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  1. You do you I am not forcing you to lower your standard, just sharing my impression. Maybe, I am right, maybe, I am wrong. That's my current opinion.
  2. As I have said I am not incel. Maybe, the problem is worse than your attention span being short, is you lacking the ability to comprehend what you read. And you are so optimistic about why he can get a couple of girls of 10. There are even men who claim you will get 1 or 2 girls out of 1000 girls rejecting you. If you have that kind of mindset, there is seriously something wrong with you. Be it your look or the way you talk. Maybe both.
  3. I don't mind getting banned. Even though the forum will loose a lot if I get banned. I am not a fascist. I was just kidding. If you are taking anything I write seriously, you are not prepared enough to handle any sort of criticism or tease. When faced with terrifying look even by supposedly enlightened people, I am surprised a lot. By the way, there are a lot of guys who do worse than just keeping them around yet women still stick to those guys. So life is not all about butterflies, Alice wonderland. No affair works that way. And I can buy anyone I like except I am not evil anyway just playing. Because I fantasize about these type of things doesn't mean I act on all of these.
  4. The reason I don't prefer fucking women even mediocre way is the result of my own tastes. It is not related to not being able to find women interested in you. At least, 6 girls have been interested in me. I just was not ready for that kind of commitment. I rejected them for a reason. I am not involuntary celibate either. I am voluntary celibate. Nobody or any desperation is forcing me not to have sex with the opposite sex. I even find Leo saying man having no sex can never be psychologically healthy ridiculous. Sex is not a need but an extra flavor. Why are you so offended when I talked about lack of attraction without good looks? Are you an involuntary failure who can't seduce women no matter how well he does the other parts of sexual or romantical attraction. I am not saying you are a piece of shit but if you attack me in person in addition to explaining why you don't agree with me, then don't complain when I do the same
  5. Being virgin has nothing to do with being loser. There are lot of experienced ugly people with a terrible taste of sex. It is still a quality, quantity matter. Being virgin also doesn't mean you are naive, easy to deceive, that you can't seduce the opposite sex. There a lot of virgin men who beat their meat watching nasty stuff, women pushing cucumber into their pussy while fantasizing about all sorts of disgusting BDSM scenes. I am one of those
  6. I don't think all women care about the size of your penis. There are a lot of repulsive guys with a lot of disgustingly swelled muscles with terrible stinking big cock which I don't find attractive. So it depends on the tastes and preferences of the woman you have sex with
  7. If there is chemical incompatibility, there is nothing to do. All these you have mentioned are just additional requirements. But your look is even more essential. Without that, don't even consider women of 10s,9s,8s, or those as low as 4s, 5s.
  8. It mostly depends on your natural attractiveness. No matter how much muscle you build, what sort of body language you present, how smart or silly the way you speak is, it won't cut it. Of course, there is hope for ugly duckling too. Just become a good provider or some sort of sex slave with no limit. You could resort to expensive plastic surgery as well yet I highly doubt you would get any result other than having no much change or making it even worse. I can't tell you how much hope is for you without you showing your photo. If you don't look good enough, just castrate yourself, instead of helplessly pondering sex all the time, dedicate yourself to science, art. You can find sheer ugly, sapiosexual or visually impaired women as well so it is easier to keep them around. lol
  9. Like semen retention, light therapy, intermittent fasting, exercise, dopamine inducted meditation, searching most nutritious food, drinking plenty of water, learning to play instrument to thicken corpus collosium, brain training, parapsychological exercises etc.
  10. I never cared about the appearance of the women I had sex with. I indeed enjoy to dominate and help those women look better, think better, enjoy life more. I also like the idea of being superior to my women in every possible way including looks although I am not interested in always keeping her below. I am just playing. Not all guy are so interested in looks in woman. Note : I am not visually impaired
  11. @Kshantivadin I have never said to not have sex. You can have as much sex as you want maintaining the erection. So long as you don't ejaculate, you can have as hard sex as possible giving pleasure to both of you. You are just trying to justifying your animalistic urges. Read what I have written above again, this time, a little more carefully.
