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  1. @Bojan V Of course it is and always from me, my friend and brother from another mother, as they say, ??, I have some distant relatives and friends from my grandmother's brother's side in Slovenia as well, but unfortunately I can't guarantee that from my Russophilic fascist collaborationist state with the current Russian imperialist war, the autocratic criminal clique that runs it and the people here they've managed to put a leash on and thus enslave economically, culturally, socially and hence physically and psychically have control over them and effectively brainwash and dellude them into authoritarian neurotic-spiteful, revanchistic and irredentistic hatreds and grudges with their stoking of internal political of "Us and Them" divisions and outward ethno-racial hatreds, falsehoods and stereotypes directed as projection of their own internalized hate, prevented and hindered unrealized frustrations and self-loathing onto other people's and nations in the Balkan region and heavily distorted, biased and false narratives that enforce them and uphold them as the main cultural hegemonic state ideology. Hope you and your family and loved ones are also fine and doing okay. Sorry, for seeing this just now and responding and answering so late, as they say better late then never?, to your kind and warmhearted plea, promise and oath, and once again of course, always from me, my friend and brother, to all your aforementioned questions to me personally ??. I just remember to nostalgically check up again my writing in this old forum post of mine, in the context of this ongoing war in Ukraine and it's possible wider geopolitical repercussions and consequences for the hopefully not so near future. Stay safe brother in these tumultous and turbulent times and I wish you and your whole family and loved ones the most happiness and all the best, may we continiously move on and struggle to live in more happier, secure, peaceful and better times and world ?? Cheers and until I might someday return more regularly again to this forum and catch you again here to communicate and share stuff with you here again and until that happens someday again or that day comes again I sincerely wish you and your loved ones all the best and brightest in life from here ?❤️?
  2. This docuseries is, imo, brilliant as a layman's introduction to the field, reach and possiblities of speculative evolutionary biology lense of viewing the sheer branching levels of possiblities of evolutionary adaptions due to shifts and changes happening in the planetary climate overall and geology to the biosphere and ecosystem on Earth, of course, taking for granted that these climate predictions will in fact come to the fruition in couple hundred, thousands and million years time following their current speculated and prognosized trends and removing the possiblities of seveerity of total human activity and pollution impact as exacerbating, accelerating or de-accelerating factor on them or it's lack thereof if we remove it in this hypothetical scenario in the doc almost fully from the equation (hypothesized human colonization or settlement on other planet or solar systems as far as I understood). I will post and share here all of the 13 episodes on YouTube in chronological speculated order of future time period and distance from the present second millennium AD date calender centering around the traditional renewed globally standardized and normativized human calculating date starting again from zero after the alleged date of birth of Christ: Split in the bulk of four episodes during 5 million, 100 million and 200 million hypothetical years in Planet Earth's future: Episodes: 0: The Future is Wild Introduction 5 million years into a hypothesized and speculated projected future world scenario: 1. Return of the Ice Age 2. The Mediterreanean Salt Flats or Vanished Sea 3. The Amazonian Prairies 4. Cold Kansas Desert 100 milion years into a speculated and hypothesized projected future world scenario: 5. Waterland 6. Flooded World 7. Tropical Antartica 8. The Great Plateu 200 million years into a speculated and hypothesized projected future world scenario: 9. The Endless Desert 10. The Global Ocean 11. Graveyard Desert 12. The Tentacled Forest: BTW also let me know, whoever got interested in this and has the time to reply and engage in casual discussion regarding this docs topic, if this doc is a good layman's start for someone to bust open a bit through mental exercise in imagination and curiosity in further researching deeper into this subject the ingrained, baked and programmed notions and paradigms of anthropocentrism and anthropoegoism assumptions and expectations from the world from one's mind cultivated, nurtured and reproduced by society and it's cultural and economic systems just for a tiny weeny bit when watching it ??
  3. I didn't specifically mean in regards to freedom of speech, its degrees, and the amount of its non-restriction present, but the potential influence that one already acquires via social media and has in the real socio-political world where he might enhance it further still by using Twitter as an instant reach digital communication platform to construct the online part of the movement and widen its power, reach, influence and popularity via that as an actual real-world action and praxis mass movement as well.
