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  1. I don't see a problem with dating multiple people so long as you don't feel it's something you have to hide. If you do then it's probably wrong. I just always try to be honest so I never have to feel guilty and can just be myself.
  2. MDMA has given me the best afterglows of any drug I've ever done and have never had anything even remotely resembling a comedown. My most powerful awakening came on MDMA actually Most people just don't understand how to use it properly. They take too much or redose too much and disrespect it
  3. I think if you are OK with marriage you should also be OK with divorce. Just accept it is something that may happen and all the ramifications that come with it from both an emotional and financial perspective. If you don't think you will be able to handle going through a divorce then you should never get married. Divorce is so statistically common that it would be foolish of you to think you will be the exception.
  4. ...So you are leaving the house to meet this person in real life. That's exactly my point. Most people are sitting at home jerking off to pixels or swiping on people's photos they will never meet in real life.
  5. I'm aware of the apparent future population decline due to people not having kids at the replacement rate. But it has very little if anything to do with males being unattractive to women. Without doing any research my best guess is people are generally just more selfish now. I don't mean that in a bad way. I just mean people are prioritizing what is best for themselves. If they make just enough money to sustain themselves they don't want to undergo unnecessary financial stress to care for another life. Social gatherings also aren't seen as necessary as many people choose to stay home and use modern technology to satisfy their needs whether it's a dopamine or social desire. The problem is you can't procreate through a screen. Also there's nothing wrong with the hot woman being with the Chad. Why should the average to ugly guy get the hot girl? If that happens it should be seen as a fluke. It's not the norm. Physically unattractive people date other physically unattractive people, average looking people date other average looking people, and hot people date other hot people.
  6. Very true. There's a right time and place to reveal these vulnerabilities, but it's very much appreciated when people do. It's hard to connect with people who are too worried about projecting an image of what they want to be to the world. My closest friends are all people I've tripped with
  7. I feel like it's more accurate to say 20% of men don't need anything beyond their looks to get laid. These are the Chads who just have good genetics, but they are the small minority. Honestly even 20% sounds too high. I think it's more like 10% of guys are like that. The other 90% aren't physically attractive enough to do that and they need to develop themselves in another way in order to get attention from women. And that's what most of us end up doing. If 80-90% of men were actually that physically repulsive to women then we would have a severe population crisis. There will always be someone who is on your level looks wise and this is the most likely person you will end up with. It's very rare to see a huge deviation where an ugly guy is with a hot girl. Just look around you. Most people that are together it just makes sense from a looks standpoint. So there is no excuse to say you can't find someone because of your looks so long as you don't go out of your way to look unattractive (not shower, not groom yourself, not exercise)
  8. Body will recover and you'll be fine. But you did something incredibly foolish to trip and then try to trip again basically as soon as the initial trip ended. I recommend you do some reading up on the substances you are ingesting and understand how they work neuro chemically. This is a rookie mistake and don't listen to anyone who tells you it's fine to do this just because nothing happened to them. Your trips will be 1000x better if you give yourself breaks in between and you are a lot less likely to destabilize your mind
  9. Cocaine and alcohol combo is usually my go to if it's going to be a long night. Yes I know all about how horrible it is for you I don't need to hear a lecture. Usually don't snort these days to protect my nasal passages but if I do it's a small amount just to keep me awake Phenibut is good but loses its magic after only a few times. It was completely euphoric the first 3-4 times I did it and it just seemed to lose that effect after. You build a tolerance fast and it is extremely dangerous if you get addicted to this stuff. I used to mix with alcohol but that's a big no no. I would stay away. Adderall just makes me feel like garbage, but some ppl like it MDMA is too powerful for me to do on just a normal night out. No reason to feel that good around a bunch of aggressive drunk people A small dose of LSD with alcohol can be extremely fun too Basically what you're looking for based on your criteria is alcohol with a small amount of cocaine.