  12. How I started to enjoy all kinds of sex and ended up hating it all... It started from imaging very unattractive yet self confident woman with high intelligence raping me, giving direction to my life. Offering my beauty to her. Both my body and soul. She simply exploit me in every possible way. I was abused both sexually and physically. After that, I become extremely ugly because I have beaten my meat on a regular basis. This time, I fantasied about being fucked by a very attractive lady so I got excitement from being inferior in every way. This time, I felt used. I wanted to take revenge on all women constantly fantasizing about deceiving, exploiting, raping, even murdering all of those who disagree to become my doormat, both ugly and beautiful ones. I started to have rape fantasies about torturing any vulnerable creatures with its own nervous system so I feel better about myself. I kept imagining as if I am riding horses, donkeys, men, women whipping violent to make them run faster, various regions of which I am groping all the time. They have no choice but to obey. I am just growing root into the brain of my dogs. I just wanted to grow root into their untrained brains so they stop denying their supposedly inherent urges to surrender to my highness. As I conquer larger parts of their mind, it becomes harder and harder for them to resist complying with my commands having been transformed into a multiple purpose device. And I loved it . Fucking domination... After that, I started to feel intense emotions of guilt. I was disgusted by myself. How can I think of doing such a terrible thing to innocent beings taking all my frustrations on them? I felt so evil. So I decided to castrate myself by cutting my dick off its root. And I really did that. Now, I am free. I become completely asexual although technically not inherent. I no longer have such disgusting sexual urges. There is no fucking, there is no being fucked. Ultimate Peace (Note : Just to make you laugh a little, I actually trolled you saying I physically castrated myself. lol. I have just contracted my pelvic muscles so there is no semen leakage so I will no longer waste my energy through orgasm. I also gave myself selective erectile dysfunction to punish my penis whenever it becomes erected to the fantasies I no longer like. I have turned back into traditional sex so it becomes hard only while having sex in a more gentle dominant manner.)
  13. You can. But, initially, you don't need extroversion but confidence. Of course, I recommend you should do both, first, starting from its basic core : self-esteem -which is not as egoistical as fake spiritualist claim.
  14. @Nahm That's what I already do.
  15. @JohnD "defensive self-aggrandizing" I am no way close to defensive or self-aggrandizing. Maybe, it is you who is like that. @Nahm There is nothing wrong with deliberately trying to be nonjudgemental so long as you know what you are doing. Who said repression is some kind of judgement of what you are trying to suppress? And who said I am trying repress somethings. There is nothing wrong with manipulation if used wisely. That's something like saying taking "same andazol to get rid of parasitesin your bowels" is manipulative. What do you recommend, then? Should I die? You can never create energy from scratch nor can you destroy already existing energy. By transmuting your sexuality, you are not losing anything. Just using it for more different purposes which is perfectly valid. That is similar to telling "transforming electricity to movement or sound is not of any power". When you examine the prodigies like Sir Isaac Newton or Nicola Tesla, they all practice semen retention. It is your ego's justification to ignore the time and effort required to access such a power. You don't need any supplement. As Eckhart Tolle said, "look inside the box". You have almost everything inside you.
  16. You can get almost all vitamins, minerals, and proteins with just meat but you need probiotic, fiber too.
  17. "If you come across a wildly powerful beast, and you have no choice but to be stuck with it, would you fuck with its head so it follows your commands? or would you spend time with it, build a relationship with it, and tame it." Aren't their results same? So long as you are gonna end up taming it, does it matter? And who said she is a beast that needs to be controlled in the first place? "This isn't transmutation, it's repression." Well, in general, people tend to call the things they can't stop repression or suppression. Maybe, it is you whose prefrontal cortex is weak. No matter how much you meditate it is gonna take longer time until you get some results. You might need more repetition to reach the same result you could reach if you practiced semen retention. Or keep meditating every single day to no avail. Go fuck yourself before deciding to judge random people brutally not presenting any logical counter argument without even knowing that person properly.
  18. There is nothing wrong with feminism so long as you see it as gender equality, not femnazism.
  19. She is inferior so long as you learn notice this. No matter how symmetric her face is, she lacks the brain needed to take the leadership so there is no problem with taking the leadership you deserve more.
