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  1. ''Ted Cruz seems to think that the job of a United States senator is to shitpost on Twitter and own the libs. But playing at culture war can get people killed. Cruz either does not know or does not care, that this is exactly what Putin is trying to achieve.'' Out of context making fun of and criticizing that concept with another unrelated one in another specific situation and context of the sometimes problematic motivations behind that type of behavior Source: https://www.thebulwark.com/meet-the-texas-secessionist-movement-brought-to-you-by-russia/
  2. Do you know what the coalition of liberals, environmentalists, nationalists, and others who are not in the and are against the one-party ruling system here in Serbia did and are doing right now over a couple of days ago(also now effectively heading towards another Hungary or Poland in terms of the prevailing political culture and governing)? Organizing and trying to block major highway tracks and roads with a few dozen people in an attempt to emulate and show to the public what a general civil disobedience movement would look like and a national general strike to block the normal functioning of the economy in order to send the message to the regime that they are not insulated from the people and that they can't claim to represent the interests of them all in their populistic simpleton rhetoric - the current state holders are not the sole dictators and shapers of what the current interests and aspirations of the people are.
  3. This is basically exactly the same as the plot of Aldous Huxley's Brave New World sci-fi novel and I fail to see how is this a separate series from that plot and narrative wise, they actually made a remake of the Brave New World series on Netflix a year or so ago, that I haven't watched.
  4. Not perhaps as the one paradigmatic theoretical framework for explaining away all the foundations, changes, phenomena, laws, and relations in modern society and the world today, but for individual development, lifestyle, and growth they are still relevant today as useful guidelines and insight generating work for one's life and for some mistakes and problems humans still make in society. Though I think generally agree they are not as relevant as political and social go-to's as much today. ''this is Aristotle's moderation, finding that in the middle. Because missing the mark is either going too far or too short. Yes, I would think absolutely so and that’s why the prophet Muhammad and the Buddha called his way: The Middle Way. There is a really interesting story of the Buddha, he had been an ascetic and had been this anchorite that has wasted his body, but he saw a musician teaching somebody how to tune a sitar and he said: ‘’You don’t want to tune it too tight because it will break but you don’t want to tune it to low because you will not get a tone. You want to find that middle spot and that was his beginning of the understanding of the sweet spot, tuning the soul.”
  5. What!? How dare you! I was taught in my sociology class that Ibn Khaldun is considered by some to be the proto founding father of the scientific discipline of sociology (I kid you not I was taught this as a part of one of my classes (and had to briefly check out his work) my former study field with the content of his writings and providing the first generalized social theory explaining and formulating a law for changes within in human society and their way of social organization) before it was officially formalized as an independent scientific field in the 19th century. So, once again, sir, I ask you: How dare you!? To think you would not ever hear about Ibn Khaldun again, I did not pretend to study my field in vain so I would not know or ever hear again about such 'relevant factography for discourse about modern society' and I promise you this is not the last you will hear of him again! (Jk )
  6. A Tax for having superior genes, we would be once again bending the laws of natural selection in order to suit human egos and ease and satisfy the spiritual emptiness of people suffering from envy, vanity, and an inferiority complex. Tax the average, below average looking, and ugly plutocrats and their political allies and servants who run the world now.
  7. Don't you dare badmouth our former Marshall on the day of the Republic for the remembrance of the founding of our once shared brotherly panslavic international socialist state, though you did not quite do that since you wrote the comment the day before - so you are only part of the hook on that one, still blasphemous non the less! Jk But still on a serious note, Tito was more progressive for his time period than Janez Jansha and Vuchic are for today's world standards both combined tbh (liberal culture from the West and even the LGBTQ community was arguably for that time period in the world more accepted and even became a flourishing youth and new subculture in Yugoslavia's (in contrast with the Soviet Union for example) existing progressive and liberal enclaves of some major metropole than they were at first when the breakaway republics returned back to religious traditionalism and national conservatism as their go-to political ideology, culture, and norms for their respective ethnic majority national societies), they are both ethnic cope leaders of their respective banana republics we got leftover, though Serbia much more so arguably than Slovenia. Btw Happy Republics Day to You!