  4. They do to an extent if you are actually influential in the real social world and have some power there. For example, the former PM of Pakistan Imran Khan got his popular movement started over his 'unconstitutional' premature suspension by using Twitter as a digital platform to enhance its reach and perception of popularity among the people in Pakistan and the world. Also, why do you think in part the Russian leadership and high-command decided to target and missile and drone strike Ukrainian critical electric grid infrastructure in the country's capital if not to also contain and curb the Ukrainian government's and its supporter's social media influence, war propaganda, and reach in the social media-using wider world?
  5. Depends on how much global cancel culture or political correctness is pronounced, disseminated, and normativized in an overall political and workplace culture of a said country or transmitted and received, mostly through more urbanized and more Western multinational firms and companies and the degree of presence of their workspace culture in some areas of another foreign, recipient country were that said political correctness or cancel culture is coming from the West and now being received and presented as a new part of their own transnational or international national work culture areas in some heavy service or high-tech private economy based more economically developed urban areas of it. I get where you are coming from, but in some less developed and developing countries that have a backward, highly corrupt, or authoritarian, special interest group political culture with almost none to zero independent and autonomous official political institutions and transparent, independent, and integral voting and electoral oversight free from the usual constraints on a digital platform of some serious and next level of institutional and political corruption present in the physical electoral system from outright vote blackmailing and buying, manipulations and machinations and outright large-scale national level electoral theft and voting fraud - so that's why from a voting aspect I might see this as a way forward for some countries to free themselves in one fell swoop and reform from most of the systemic decades-long untransparent political corruption disease and affliction. Here, I think, it is precisely the opposite: ''The masks need to drop, and then we will see their true faces and colors, or lack thereof''
  6. The Sadghuru official YouTube channel just re-released this video, in the wake of Musk purchasing Twitter and becoming it's new CEO I would assume, with also rumored large part of the shares of that purchase rumored to have come in part from Saudi monarchy money, of Sadghuru talking during a questionaire session back in 2018 about the possible future uses and potentialties of Twitter in the national domestic, international and global political sphere, to sum it up as best I can currently, as a transparent national, international, transnational and global voting political platform on all the relevant contemporary issues that humanity is currently facing, with a momentary direct reach and feedback to the elected officials and politicians via the platform from their constituencies and it's potential for an instant direct participatory nature of it's immediate reach and response option to get people on it to directly get involved in immediating voting on, deciding on and shaping proposed policy decisions or propose other ones in their place instead themselves for dealing with some pressing current issues deemed of great relevance for humanity as whole. To actually sum it up: The potential for Twitter in the near future to become a tool for direct and instant participatory actual open and transparent global democracy as long-term dream and goal from everywhere through the national, international and global human scale to deal with some pressing issues concerning humanity and it's planetary habitat:
  7. Just to note in advance before answering, I haven't watched the full episode yet you made but I plan on doing so when I can very soon, just to acknowledge that I am not yet fully aware of the scope of arguments you made in the video that this sub-forum thread is dedicated to discussing towards: Marx has actually addressed this perceived incongruity in his formulation of the theory of alienation of man from his natural essence of being of enjoying the fruits of his labour and generating value for the rest of his human community under a preposition that man is inherently, to sum it up the best I currently understood, remembered, could and was able, (regardless of any his peculiar qualifying or categorization characteristics) a conscious and free species being which he can't realize for the whole of his species under conditions of estranged labour as means of his continued individual life survival by living of his labour for the sake of his own surviving not for the sake of the enjoyment of the creative, generative process of labour for the rest of the human species and nature (it goes much beyond just the natural world defined as 'living'), as Marx defines it, I am paraphrasing, "nature is human beings inorganic body and life extension without which they can't exist or hope to have ever existed in the first place as conscious species- being with a freedom of will", which can't be possible to be achieved for the sake of all humanity as long as all value-generating and creative labour (which is essentially all labour in one form or another, since it changes fundamentally each time the conditions under which nature and life is being continually maintained and reproduced) serves as a mere means for the survival of life not the end of life in itself, because of it's estrangement through the externalization of it's fruits until they become foreign and alien to their original willful generator and creator in the first place with abstract compensations and extractions intended only for the attempt of it's full symbolical replacement of it's inherent genesis value and worth and the realization of it's end of man existing as free-will conscious species being instead under a repressive class-based and class-maintained production and reproduction material reality. Source: On Estranged Labour, Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844. Karl Marx.