  10. God is everything. There's no aspect of existence, reality, your reality that isn't God. Stop trying to pretend any particle of anything is anything but God. Every thought, every glance out of your eye, , every drop in temperature, everything. You cannot escape yourself. Don't take this to believe your human understanding of the world around you is God's understanding however.
  11. Sounds traumatic. Usually when I have a trip like this I lay off for a long time. What I learned from a traumatic trip like this about a year ago was that I was yearning for something my ego was not ready for. I’m still too attached to my physical body and the material world. Often times we read about other people’s experiences and think we want the same, but our arrogance can lead us astray. Everyone is at a different point in this journey and if we try to bypass certain steps substances like mushrooms can serve as a harsh reminder to take a step back and reevaluate.
  12. If height on a guy is the equivalent of big tits/ass on a woman then ask yourself if you’ve ever fallen for a girl who did not have those features? I have plenty of times. Height is not as important as you think it is. On paper people think these things matter and then when they meet someone in person who for some reason turns them on and they can’t figure out why they aren’t even paying attention to height or the size of their tits.
  13. Molly will absolute help with social anxiety. If you do it properly. I used to do it with my friend at home and we would then open up to each other and talk about things that we were insecure about otherwise. Once you do that a few times you realize how easy it becomes to share things about your life with others even when sober.
  14. The problem with mushrooms is when they are going well they are amazing. But if they aren't it' can be an absolutely terrifying experience. I know this can be said about many drugs, but for some reason there is no way to predict how mushrooms will go. A lot of other substances I feel more comfortable bc I feel more in control. With mushrooms you can go from being this super grounded stabilized person to questioning everything you thought you knew very quickly
  15. Breathe in through your nose out through your mouth slowly with your eyes closed
  16. LSD makes me feel ALIVE and energetic while still making me conscious of reality. Mushrooms do the same thing but on a much calmer wave length. Basically I can go to a rave on LSD but I wouldn't want to on mushrooms.
  17. The only thing I've experienced and have consistently experienced since it happened last year is the realization of being the singularity from which each and everything is derived. There is only one thing. And the finite mind forgets this in order to continue existing in its current form. The problem (or you could argue it's not a problem) is that I will forget what infinite feels like very soon after and it becomes more and more difficult as time passes to describe it or understand it. This is by design.
  18. Bruh no one should believe most of the shit on here. Everyone's experiences are going to be very personal and specific to them and you'll see some cross over when you encounter people who've can share something similar. But almost none of this is scientific or testable. Proceed at your own risk
  19. Yeah shrooms basically make you feel like shit for the first 1-2 hours and you're asking yourself why you even did them, and then once you've worked through the tough part the euphoria and bliss kicks in. Not every time though. But when it does I'm like why the hell do I bother with MDMA?! This shit works and feels better and I can grow it in my house
  20. I had a similar experience on mushrooms last year. Shook to me to my core. Basically I experienced the infiniteness of reality and it scared my ego to death. I kept trying to convince myself afterwards it was not true and just my preconceived thoughts forming this interpretation of it. But it kept happening over and over. But guess what? Now when I trip I've become accustomed to that experience and it doesn't scare me anymore. I accepted that it's just one aspect of infinite and there is more to discover. Now when I experience that part of infinite I use it as a tool to improve and upgrade my finite self. So long as I remember it. Lol.
  21. MDMA on its own is still fun, but yeah it gets a bit predictable after a while. These days I will take a small dose of mushrooms and then a smaller than usual dose of MDMA. Usually some nitrous too. Allows me to control the intensity of the trip a lot better rather than taking massive doses and being stuck for the ride for several hours
  22. This tells me you're most likely just experiencing anxiety. Give it time and your body+mind will recover. Stop any use of substances in the mean time
  23. Yes it's stop being terrifying. You learn to be comfortable in whatever part of infinite you're experiencing. But as Leo says there are always levels you can go that you've never experienced before and then you're back to square one. Never get cocky and think you've figured it all out.