examples of him being inconsistent?
  7. I didn't know tagging was common courtesy, sorry about that. But you did write almost a full paragraph of different psychological models with essentially no elaboration other than a link to a 5 page long body language mega thread. And no, i can't count that as language because i don't know your credentials on body-laguage reading nor do i understand body language well enough to judge if what you are saying makes sense or not. Also, i don't consider bodily cues to be informative enough to deduce as much information as you seem to have. Yeah, maybe the body can tell you if the person is nervous, but is it because they are lying or is it because they of a miriad of other possible reasons? So, what about stages of cognitive development makes you think he is untrustworthy? What about ego development (by Jane's model) makes you think he is untrustworthy? What about Myers Brigs personality types makes you think he is untrustworthy? What about life experiences (his or yours?) makes you think negatively of him? What about "other lines of development from life to societal domains, ideological beliefs indoctrinated" gives you that opinion about him? Or any of the other stuff you mentioned? You can't just come in here, drop the name of a dozen different models and not elaborate on any. Also, a body-language thread is not "elaboration" since i doubt anyone in this world can tell someone's stage at different developmental lines just from looking at how they move and how they sit.
  8. "I agree that Destiny is a skilled debater, but due to various developmental factors like stages of development, cognitive and moral development, personality types and traits(Big five personality traits and Myers Briggs personality types modal), ego development(by Jane Loevinger),life experiences and other lines of development from life to societal domains, ideological beliefs indoctrinated, and self biases and preferences I feel that Destiny is dangerous and should not be trusted or blindly believed. Success, charisma, persuasion /=/ personal growth or moral character." Damn, i got so tired in the middle of this i almos gave up on reading, you literally cited every single psychology related thing you of in order to character assassinate an youtube streamer, and of of the few that does a good work for society.
  9. Prime quality content from Dr. K, video that could have been straight from here. Although i have to say the video itself was too edited to feel comfortable to watch, but i guess it makes sense for him to try different formats from time to time.
  10. No, he is very clearly not pedophilic, his content, it seems, is going way over your head. That's not why he was banned, inform yourself before making claims about people, you clearly don't know enough about the subject to be going around making a topic to "expose" him. He was banned because a video he posted long ago and that was already age restricted had excerpts of nudity from a film, that video was flagged during the mass-flagging by nick fuentes, a literal white nationalist. If his thoughts make YOU feel disturbed, perhaps it is you who should be looking inside to find out why some part of feels that way.
  11. "Notice how you erroneously assume the default position is environmental factors." No i am not. I am not assuming anything, i am explaining to you how to make a case for what you are defending. That is not even my position. At no point i assumed there was a "default" position, i don't have to make assumptions because i am not the one making claims, other than "we can't know for sure" You are the one making a claim "Black people are genuinely intellectually inferior". Therefore, in order to substantiate your claim, you need something more than what you have so far offered which was: "It would follow that..." "would it not be extraordinarily obvious..." and "But I don't' believe that accounts..." Essentially the problem is that, as you said you don't BELIEVE the environmental factor explain this question, but you also can't seem to provide any evidence, all you have is this belief.
  12. You said you wanted a productive and scientific discussion, if that is the case, stop repeating over and over that there is a genetic difference between races IN GENERAL and find some evidence that points that the specific gap in IQ between black and white people is genetic, or that it can't for some specific reason be attributed entirely to environmental factors IN THIS CASE.
  13. Let's dissect what you are saying so we get to where our gap in understanding lies. Propositions: p1: there is a genetic component to inteligence - I believe most people here agree on this. p2: Different races have different levels of inteligence - I prefer to say ethnicities, as race is not a scientific concept, and you claim to want to have a scientific conversation. As someone mentioned before, there is more genetic difference between different groups of "black people" than between most people of different "races". That said, there PROBABLY are differences in inteligence. p3: Black people tend to score lower on IQ tests and other inteligence related tests - This is true and has been observed in a variety of studies. p4: The gap in IQ or general inteligence between races (p3) can't be solely due to historical, social and cultural factors and probably has to do with genes (p1 and p2) - Here you need to provide some evidence. Accepting p1 and p2 as truth doens't mean they have any connection to p3. As Leo said, it may very well be that after we equalize social and cultural factors black people start scoring higher than both white people and east asians on these tests. This conversation is essentially worthless untill you provide some evidence that can connect p1 and p2 to p3. As of right now, we KNOW that historical, social, and cultural factors have a GREAT DEAL of influence on black people scoring lower on these tests (and also their countries having lower GDP), and we have NO REASON to believe that these factor aren't responsible for 100% or more of the difference in IQ. As the person who made the initial claim, now it falls on you to provide evidence on that missing link and demonstrating WHY social factors can't explain the gap in inteligence.
  14. Yeah, i am too sometimes, i feel completely powerless, as of right now, even if Lula wins there is a chance this ultra-conservative congress will actually control the country if Lula can get the "big-center" on his side. And it's crazy, my best friend (who is the personification of Stage Orange), seems to be changing his mind to vote blank in the second round, even after spending the last 2 years saying if the second round was Bolsonaro vs The Literal Devil, he would vote for the Devil since he believed Bolsonaro was to blame for the death of his uncle who had covid right before the vaccines arrived. I ended up voting for Lula in the first round (though very dissapointed with myself), since i didn't want another month of Auxilio Brasil to go through before the final decision is made. Now, if Lula wins, we need to start to think on who is going to be the Left's candidate in the next election, cause Lula is getting older and weaker by the day.
  15. you really think it would go like that? i have more hope than you then... I was thinking about doing it with a focus less on people, and more on ideas, so though not completely avoiding mentioning politicians, option to avoid mention when possible.