  8. When you go from borderline, subtly promoting in your musical artistic content and career in a symbolism rich and filled layered manner: "For the historically and currently oppressed, denigrated, dehumanised, discriminated and exploited of the world all to unite to tear down the old structures of power and their narratives justifying the bias towards obscene accumulated monopoly on one side only of "historicity, civilizational and material wealth and cultural value and prestige" and rebuild something new, more equal, humanistic and inclusive reflecting the diversity and variety of the people's of the world today - almost like a socialist calling for a revolution of the marginalized in the very hearts of interconnected civilizational metropolitan cities funded and built in part on profits generated from slave labour, exploitation and imperialism of the past and sustained as centers of civilization and culture by commercial and financial imperialism of today." to actually overtly and openly politically promoting: "This grotesque old post-modern neo-feudal propertarian landlord rentier and mass grifter and con artist A (perhaps there will also be a B replacement figure soon coming ? hope not for the sake of ordinary and most Americans) is our only last hope left and Messiah in America to save ourselves from the growing tide and movement among the youth of majoritarian and totalitarian tendencies of brainwashed mobs of international conspiratorial, relativistic and nihilistic anarcho-leftist hordes who want to tear down and wipe away clean all remnants of Western values and civilization in our countries culture left, that is "akchually" funded by a Jewish dominated plotting cabal in Hollywood and elsewhere in American politics and politicians that are payed for and controlled by Chinese financial and political-economic hegemonic and monopoly interests and unleashed on us ordinary conservative minded American folk - henceforth we need our own closed loop information systems and insular, hermetic and echo-chambery platforms to discuss and plan how to actually succeed in coup-d'etating our no longer ours or loyal deep state government this time" in about 4 to 10 years time Well no one could have seen that transformation and metamorphosis coming. xd?
  9. This song and video cover of Kanye's is the one that probably also played a large part in subconsciously conditioning me to get interested in sociology in the first place. Now a bit dated: Lol where is this former critical anarchic destruction and deconstruction of hitherto history, civilizational narratives and culturally conditioned and informed authority with heavy doses of nihilistic-relativistic energy in between gone from his bones and mind-body energy or "Tiger energy" as Tyson would say xdxd ? Was it a "went full-circle kind of thing since it wasn't an authentically deep rebel phase" xdxd
  10. The invasion of Iraq wasn't justified on the grounds of the aftermath of the Gulf War of 1991, after which promptly the US sanctioned Iraq for 12 years until the full-blown military invasion and regime-change operation of Saddam Hussein in 2003. As we know it was justified on the now-proven subsequently manufactured and false presumption and claim that Saddam's regime in Iraq was directly, and indirectly involved or was also the one orchestrating the suicide bombing of the World Trade Center, Twin Skyscraper Towers in New York, US, while in fact twelve of those sixteen suicide-bombers were from Saudia Arabia and were indoctrinated among other things with the extreme wing of fundamentalist Wahhabist Islamist ideology that has/and still has to an extent it's main sponsorship in the Islamic world from Saudia Arabia, the US and some other western countries main petroclient and oil slushfund in the M.E. up until that point, we shall see if that still remains the case in the fututre now having this current conditions and mood towards it currently in mind, and on the false amplified and trumped up moral panic and alarmist hysteric claim that his regime was in the meantime actively working on a program, under heavy crushing economic sanctions and embargoes as a 'punishment' for it's Gulf War adventurist invasion generating a huge humanitarian and actual famine inducing crisis in Iraq in the 12-year time span in the meantime before the invasion, for manufacturing weapons of mass destruction to target American troops in the Middle East. Not to mention the fact that the US and some other western countries like France in the Iraq-Iran war almost openly publicly and actively backed Saddam Hussein with some modern tech and weapons in just 2-3 years prior to the Gulf War in invading Iran, which was then seen as reactionary clerical Islamist theocratic state regime that needs to be overthrown and strangled as soon as possible while it's weak in its cradle in order to get the Shah back in power and to secure that sweet Persian gulf oil for extraction for western private multinational oil companies for a cheap price of course. What's even more devilish and deceptory in the invasion justification itself is that a NATO country, the US in this case, for the first and one only time still in NATO history called upon Article 5, on the basis that it was attacked on its own soil, to call upon other NATO members to go with it in Afghanistan to jointly conduct bombing, miltarily invade the country and subsequently then conduct counter-terrorist operations