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  1. For me panic sets in when I realize the dose of whatever I took was stronger than what I anticipated. It's a feeling of impending doom and it feels like the physical self is going to be vanquished. There's a very brief window where I can either freak the fuck out or understand that I just need to go with the flow and ride it out. If I can do the latter then everything is fine obviously. I haven't had a freak out in a very very long time because I keep my doses low. Unfortunately with new and potent substances it's hard to know what that dose will be for you.
  2. I don't see suffering as an issue, it's just you need to be conscious and aware of how it is manifesting. If you really observe yourself throughout the day you should notice how much of your suffering is self induced by thought. Because our ego's have been trained to perceive life a certain way it seems impossible just accept getting cheated on, or getting fired, or suffering from a major medical ailment and still live in bliss. But it is possible.
  3. If you've truly realized how you are constructing all of this then what's the issue? There's no one left to be sad about anything. We're all trained to behave in certain unconscious ways as a result of our upbringing. You are still holding to many of these things like most of us. If something within your life is making you unhappy it can be undone if you really want to.
  4. Y'all need to seriously stop putting SO MUCH into what Leo says. Listen to it and decide for yourself how it feels in your own experience of reality. If you're reliant on his words alone to form your world view then you're setting yourself up for disaster.
  5. Depends on how far gone you are. Catch it early enough and it's worth taking the steps to save it if you actually want to. Because it's easily doable. But the longer you wait or if your hairloss is just too aggressive it won't matter at that point
  6. I started taking it at 30. No side effects at all. It helped to regrow some hair and thicken it up. Not full regrowth but I would have def lost most of my hair if I didn't start it. Which I might be fine with eventually, but for now I'm still sort of attached to it.
  7. I think he understands consciousness, but he dumbs it down to cater to a wider audience. Which is fine the underlying message he is trying to get across feels truthful to me.
  8. I mean it's really damn entertaining though. Those 12 hours with Curt blew by. I've actually listened to it all twice and a certain parts several times.
  9. They could have been suffering immensely internally. A lot of people are even if it looks like they have everything in the material world. I know I wouldn't trade inner peace for tons of money, sex, and luxuries.
  10. I thought the only reason people don't talk about it anywhere is because of repercussions to the owner of the site. If you were fine with it I wouldn't mind.
  11. I'm actually a foot and ankle doctor. It depends on where your pain is located and what's actually causing it. If the pain is not originating from your feet changing your shoes/inserts may not actually address the underlying issue
  12. LSD+MDMA+Nitrous produced a stillness and bliss in me so profound it was almost too much to handle
  13. That's a great exercise One of the reasons I love music festivals is because of the sheer number of people you see in one area and how different everyone looks. It's beautiful to see someone whether they are some jacked dude or fat person enjoying life and no one is judging each other.
  14. Lol you guys care way too much about Leo the person and let that get in the way. Every single teacher is flawed on some level. If it becomes that personal to you then you're too attached in the first place.
  15. I was tripping the other day and the thought did occur to me for a second. It can be REALLY hard to see your own bullshit sometimes. You might think you're too smart for that, but it can happen to anyone. No matter how many times Leo says it's not a cult you have to be really careful. I check myself by never listening to one person exclusively. I also accept my own direct experience as truth regardless of what someone else says above all.
  16. I’m curious as to why these people are not just continuing to use this forum to discuss whatever. Why make another one?
  17. I wonder how adamantly meat eaters would still defend their choice if they were forced to watch a video of the animal they are about to eat being tortured and slaughtered prior to every purchase. A lot of this still comes down to out of sight, out of mind.
  18. I can't understand how people here say they are conscious of being God and yet aren't happy. Something is missing within your knowing if this is the case.
  19. I mean I have yet to come across a person who operates in every day reality at infinite levels of consciousness. Not in person, not on YouTube, no where. The finite being still dominates because this is the only way to maintain the illusion. So that's why people still talk to one another regardless if they have the knowing of the illusion.
  20. If one says they are conscious that suffering is imaginary and so it doesn't actually matter if one eats meat or not then they should also ask themselves why they selectively choose to not induce suffering in other aspects of life. Just acknowledge you have an egoic bias towards eating meat.
  21. The mind is creating all the supposed problems in one's life. People are trying to solve these problems to reach a point of peace where problems no longer matter. Everyone is doing this in a variety of different ways. This does not mean everyone is directly conscious of a specific state of being they want to be in, they just know where they are right now is not where they ultimately want to be. What people actually want is a complete dissolution of the ego, they just don't realize it. You can be happy or sad person and this still applies. It applies to all.
  22. MDMA gets demonized a bit because of its potential for abuse and supposed neurotoxicity. People who take too much, too high of a dosage, too frequently and sometimes already have a mentally unstable mind are going to be at a higher risk of a bad experience. If you use it responsibly you can avoid almost all of that. I have taken it several times a year for the last 5 years without a bad experience. My last time was a few weeks ago and was ground breaking for me in terms of my connection to reality. I'm the happiest I've ever been. Not saying I'm immune from a bad experience, but I take basic some precautions. 1) Keep the dosage reasonable. I don't cross 120 mg, I actually prefer to stay closer 100 mg. 2) Stay away from redosing. You will feel a noticeable difference in your physical and mental state the next day and I think this is honestly where a lot of comedowns stem from. 3) Test your shit of course, make sure it's actually MDMA. 4) Exercise, eat well, meditate. Take care of yourself and don't rely on the drug alone to create a positive experience for you. I'm usually already beaming with joy before even taking it.
  23. Everyone is seeking enlightenment whether they realize it or not. It might look on the surface like they are doing the exact opposite, but every action someone takes is just an attempt at reaching oneness. Of course some of these actions are a less efficient method than others for getting there. But the ego can only mask the soul for so long.
  24. No such thing. You make that up in your mind. I’ve done loads in my life and yet Im happy just sitting on my couch doing nothing
  25. It's been a gradual build up, but really ramped up these last few weeks. I've been doing psychedelics for years so my mind was already pretty open, but when I discovered this channel last year it was like finding someone who could perfectly articulate everything that had been simmering in my mind about reality for years. I had an MDMA trip a few weeks ago and hit some new levels of consciousness. Felt a stillness so pristine it was as if I could choose to cease existing if I so desired. I then listened to the Solipsism video a few days later and things got really crazy. Since then I have been feeling ultra present in my daily life at a level I haven't felt before. Feel more love for myself, "others" and reality than ever. I felt a layer of ego just shed off during that trip (which is honestly strange because MDMA usually doesn't have such a psychedelic feel for me) and it hasn't returned. It was somewhat scary at the time because of how jaw-dropping it was, but so beautiful simultaneously. I've also become more conscious as to how let go and just flow through reality without resistance. I love waking up in the morning to what I am in reality and never know what is going to happen. I feel more and more connected to everything whether it's a person or a tree. I feel an acceptance for whatever is happening and don't feel the need to change anything. Everything feels perfect as it is. I feel as if though there is no end to how much more I can self-actualize.