  20. Whatever problem you have, there are necessarily a cure for it. When it comes to mental illnesses, I believe most of them are not so related to genetics apart from obviously pretty genetic disorders like down syndrome or autism. If you examine the mentally sick people carefully enough, most of them loose their mind at a later stage of their life. Be it in puberty or in adulthood, or even at older ages, they were all born happy when they were kids. So most probably, something wrong happened during the process of growth. I don't mean basic growth babies go through by the way. Learning continues until you die. It is very likely that something that mustn't happen happened to you or you yourself did something else wrong you are not aware of, which caused you to set up various wrong connections or dopamin addictions in your brain. First of all, you need to increase your awareness regarding those wrong habits. Once you reach this kind of a awareness, the next step is focusing on the solution. After that, you need to take good care of your heath. Most basic brain disorders consist of distorted dopamin receptors and inflammation. If you masturbate a lot or have sex regularly, do yourself a favor and stop indulging in such activities completely. If you smoke, stop smoking( Of course, easier said than done except that you have such a thing as willpower. Make good use of it. Once upon a time, I too was where you are coming from but finally got out of this situation -at least, I am about to, very close to eventually getting rid of all of my unnecessary thinking patterns. I started to be able to pick up a good book and finish it cover to cover ). Dopamin addiction also bidirectionally makes those unnecessary connections stronger. So do not hesitate to target most basic part of the problem. After that comes the issue of inflammations. Inflammation inside your brain may slow down the communication between your neurons which yields to things like depression or slow wit. To reduce inflammation I highly recommend that you do intermittent fasting. What else? What about the connections unrelated to sex or food addiction? Maybe certain traumas, accidental negative thinking which transformed into obsession. What are you gonna do for these? I highly recommend meditation.Make it a daily habit. Meditate, at least, one hour a day. Half hour non-reactive meditation and half hour concentration exercise. Let me explain what each of them means. In non-reactive meditation, you'll carefully observe your thoughts without reacting to them. As soon as you recognize your mind is trying to understand something or find a solution to a problem, gently stop the thought and keep watching your thoughts. Each time you notice an interesting subject or extremely distressing thought, resist the temptation to engage in these thoughts. This way, you'll have weaken those unnecessary connections even if you haven't completely severed those connections. Now, I assume you have learnt to not be affected by the wrong programming in your subconscious mind. At this stage after that, you have already succeeded the pretty essential part of the mental development process. You'll be more present. You'll be able to use your prefrontal cortex responsible for your conscious thinking skill much better since you will have learnt to not engage in irrelevant automatized thinking patterns. Let's pass to the concentration exercise. Since you have already weakened those not-so-needed associations, now, we can pass to truly pruning these. In concentration meditation, you'll simply say "beep" from your mind each time a thought appears inside your mind to cease it completely. You can also pinch yourself to stop the thought. Since your brain is more receptive to pain, this will increase your presence. This will truly teach you to pay attention to Now instead of a lot of worrying or fantasizing without taking initiative at all. This way, you are constantly disabling your brain's default networking mode. What is the brain's default networking mode for? It is just random chattering which usually makes no sense. It was given to us, to regularly use the previously learned information or algorithms(known steps leading to the solutions we face) without having to think consciously. Quite automatic. Still serves a purpose yet our mind is not all about it. It is usually comprised of the track of your previous thinking. And it is very dangerous if you program it wrong either deliberately or due to the things you can't control that befall you. Do these exercises regularly, you'll recover. Your brain's default networking mode will end up closing down. Thus, you'll decide which predefined algorithm you will use with your conscious mind as if yourself have put it with your hand. You can program your subconscious mind faster and more easily instead of constantly having to rely on automatic thoughts that serve no purpose. Your subconscious mind will be the servant of your conscious mind instead of the other way around. And final warning : You will necessarily have setbacks from time to time. This is pretty normal. Just do not give up. And keep trying different methods the times when you understand that the systems you are using do not work anymore. As Albert Einstein said, definition of insanity : doing same things over and over and expecting different results. Hope this helps Wink Note : This is a post I have already written. I just don't want to constantly have to talk about the same subject over and over so thought it would be a good idea to open a separate topic regarding that. I need to be able to refer people to the same article with a more regular format which I will also constantly edit and share my new findings.