within it, because the Taliban helped shelter and provide logistics and some collaboration to Osama bin Laden right before and after the 9/11 bombing while Saudia Arabia where the main bulk of the ideologically motivated terrorists that carried out that terrorist attack where from was magically left off the hook, spared any shared guilt, burden or responsibility for directly or indirectly providing a lot of the ideological basis behind the attacks, while at the same time engaging in regime-change operations of the Taliban government in Afghanistan as well and beginning its attempt of nation-building for the long-term, and it also tried to goad some other NATO members to invade Iraq as well on that same basis and justification and false claims and manufactured, distortedly presented evidence that Saddam Hussein was also involved in the 9/11 bombings, which most of them as far as I am aware of refused, except for Amerophile, cringe part of Poland, undermining it's until then principally held historical legacy as an often defensive, historically victimized, invaded and occupied buffer country with that hypocritical, cringe move, that actually sends some of its active detachments there together with the main invasion force. The fact also that France, which was aware that it was also actively backing militarily and economically Hussein during the Iran-Iraq war, outwardly refused, out of not wanting to jump in its own mouth, to participate in the invasion of Iraq, a country that it actively backed not some fifteen years prior and goading it to try to defeat Iran in the war in order to collapse it's newly founded unfavorable to it regime there, instead of the US or Britain, says volumes in itself about the actual proven, existing ulterior motives that went behind the justification behind that invasion operation and plan as well. So in short, to recap, a country headed by an unfavorable brutal, authoritarian figure for the Western economic interests at that particular moment, not from before I assume when he invaded another country ten to three years prior in which he was actually partially militarily and economically aided by some western countries to do so because that current regime is unfavorable to you namely the Islamic Republic of Iran, screwing up your economic interests at home and abroad in the Middle East by spiking up the oil prices because of his still partial at that moment invasion and occupation of the north of Kuwait, where the main oil field dispute was, until after the announcement of operation Desert Storm the Iraqi military proceeded then to invade it's capital city as well is you think a justification enough to bomb and invade a country, as a whole after imposing crushing economic sanctions on it, 12 years after on the basis on an unrelated incident to itself that involved most of the perpetrators coming from a country that also could be known to be even more barbaric, vicious and brutal, or you could say socially regressive and authoritarian in some social aspects than Iraq at that said time and which at that time most promoted and sponsored the ideology which motivated the main bulk of those perpetrators to carry out those world-famous terroristic attacks and acts but that is also needed for your oil flow and economic interests as a economically key partner and client in the Middle East? The fact, that you also said that you are currently living or from a country that was one of the main junior partners of the US in the invasion and the subsequent war-torn occupation zone partialization of Iraq during the regime change operation, namely Britain, while seemingly brazenly, proudly and in the open, without a degree of self-reflection and guilt, gish-galloping on inventing ad hoc reasons that first come to your mind as you go about the stereotypes of the history of that country for the justification of its bombing and invasion based on directly unrelated historical events and engaging in deliberate or undeliberate distortion and deception about the actual historical events and facts to seemingly fool people who know no better on it's history that led up to the invasion while simultaneously projecting on and claiming biases on others based on nationality is so biased, clueless, morally empty and hypocritical that it's astounding that there is not an actual degree of self-reflection and degree of guilt and consciousness regarding that involved here. You project and claim Leo is blinded by bias that you conveniently invented for him to project yourself (or perhaps your own guilty consciousness) upon by you asserting for him, almost as a nationalist authoritarian would, his main nationality for him to identify with in the Russia-Ukraine war, while you as a claimed and identified with Brit seemingly openly cheeringly and without a tinge of seeming guilt and shame actively go on about inventing cherry picked reasons from some selective pulled through events of Iraq's history as you go in justifying your country's past military involvement in the bombing and invasion of Iraq which left an estimated almost million people dead in total in its wake and aftermath several years after is so hypocritically morally empty and vacuous, astoundingly ignorant and borderline criminal that one should not even have to point it towards and out to someone if he is that un-self-reflective and unconscious regarding his own countries of origin and identification with past not so long ago crimes.