  8. No doubt that they have a certain bias against Russia and its remaining political satellites since it is a European military superpower they don't have control and accountability over since its not part of any American led transnational military pact or org., but Putin and Lukashenko are intensely liberalophobic in this overblown response to everything being a political or domestic threat that comes from the West, even org. for LGBTQ rights or something propagating a more liberal and secular culture in Russia. NGOs are non-governmental organizations and they can be domestic, international, or from any country in the world. They are not by default vectors of imperialism of another country, only if they are financed by a governmental agency of another state actor to promote political aims and goals in the said country that align with the interests and goals that foreign country has for the country it is financing them in via their governmental agencies. NGOs should work on problems that exist in said countries society that there is no adequate government agency for or if that said agency is doing poorly or not adequately, their task is to explicitly be a non-aligned third party between the state and civil society in dealing with problems and malfunctions that exist between the relations of these two within a country and to be independent of both of them at the same time. A country's state shutting down supposed foreign state actor-sponsored NGOs on the sole accusation of them practicing activity or explicitly promoting content against the state advocating its destabilization or overthrow is a serious accusation that needs to be first proven if it is supported, financed, and sponsored in the interests and for the goals of another state actor and if they are guilty of that said activity provoking such a response. If a country's state starts arbitrarily shutting down NGOs without proving any of the following it is a form of state tyranny and it signals a desire and intention for totalitarian control of the civil society by the state of the said country, since it is severing any free volition ties between it and any non-governmental entity over which the government doesn't have control or accountability over, it is a form of arbitrarily practiced state tyranny to solidify power and control of the state bureaucrats over the civil society and as a result, you lack freedom, autonomy, and independence of the individual, groups of citizens and their orgs. in the society itself and have a totalitarian culture of fear and indifference to any violations of citizens' constitutionally guaranteed rights and freedoms in place. This as far as I know after Petr Poroshenko's vow to have closer ties and to move closer politically to Russia and to snub a possible EU membership of Ukraine was facilitated and promoted directly and openly by among others US government officials and ambassadors to Ukraine, not a specific group of NGOs and besides there was large opposition in one part of Ukraine to his policy, the Eastern more Ukraine nationalistic and Orthodox Catholic part, and several ultranationalist and pro-fascist political parties and organizations were helped and got support from some US NGOs but that's about it in terms of meddling, the Pro-EU parties in Ukraine did hold their own and enjoyed by their merit support from the general populace in those pro-EU parts of Ukraine. It's a cop-out and an exaggerated excuse of an external threat blown out of proportion that tyrants and autocrats love to use when they don't enjoy full domestic support and or are not comfortable domestically with the overall public support that they need to ground themselves in the overall populistic extended rule of overall majority support and 'presidency for life' (which is an oxymoron of what that term originally meant - someone who temporarily presides over the affairs of the state in a republic) and if they don't they have to explain away their overall failing confidence with the public support, not as a result of their won failings or failed policy but with a conspiratorial narrative outside interference or meddling in the state by some foreign state actors, which is the personal favorite enough vague and non-concrete explanation of the dictator and his sycophants not needing any specific or strong evidence and proof for it to be unscrupulously spread around in the public arena like an 'idea viral epidemic' with a permanent aura of fearmongering, blame-shifting and uncritically, lazily and stupidly formed quick unexamined and unquestioned assumptions following it wherever it finds some root and grows like a weed in some easily molded, influenced and impressionable minds. and also those who want to alienate the public from their 'beloved leader'. They don't have to do anything with this guy, just ask him questions as a news agency does and film his unhinged and outright terror sowing and tyrannical responses as a head of state, it is like interviewing the school bully and asking him why is he bullying, intimidating and stealing and extorting money and lunch from other kids and he goes onto say that it is the kid's fault for being weaker than him in the school grounds, better at school, more likable and popular among other kids and different from him and he goes onto blame everything on his upbringing, 'situation at home and parents. That school bully in Belarus is Lukashenko blaming NGOs for him and his ideas not being popular among the people unanimously as before in Belarus anymore and it's a conspiratorial explanation for his personal failings and the failings of his policy at home.
  9. Damn this is sad. Like an ending of a tragic epic and drama: Despite the criticism, Lenin praised Luxemburg after her death as an "eagle" of the working class: ''But in spite of her mistakes she was – and remains for us – an eagle. And not only will communists all over the world cherish her memory, but her biography and her complete works (the publication of which the German communists are inordinately delaying, which can only be partly excused by the tremendous losses they are suffering in their severe struggle) will serve as useful manuals for training many generations of communists all over the world. 'Since 4 August 1914, German Social-Democracy has been a stinking corpse' – this statement will make Rosa Luxemburg's name famous in the history of the international working class movement. In later years, Trotsky frequently defended Luxemburg, claiming that Joseph Stalin had vilified her. In the article Hands Off Rosa Luxemburg!, Trotsky criticized Stalin for this despite what Trotsky perceived as Luxemburg's theoretical errors, writing: "Yes, Stalin has sufficient cause to hate Rosa Luxemburg. But all the more imperious therefore becomes our duty to shield Rosa's memory from Stalin's calumny that has been caught by the hired functionaries of both hemispheres, and to pass on this truly beautiful, heroic, and tragic image to the young generations of the proletariat in all its grandeur and inspirational force.'' Immense love of the people - l'amour du peuple as the French socialists would say.
  10. Here is a brief educational summation exposed by the BBC of how a stage RED/BLUE power tyrant and conspiratorial mindset works: This is one of the finest display of the sin of WRATH/PRIDE if ever saw one and what it does to person centered this much in it in his being, paranoid and overprotective of his power and ego and what dangers it posses for the people of his country with a ruler so much soaked in it and with is being centered around it. He looks like an oversized angry man-child in his demeanor, gesticulation and vocabulary that used several Stalinistic terms straight from the Moscow trails period like 'liquidate' at moments:
  11. Yes, I basically agree with this notion for the developed capitalist world today and that it made more sense in a more industrializing and Fordist oriented disciplinary society of vertical chain of command for production in short while the global economy today is situated more in most of the developed world along post-Fordist and Toyotist with more horizontal chain of production lines dispersed globally.
