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  1. Mushrooms did the same thing to me. Hard to come to terms with it but overall I realized holding this notion that “I” am alone in the universe is disingenuous. It’s not my ego that is alone. But it feels that way because you can’t stay in that state of god consciousness forever. You have to come back to the localized being which which will corrupt oneness. I still struggle with it at times but overall I live a normal life. I stopped doing heavy trips though. I don’t need to know anymore. At least not for many many years.
  2. Your experience of reality under 5-MeO is no more true than anything else. It's all the same and all true
  3. I’ve had one girl who I met in my building tell me she wanted to fuck the first day we met. Not drunk. She was a self admitted slut though. I passed on that real quick
  4. ...The red pill stuff has started going mainstream BECAUSE of stats like this. Not the other way around. Young men were getting frustrated at the lack of attention from the opposite sex and found something that they felt understood and explained what they were going through (it doesn't actually help though...some of the RP stuff is true but it won't help these kids get any better with women sadly) To me it comes mostly down to social media/dating apps and also that it has become more difficult to live independently. Guys in their 20's are living at home longer and because most of them won't stand out on a dating app it has become increasingly difficult to find partners. A dating app profile is very similar to a job resume these days. The older guys have better resumes and are seen as more desirable. Guys who are 30+ who keep themselves in good shape and have a nice job have access to these 20-27 year old girls now when in the past they probably wouldn't have without going out to a night club. It has made it much harder for the younger guys to compete as a result.
  5. Can you go back on Charlie's podcast from Charisma on Command for round 2 if you feel like there is more to say? I feel like he's one of the few people who somewhat gets it
  6. Too many of you are delusional and confuse that with God-realization. It's one of the negatives of Leo's channel. Is has fucked up some of your minds and you don't even realize it.
  7. How many trips did it take before you got to that point consistently?
  8. My criticism of Leo would be that I would like to see him completely give up using substances for the next 2-3 years entirely and then see where he lands
  9. Are you sure about that? I have thought the same in the past but my brother and two best friends have found cute wholesome girls that they are now in long term relationships/married with through online dating. If I were to say what you said out loud in front of them it would be incredibly offensive and demeaning to their girls. It makes me think I'm just making excuses that I can't find a high quality girl online when they were able to do it.
  10. This happens when you are losing your grounding with reality. I did the same thing with mushrooms and nitrous. I got cocky and kept wanting to “go deeper”. Eventually it kicked my ass and made me realize it was time to put the substances down and start developing myself without them. Be careful. It’s all fun, love and games until it’s not. If you want to maintain a normal existence it’s very difficult to do while ingesting these substances on a regular basis.
  11. For me I’ve noticed that when I get a craving to be around other people I will fulfill that and then while in the presence of them I will want solitude again. There are very few people in my life that I can be around all the time before I start to get annoyed and want to be alone again. Probably why I’ve never had a long term relationship. I’m sure I could break this cycle if I found someone who I genuinely like that much but it hasn’t happened yet.
  12. The corruption is not necessarily a fault of Leo in that he's just a dude who recording himself on camera and posting it on the internet. What people chose to believe is pretty much on them after a certain point. I think one thing he said in a video that was very accurate was, "If it's not true for you then it's not true at all". Don't subscribe to all of his teachings just because he said them. You will greatly fuck with your mind and perception of reality if you start walking around in the world holding onto other people's perspectives as your own when they have not been your own direct experience. Listen to other people and decide for yourself how it fits into your paradigm of reality. As far as Leo's ego that you speak of I think it is still incredibly obvious that he's still a normal guy with human conditionings. Same with Sadhguru, Tolle, etc. They are a bit more removed from the egoic mind than your average person but they are still susceptible to the same traps that everyone else is.
  13. Bruh that's literally a clip with sound audio from the TV show "The Bear". Has absolutely nothing to do with Tate and not even his voice.