  11. Thanks for sharing this, this seems like a well-thought out probabilities and chances analysis, my only jibe is with one of the few scenario examples in the grey boxes that isn't still a completely finished deal historically or politically on the ground: Namely, Kosovo is still segregated internally, in a sort of a semi-frozen conflict in place with NATO arbitrating peacekeepers still present, with it's internal sovereignty over all it's encompassing territory and autonomy not fully resolved, and with apartheid encouraged outwardly internationally and within it by the state in Serbia still having some state administrative presence over the remaining national minority and local Serbian population there. So it listed as an example of a successful breakaway province to use it as analogous to the Crimean peninsula and/or Donbass potential example is not at all the same copy/pasted exact thing, even though Putin and the Russian Foreign Affairs establishment now likes to cite and use it as an international legal precedent example set in international affairs and relations to opportunistically justify now their own annexatory and re-unification policy into the RF of deemed historically justifiably traditionally more Russian or Russophonic regions of Ukraine. Excerpt from the sourced post on Less Wrong website that you linked here: "The shorthand labels I've given these outcomes (grey boxes) should't be taken too literally: "Kosovo" & "Vietnam" refer to scenarios where one side wins outright (breakaway succeeds & Goliath is expunged, respectively)." Kosovo still hasn't won outright or has broken away successfully completely, because it still hasn't broken free from Serbian state power or influence in it's whole, still mostly Western and not the majority parts of the world, internationally recognized legal encompassing territory. Kosovo is actually here more akin in some aspects to the North Korean frozen conflict scenario or the Northern Ireland improvized and highly more corrupt and unstable union state one in it's northern remaining majority Serb national minority parts then the successful fully and completely breakaway province turned fully sovereign encompassing independent state scenario which it is cited as an example to be of. A better example of that with no background hanging or residing potentialties of conflicts or threat of war against it by its former mother or guardian state or country of a former province would be Singapore's today's majority internationally undisputed secession from Malaysia in the 1960s, on it's own behest and request. But perhaps Crimea being a sort of highly autnomous and self-governing predominantly Russian populated province majority internationally recognized within the international borders of Ukraine is perhaps the most further de-escalation and complete conflict-avoidant compromisable solution one can realistically hope at, demand and go-at to settling it's status back to a status quo ante before 2014 - with a lot of added provincial autonomy privelleges to it in the meantime - in order to avoid a further escalatory unpredictable spiral over it in an attempt of its full-scale re-capturing and re-claimation under uncertain conditions, status and auspices that might lead to an actual executed tactical nuclear response and reaction it to a perceived hostile threat and reprisals to the remaining predominantly Russian-speaking population and military infrastructure there. I think even if the Kosovo scenario would happen, which seems highly unlikely, I agree here with the author, at this point, I think the best it could hope to achieve would be a frozen highly tensed up conflict in place, like the real and actual Kosovo one even with NATO arbitration, that it would be just a matter of time before it would, especially when international geo-political or polarities power balance of in favor either blocs would either shift, like a swinging pendulum, or suddenly and unexpectedly shake up to be more favorable to one of either of the sides, be waiting for any of the main opposing actors involved to seize the first opportunity to take the initiative and ignite it again because it would be both of either sides interest to do so at that point because of the presumably inherited unchanging militarized state of this one up until this point, buying of time in the meantime from this point to that very likely hypothetically possible one. In short, the purely Kosovo international opportunist legal justification scenario for annexation and incorporation back into a historical motherland country, out of the Vietnam one, seems like a more unlikely internationally unstable one for ensured long-lasting peace, with non-eruption of not so distant, very short-coming future hostilities when sufficient opportunities or justifications for it arise, especially in the very polarized world order and epoch which beginnings we are now living through by starting too see it take more and more slowly and solidly of a shape, outlining and ground day by day with a very low likelihood now of a hope, reaching it at this point, of returning back and receding it now to it's previously relatively more stable, expected and predicateble state in the not so long ago past and that are currently now in the beginning phases of living through it's subsequent layered dismantling, failure and slow, ultimate collapse right now currently at it's seemingly more definitive and tangible starting signs and beginnings, for either side to seize the opportunity and take and restart it immediately from the previous temporary cease-fire and non-definetly honoured and upheld peace agreement at the first available chance they seized and get due to some instability happening again in important power and economic poles of the world and/or/either some of their or some key supply chain regions, places or countries in the world. Well, that were off the top of my personal thinking hat my first impressions and two cents on a part of an example used as a possibility in this theory and on the shaky, not really and fully adequately one-hundred percent compatible and fitting in this projected scenario of one of the possibilities of resolution Kosovo case analogy, which I didn't think was a perfectly adequate example of the author, even though the other ones in this very probability theory oriented and centered application on current international relations and raging conflicts within them with a dose of uncertainty projections, were pretty elucidating and damn compelling for a layman just starting to discover and consider viewing international relations resolutions of the world as well as through this probability theory oriented lense, of Goliath definetly winning probability projected scenario in the Russia-Ukraine war case due to the actual current shaky international and inter-state reality of the actual Kosovo situation itself. ??
