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  1. That’s what it comes to when a religion or a thing begins to die, it will do anything to persevere itself like lying and putting fear into people’s heart so they stick to the old. I hope you find your way out.
  2. Your soul ,god, death, eternality,change, all words describing the exact same thing, life and god is eternal sure, but god is not religion, or body, or institutions, god is change, god is death, god is love.
  3. All things will die, religions, cultures, countries, sentient beings, I mean just take a look at history, it doesn’t matter if they’re god’s best followers, it doesn’t matter if they’re good or not, this is just the nature of existence/god.
  4. Death is change, the only unchanging thing is change itself.
  5. My whole point was that my dog , no matter how hard he tries to talk, chances are he’ll never be able to, the examples were just examples of this, don’t take it to personally it was just to show this point, I know it could be hard to accept one’s own genetics and abilities that one has in this life time but guess what, knowing the truth of the matter instead of lying to yourself about it or not accepting that as a human you’ll never grow wings and fly like a bird, don’t give these truths a negative connotation and get mad about it, it is what it is and it’s better to know your limitations and work with them then delude yourself into thinking that even if you’re 5’5 with enough hard work you’ll make it in the NBA, can you see how knowing this can save you on a lot of time and suffering???!
  6. You all keep getting stuck and emotional about the content, while I’m trying to explain the structure of the situation of genetics and how it can limit you and there’s basically nothing you can do about it. like my other example of I would probably never make it in the NBA if I was 5’5.
  7. That’s not what we’re talking about, we’re talking about how genetics can limit you in some ways and there isn’t much you can do about it. I don’t care how confident you are, if you don’t reach that G spot, she ain’t cumming
  8. A monkey has no capacity for truth or enlightenment, the only truth it knows is that it gotta search for food when it’s hungry, and find a partner when horny, and some other survival needs.
  9. If you have a 2 incher chances are she’s not cumming, it’s not a matter of mindset or not trying hard enough
  10. Mindset is a thing but, no matter how much mindset I have, if I’m not tall enough chances are I will never make it in the NBA.
  11. If you keep asking the same questions, you keep getting the same answers.
  12. Just rename murder and call it “ virtue signaling “ that should make it okay now. I’m gonna stop gaslighting, you have got enough on your conscience and mind to deal with.
  13. There’s no such a thing as substance, all there is is truth, which is what I’m speaking and you’re denying.
  14. Just like the U.S. you go ahead and self justify whatever you want, doing what the terrorist Are doing is just more terrorism, Israel are following the steps of thr U.S. and will be just like the U.S. in the sense that everyone knows it’s the bad guy when it comes to the war in iraq, but the Americans keep being self centered, thinking they’re the good guys, ignore the millions they killed, but it will forever remain in their conscience until they take responsibility and change, you go ahead and believe whatever you want, no amount of talking will get you out of your self centered self, the only thing to do is let your conscience and your guilt sense Guide you to the truth, nobody can really help you but you.