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  1. At the beginning, you don't know what you don't know
  2. And in regards to the "need for love" and "need for significance", that's Tony Robbins' 6 Human Needs.
  3. You might "need" to become a master negotiator to real put things into mastery between you two Trust me, negotiations are possible even with the most irrational and mad people like terrorists. Try getting yourself familiar with Chris Voss and "Never Split The Difference", a guy who really negotiated with terrorists, and also for a cheap price for a car, and with his family to agree on certain things they didn't
  4. This is also a very a good point. But I do like to have conversions that are more purposeful in general. But I can develop the skill of learning to listen to everyone if I choose to! Any good resources?
  5. Thank you. I was talking with my sister just about this, my sister told me that mother seems upset and how can we help her. I told her that I feel like she needs more purpose. And that one of the best ways to help her is leading by example. In a way I haven't found my own purpose fully yet so
  6. Thank you
  7. Given everything you said it really does seem like she loves you but withdraws because she doesn't know how to handle it. Is it affecting you in anyway (physically)? It seems like she's acting out of her need for significance when she does that, while you're operating from your need for love. Those are polar directions. Perhaps you could try boosting her own self esteem (get her need for significance met) and then tell her how she needs to treat you for things to work out between you.
  8. Perception is Projection is talking about how what we are feeling we tend to see those same emotions in others. But I need to know what scientific studies have been done on the matter! And I explained why!
  9. I must acknowledge though this is a very intelligent mind you have there. Please never give up.
  10. You mother probably really loves you. I think it's hard for a mother not to love her own child. She just seems afraid and incompetent in certain areas. You could set boundaries with her and speak to her more firmly (even though it may be scary at first), do it gently, but see how she reacts when you shock her, perhaps try to give her the fear of losing her child and seeing if that's a thing in her (but you could also do it playfully "like saying I don't talk with you anymore" and give a grim but go away and seriously not talk with her until she tries to understand what is going on), by kind of being distant and decisive about what you tolerate and what you don't, show her that you're grown up. *It may seem a bit aggressive to trigger any fears in her but when you think about it she is already operating out of fear when she is dismissing your emotions, so some other fear like this one might be more useful for the time being while you get to a better path with her (sometimes its better for it to suck in the meantime while the trajectory is generally better)
  11. I know that "Perception is Projection" is true, but I am wondering are there any scientific studies that have been done on this subject matter that you can share with me? I feel like it would be useful to engrain it more in my soul and to convince others that I want to help them with it more easily.
  12. Congratulations! I like metal for the power it has in its lyrics and instrumentals it just always moved me so much more than most usual songs (I started with Linking Park when I was a kid). It's really "not cool" listening to metal where I'm from and you're considered a massive freak. So it's a "battle" of self image same as you and not caring about what others think. But you are now a more free of a man! Do you like Skillet? I really like them and the words are anchoring in your subconscious to fight through hardships and be true to your heart!
  13. Although it may be uncomfortable and painful going through a situation, every experience will turn to be a blessing if you don't label it as bad, because you will be able to find lessons in that experience.
  14. This is well said and shares some light on the problem. Beautiful! This is a calling to go inwards and build more of yourself so that you can give people more when they're conversating with you, by literally expanding your consciousness. That's like therapy for them (given they are calm and are actually authentically communicating with you) right?! But how do you attune to your feelings (or cognition) when it becomes too much, and how do you tell them gently (to still keep the relationship) when it becomes too much?
  15. Think about it, the biggest celebrities are constantly being cyber bullied in the worse ways. Yet the strongest people stay tall and keep moving forward, sharing positivity and healthy thoughts. If it's humanly possible, it's possible for them, and it's possible for you too.