  12. Luxemburg though had more sympathy to the Bolsheviks in her time (she saw their struggle and successes in Russia connected with the struggles and duty of the German socialists to lead and to set the foundations to carry out a revolution of the German proletariat in a developed capitalist country such as Germany at that time following the one in Russia in classical Marxist sense), even though she criticized their regime heavily and advocated for the adoption of revolutionary socialist democracy in Germany (or the concept of Luxemburgian democracy in Marxism as some movements such as PCInt in Italy lead by left communist Marxist theorist Amadeo Bordiga adopted in opposition to the policies of the Soviet Union which he described as state capitalist similiar in the sense that Lenin used at the begining of the consolidation of the RSFR in Russia) and opposed the implementation of top down one party bureaucracy in Russia but was even more merciless to the German Social Democrats because of their capitulation and going along with voting on the war credits for the German government in the outset of WWI and accusation of social chauvinism for fomenting national prejudices within the German proletariat versus the proletariat in other countries: ''The Bolsheviks have certainly made a number of mistakes in their policies and are perhaps still making them – but where is the revolution in which no mistakes have been made! The notion of a revolutionary policy without mistakes, and moreover, in a totally unprecedented situation, is so absurd that it is worthy only of a German schoolmaster. If the so-called leaders of German socialism lose their so-called heads in such an unusual situation as a vote in the Reichstag, and if their hearts sink into their boots and they forget all the socialism they ever learned in situation in which the simple ABC of socialism clearly pointed the way – could one expect a party caught up in a truly thorny situation, in which it would show the world new wonders, not to make mistakes? The awkward position that the Bolsheviks are in today, however, is, together with most of their mistakes, a consequence of basic insolubility of the problem posed to them by the international, above all the German, proletariat. To carry out the dictatorship of the proletariat and a socialist revolution in a single country surrounded by reactionary imperialist rule and in the fury of the bloodiest world war in human history – that is squaring the circle. Any socialist party would have to fail in this task and perish – whether or not it made self-renunciation the guiding star of its policies. There is only one solution to the tragedy in which Russia in caught up: an uprising at the rear of German imperialism, the German mass rising, which can signal the international revolution to put an end to this genocide. At this fateful moment, preserving the honour of the Russian Revolution is identical with vindicating that of the German proletariat and of international socialists.'' https://www.marxists.org/archive/luxemburg/1918/09/11.htm ''Freedom only for the supporters of the government, only for the members of one party – however numerous they may be – is no freedom at all. Freedom is always and exclusively freedom for the one who thinks differently. Not because of any fanatical concept of "justice" but because all that is instructive, wholesome and purifying in political freedom depends on this essential characteristic, and its effectiveness vanishes when "freedom" becomes a special privilege. [...] But socialist democracy is not something which begins only in the promised land after the foundations of socialist economy are created; it does not come as some sort of Christmas present for the worthy people who, in the interim, have loyally supported a handful of socialist dictators. Socialist democracy begins simultaneously with the beginnings of the destruction of class rule and of the construction of socialism.'' https://www.marxists.org/archive/luxemburg/1918/russian-revolution/ch06.htm
  13. Yugoslavia? Vietnam? Mondragon Corporation in Basque? Coop in Italy? ''A number of market socialist elements have existed in various economies. The economy of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia is widely considered to have been a form of market-based socialism, based on socially-owned cooperatives, workers' self-management and market allocation of capital. Policies similar to the market socialist proposal of a social dividend and basic income scheme have been implemented on the basis of public ownership of natural resources in Alaska (Alaska Permanent Fund) and in Norway (the Government Pension Fund of Norway).''
  14. I apologize for my attitude, passion as well, I was probably struck with my own reactiveness, lack of understanding for the perspective of the other and seeds of unprocessed personal anger, wrath and false sense of attacked fragile pride and dignity at the moment in replying to your post. In other words my own ego also got the better of me in replying to you, so I also apologize for that. As well, I can feel yours as well and therefore respect it, so sorry for the projected and judgemental words from a place of bias on my part, since it comes from the place of sincerity Yes, I am, I am having a problems with several of those. Thank you for being understanding of that and for the compassion for the offered help and suggestion. I will check it out after I finish attending an online class I now have. Thanks again for the offered help and suggestion regarding dealing with my emotional problems that I have, really appreciate it and respect it on your part!
  15. @Raptorsin7 ''The people on this forum and the mods are not honest people, they do not speak, live the truth'' ''I have said my peace'' You made a pledge with yourself regarding this topic and issue. ''Until then we must abandon all attempts to convince the stupid person'' So did I Lets both honor our pledges, be honest with and respect the words we said and the promises we made to ourselves on this topic by saying our peaces this way. Peace to you and me 🙏 .