  14. You asking me to the go through the menial task of googling a list of human traffickers and show you their names when you can easily do that yourself is a pointless exercise. We both know this obvious information that is obtainable with minimal effort and that won't lead to a progressing this discussion in an efficient manner
  15. The thing about Tate is that he actually does provide some valid advice for life. The issue is that young minds are going to be less likely to be able to discern what is relevant or actually legitimate given their lack of life experience. I can watch his videos and recognize where he is spreading ideology that does not apply to the majority of people and how it will fuck with their minds (ex: high value man in a relationship gets to sleep around and the woman doesn't). If every average Joe started thinking this way it would be horrific. However when you look at the top 1%'s it is very easy to see why they would adopt this mindset. When you're a dude who literally has models lined up at your door on a daily basis wanting to fuck you and you don't have to work for it (think athletes like Tiger Woods) just think about how hard it would be to NEVER cheat. Most guys will never have this problem or be able to relate to it so they will shit on the idea because they know they will never be in a position to experience it. Tate actually claims you should just tell your main girl what you're going to do and it's up to her if she wants to stick around. Adopting a healthy stage orange mindset is critical especially in a Western society. I actually went the complete opposite for the last few years and stopped caring about working out consistently, talking to girls, building my finances, etc. I had done all of that in my 20's and figured that was it. I wasn't a bum at all I had just stopped caring about leveling up in my material pursuits in order to go deeper with spirituality. I finally ended up biting off more than I could chew and realized I was losing my grounding with reality and the people around me. Now I'm back focusing more on all of those material things while still bringing over everything I learned from those spiritual experiences. You have to strike a balance with everything and go through stages, leave them, come back, and make sure they are integrated properly. This will happen at different points for everyone. No matter what stage you're in if there's anything you take away from Leo, it is indeed LOVE. You can't go wrong if you do.
  16. Sure it is. I just think it’s kind of lazy response that absolves one from actually defending their argument. Don’t call someone a sex trafficker with no evidence if you’re just going to default to “Well you know sometimes people do bad things!” That’s ridiculous
  17. Of course I can. And you won’t have heard of 99% of them.
  18. Can you give me any examples of human traffickers who make it a habit of parading themselves around on the internet practically inviting different branches of authorities to probe their activity? Yeah probably not because they would prefer to keep shit like that under wraps.
  19. That's a nice easy explanation but I think it's too simple. He actually doesn't strike me as the human trafficking type. If you only watch the clips where he sounds like a douchebag sure, but in so many other interviews I don't get that impression. If someone only watched certain clips of you they would think you're an absolute nut job. It just doesn't add up to me that a guy who was making hundreds of millions of dollars before he became famous, was and was the son of a chess Grandmaster would be stupid enough to be doing something like that and intentionally bring millions of eyeballs to his dirty deeds. Makes no sense. I think he's going to get pinned with something but it won't be human trafficking. I also have no reason to defend him, I'm not some naive 19 year old kid who actually buys into any of his HU crap. I'm an established man who has already burned through most of life's material goals. I just see everyone crucifying this guy without really any evidence and it's scary to watch.
  20. We'll see how it pans out. I just think it's all a little too convenient. I bet his gets out soon or if he does get pinched for something it won't be for human trafficking. Something like money laundering seems way more likely
  21. @Ulax Hitler's motives are actually quite clear. We don't need to speculate about that. But it strikes me as quite suspicious that someone who was apparently human trafficking would be going on a social media bender over the last year trying to become as viral as possible and attract so much attention to the point of being banished from the internet if they were trying to keep all of their nasty deeds a secret. I have no idea what Tate is guilty of. But I'm looking around and seeing a bunch of people who don't seem to know what's going on acting like this is all fact and I actually find that even more scary.
  22. Why would someone who is doing something as horrid as human trafficking be intentionally drawing more and more attention to themselves? Does no one see that as the least bit strange?
  23. So the last few times I've done shrooms+nos I have experienced the same thing. Even on small doses of shrooms and nos. It happens EVERY TIME if I give it enough time. I essentially get to a point where I become conscious of being this infinite singularity repeating itself forever I don't need to say anything else. That's all it is. It's absolutely horrifying. The only thing that keeps me sane is knowing I will come back to my finite form I don't know how many people here can understand this, but if you do. Where do I go from here? Because my current solution is to stop doing this drug combination forever. I am not experiencing the infinite love that everyone talks about. I'm experiencing a lot of fear. I am horribly afraid of what that thing is and what it means for my ego. Am I going insane? Or do I need to just embrace whatever the fuck that is?
  24. Yeah it served me well for many years, but I don't plan on doing it ever again
  25. Leo does not seem restrained by the same things that keep most people grounded. From what we can tell he does not have a boss he needs to answer to, he doesn’t care if his parents think he’s crazy, he didnt seem to have close personal relationships that would be damaged by what he does. When you eliminate so many attachments I feel it’s easier to allow yourself to get sucked down the rabbit hole. Most of us don’t go as deep as he does. So I have no idea if he’s spewing insanity at this point. Anything can seem like insanity until you experience it for yourself. I think he’s playing with a part of reality that can push you into mania and he’s okay with that. But not a good idea for 99.9% of the people here