  21. I strongly recommend against psychedelics. They are very few people who ostensibly benefit from such a thing. Psychedelics simply do not have any effect on most people. They reach same insights. They still talk about the already existing same information inside their head. Claiming they have made contact with a "spiritual entity" or reached "god recognition". And most of those who overdose psychedelics just because they don't have any effect at first end up being hospitalized. So what's the point? I don't think this psychedelics thing benefits you this much. When you examine people with high IQ, concentration ability, continuous bliss, for example, you realize none of them are taking anything like a special drug, be it psychedelics or any supplement at all. What does that mean? That means you are just doing something else wrong. You need to find that thing. Of course, it will take a lot of time and effort. Nothing hard is easy to achieve. Very similar to the process of gaining muscle. It will be very painful at first. It will be very difficult to lift even the lightest weights. But you need more patience and perseverance. Otherwise, If you keep thinking like this, constantly trying to reach perfect results without putting sufficient effort into it, you will not be able to arrive anywhere. There is no short-cut. At least, not possible when you consider today's primitive advancement of technology when compared with what artificial general intelligence could achieve once found. When it comes to the dosing, it depends on what psychedelics you use. If you take mushroom, for example, which is naturally poisonous, you need to be careful about the amount you take on your "trip". Even when you take LSD, overdosing causes "bad trip". If you choose to take less, you'll have little to no effect. Most of the time, maybe, all the time, psychedelics do not cure any psychiatric illnesses. It can't resolve excessively heavy brain sickness, it is claimed to solve mild mental illnesses even though I highly doubt if it is really psychedelics that cure these other than placebo. What logical use could psychedelics have other than confusion, sorry, "deep insights"? The reason depression or obsession patients can't cure their illnesses with psychedelics is because they have set up a lot of wrong, inefficient, misleading, twisted connections and accumulated domain-specific dopamin addictions that you can't target directly apart from holistic targeting. Not so different from taking a lot of methylphenidate instead of patiently trying find out what you did wrong and lost your mind. Just because the the person in question can't pay attention to things he would like to, she stupidly keeps taking more and more of these sorts of dangerous pills. Your brain will burn. That's very similar to loading a very inefficient computer program to a better hardware instead of changing those inefficient algorithms. If there is an infinite loop, you could even damage the CPU no matter how powerful the new hardware is. So what's the point of psychedelics? Even the lightest psychiatric drugs can lead to sudden deaths let alone terrifying and sometimes permanent side effects once abused. Encouraging random people to use psychedelics is a terrible idea. Even if that person's illness is seemingly untreatable, psychedelics is last means you should resort to, maybe never. Understanding of biology of the members in the forum is limited. So think twice, talk once. Edit : I have got quite logical answers. I thank everybody whether they use psychedelics or not. From the answers I got they psychedelics are pretty useful tool to aid the process of enlightenment provided you already know how to apply it properly. I prefer more natural nootropics such as concentration and non-reactive meditation to disable your brain's default networking mode also know as "ego", semen-retention for more energy and rapid processing information of the brain, intermittent fasting(both watery and dry) to deactivate the inflammations genes, light therapy for resetting your circadian rhythm so your pineal gland secretes so called god molecule DMT naturally instead of relying on external pills, hydration, physical movement be it aerobic or heavy lifting, unlike what hinduists claim, eating more animal products like read meat, milk, egg, chicken, fish since these have higher absorption rate in terms of the minerals, vitamins, has more all proteins needed by the formation of new memories in the brain, shortly gives more energy because it is at higher levels in the ecological pyramid. Buddists are right about potential harms of our ego but it is not something to keep turned off forever. Do not become a mad hermit who climb to mountains, settle in a cave, and live the rest of their life there forever. You are not disabling your ego to isolate yourself from worldly matters, pleasures, desires. If you become enlightened and die, then what's the point of becoming enlightened? There are a lot of unenlightened people who contribute more to the tools or corporations increasing welfare of humanity than supposedly enlightened people. You have to become enlightened anyway. To make a more higher difference. Hinduist buying the idea of the necessity of brahmacharya for faster and more complete spiritual development are right. Semen retention either through full celibacy or non-orgasmic tantric sex is necessary. But they are doing more harm than good by also promoting veganism. Instead, at least, be vegetarian. Like Leo Gura also said, there are really valuable insights you can acquire from religious teachings but bullshit encompassing the most contents of them is more. Edit 2 : When it comes to meditation, most of the methods shared also in this forum are pretty valid. Most relies on the same logic. It all boils down to non-reactive meditation(careful observation of thoughts without reacting) and full concentration meditation(bringing your awareness back to the moment or the object of concentration each time your mind wonders). It is more likely that you are doing something/s else wrong related to your general health. Look also to https://www.actualized.org/forum/topic/73676-meditation-done-properly-for-all-sort-of-handicaps/
  22. I added extra details to the topic that could help more people.
  23. @eman Well, the problem is not your ego. The problem is not being able to disable your ego when necessary unlike what's said by most buddhist guys who meditate for years, take a lot of psychedelics yet still do not become enlightened. Are you still at it like most? You can understand that not all my arguments are wrong even by reading 70% of it. I have already corrected myself saying psychedelics may still be considered valid for some occasions although I prefer natural nootropics more. I am not spreading nonsense, just spreading my opinion.
  24. @SgtPepper "neuroscience" Cool! I am happy for you. Then, there is are a lot I can learn from you too Great if there are mushroom species who are not that poisonous and are sufficiently safe. When it comes to the brain burning issue, don't worry, I am not that layman. lol.