  12. correction, "*of the greater good versus the lesser good" if you want to drive home that type of definition framing ??
  13. Interesting Relatively Short Essay in IR Theory on the Explanation of the Polarities Concept, including Multipolarity, it is before the concept then subsequently got baggaged with or viewed through a lense of plenty of ideology in between by various other authors and writers who appropriated it as a concept in the popular imagination and used it as a platform to either advance or promote in contrast their own wider ideological worldviews and prescriptions: "I contend that the use of polarity concept in the Russian foreign policy does not follow any clear line although it borrows much from classical realism and it is rather an eclecticist mixture of different theoretical perspectives." https://1drv.ms/w/s!AuiXCCugHujecscuF8HwRInBgZY 2002-00-Multipolarity (2) (1).pdf
  14. Some Russian authors and military history analysts also admit this, though of course phrasing it differently and with more added military technical and strategic jargon nuance, that historically more often than not the Russian military, in it's various different manifestations and forms, operated on the overall military strategic principle of the "horde", mostly in continental wars - in the Mongol sense of overwhelming your opponent eventually through phased commissioning or mobilization of overwhelming and absolute superiority of numerical availability of troop deployment and subsequent mobility momentum gained by that in winning some few very strategically critical threshold battles after which you can begin to overwhelm and steamroll your opponent slowly and steadily purely on the basis of you being able to in a war of attrition of available military resources framework sustain much bigger, drastic and insane loss differences to the number of available troops than he can ever hope to survive and still remain relevant militarily in the war and of course if that momentum gained is strong, forceful and directed enough at one limited time span and point to break your opponent's main thrusting and operating forces in few key strategic battles and maneuvers and use that still remaining numerical superiority advantage to force him (his state) to give in to now lost formerly achieved territorial gains, and subsequently probably lose some more of it's own as form Russian/East Slav troop losses and sacrifice compensation and concession (the land gain to spilled blood and corpses ratio ?) and force it to sign a non-beneficial cease-fire treaty or capitulate all together to be on the mercy of it's subsequent gains and territorial partition, parcelization and division of part of it to Russia or Russian sphere of influence as one of the victors.
  15. The Theory of the Multipolar World edition from 2021 (originally first published in 2012) is your go-to manifesto of Dugin's to understand the ideological underpinnings behind this attempted regime-change operation turned full-scale war and it's wider, global geo-political power shift goals and global power equilibrium aims, in reference to China and Iran as well. It is almost basically a contemporary manifesto equivalent of chief Nazi ideologue Alfred Rosenberg's Myth of the 20th century book, that called for re-making the then post-WWI world international order of the Paris Peace Conferences of Triple Entente imperial powers and Soviet Union in the East in the 20th century with Germany in the center as the new revived historicist civilizational and cultural central power ushering in a new European, and subsequent world order based on of course inherent racial and cultural superiority away from the post-war economic boom shallow hyperconsumerist opulence and extreme decadence displayed in their view in the roaring 20's capitalist world attempt to construct a kind of new superficial, identitless cosmopolitan consumer and the Soviet world's attempt to construct a version of that through the cultural and racial leveling of all the international workers of the world into this homogenised utopic ideal of the "new Red man", with of course an added millennium and centuries long anti-semitic historical conspiracy theory, rant and narrative slant added to all this ?