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  1. NY times has confirmed what Putin has stated multiple times - US installed pro-US government in Ukraine in 2014 and immediately began building C.I.A.-supported network of spy bases along the Russian borders, in order to undermine Russia and eventually, presumably, attack it. https://www.nytimes.com/2024/02/25/world/europe/cia-ukraine-intelligence-russia-war.html If NY itself has revealed all of this, what other kinds of proof are needed? All Putin now has to do, when asked by anyone from the Global South about the justification or cause of the Speical miliatry operation, is point out to this article. It's one thing that if he explains that situation, but it's the other when your opponent confirms your own worlds by a revealation.
  2. @Consept If you give a link to a Wikipedia article about this topic, or if you would of any similar one, with all seriousness, then you'd kick ass of anyone from North Korea by the amount of your ignorance. They don't have access to free information, whereas you do. Wikipedia isn't a free, independent or neutral encyclopedia created and updated by anyone, equally. It's controlled by US and West. One can't write or amend any article there that would portray US or West/Europe in a negative light. At best, it'd be neural towards them. The same goes for Russia, Putin but from the opposite side.
  3. This contradicts your claim "it's easy to poison anyone". Baseless statement with no example, let alone a proof -- no different from a lie. Alright. So why wasn't he poisoned to death? You live in no less the country than the one that's been sponsoring Navalny for the whole time, for over a decade. For the purpose of yet another colour revolution, which would lead to changing the current govenment of Russia and destabiling the sitation. And then installing a loyal proxy of US. Perhaps Navalny himself. There're multiple examples of this. Do you want me to list them? Look no futher than Ukraine, at 2014. What does a death of a russian citizen in Russia have to do with US and Europe?
  4. Your conclusions and assumptions are very easy to debunk. How? By the facts. Why has Putin not poisoned, let's say, Zelensky? But they've known each other from at least 2014. Not even blown him up by a missle which he could've ordered to execute plenty of time already, with a hyposonic missle of which Russia has in spades. You'd say "that's because Ze has never really pissed Putin off". Oh, I see. Putin is "bad", but he's veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery patient. It takes several decades to reeeeeeeeeealy piss him off Why hasn't Putin poisoned some of oligarchs? Let's say, Chubais. There'll be a dozen of them like him. No one has been poisoned, Leo. No one. Putin didn't even poison Navalny. There has been an episode, yes. Let's say, it was Putin who ordered this. Then why was this executed such that Navalny didn't die? Afterwards there were a hundred occassions to pull it off again, nonetheless. Or maybe it wasn't Putin despite the fact the US and EU were claiming otherwise? Why hasn't Putin poisoned, let's say, Macron or Sholtz? How about Boris Jonson? How about even Biden? Apparently, Putin's patience is the secret. Putin's patience is what has been protecting the poor and innocent presidents from the "unfriendly countries" around the world so far. Right, Leo? @Leo Gura Or perhaps, the secret is that it's Leo who throws away baseless conclusions.
  5. The popularity of this topic suggests than an average american or european, whilst assuming that the most russians are under the clout of the russian propaganda, have no access to the truth, has turned out to be precisely that person himself. Otherwise, how would one explain this hype from the interview? For those who've been reading non-maintream media, there's been nothing new. Even though I haven't watched the interview but I'm also somewhat close-minded. Nonetheless, all of this information has been and is available out there, if one is willing to go find and consume it. Not? It's just one is mentally closed to it.
  6. He died in January. In Ukraine, in prison in which had been put around a few months priour. A US and Chilean citizen. A critique of Zelensky and, to some extent, of US and Biden. He was asking US for help multiple times whilst in Ukraine. Have there been any news about his death from US and European media? Why not? Zero publications. Perhaps there'll be 1-2. Aren't the US and EU media concerned about deaths of journalists as well as freedom of speech which he was exercising?
  7. One more black and white expert who won't even be able to locate ex-soviet countries on the map But he already knows that "Stalin was bad. Putin is too but a little better". Very simple. Under Stalin, USSR won WW2. Thus USSR was saved and remained united and strong.
  8. Firstly, you can't know what the level of corruption in Russia is. You could estimate it. But based on what sources? On the Western ones. How accurate will your estimate be then? The West haven't even been able to accurately estimate the level of Russian economy. Meanwhile, the Russian economy has surpised the German's and has become the biggest in Europe. And it's just sliiiiightly below the one of Japan. And this has happened whilst Putin has been in power. Not bad, huh? Secondly, you don't speak russian, despite being russian. Or do you? I do and I read news and articles. Of course, they're corrupt and fakes ones, one might say, sent directly from Putin to my brain. If you read them in russian, and from the right sources, you'd be able to estimate how much of progress has been made in combating corruption, oligarchs and other kind of shit for the last decade and even for the last couple of years. You Leo, perhaps, are stuck in the year 2010 or so, in your assessments of the country. Has the US under consious and democratic, or so-called, Biden improved or gotten worse off for the last years? Especially the last 2. Economically and geo-politicly-wise. How about Europe? Moreover, the level of corruption in US and EU may be higher. Why? Because it takes place on the higher levels. What's lobbying of politicians if not official corruption? This exist in the US and EU and is official. I don't know much about this, though.
  9. Don't fall into the trap of thinking that repeting Leo's words and phrases word by world makes you smarter. As if you knew what "Russia today is", to be able to claim "better". And yes, the little flu turned out to be little flu. As you can see, I've died from it 27 times already.
  10. Naive, black and white thinking. First of all, who is it who gives the labels "this is a democrasy", "this is dictatorship"? When it's a pro-Western agency, guess what countries will be democrasies and what dictatorships? Thefore, one should pick other agency. Secondly, the two notions aren't binary. Thirdly, even if those classifications are correct, there're other types of freedoms in so-called non-democrasies, the ones that don't exist in democrasies. Remember, for instance, about apreheit in the most of "Western-European democrasies" (except Sweden), in Canada, US, UK, Australia that took place during the "little flu virus". One may not enter a cafe, bus or gym because he was in good heath. Absolutely tyranical, almost nazi-like countries.
  11. Because people, when it comes to strong believes, want not the truth but any kind of information that reinforces them. How do I know? Because I'm also this way.
  12. bloody Russell Brand, he'll always notice a lot of nuances, and speaks elequantly
  13. A former US marine, about what US has been doing in Syria, whether it's been fighting ISIS or rather financing it
  14. Rather from 2012 when Europe and US overthrown the current government in UA, as the 1st step -- which they even later on admitted themselves. And when, shortly after, NATO began to send weapons to UA soldiers and train them, preparing for a conflict that would take place in .... But the event of the 24th of February 2022, the TV in Europe and US claims, was a black swan. Tooooootally unexpected.
  15. By the way, if you source your information from the Western media, you won't even find out that they - US and EU - themselves has been bypassing their own sanctions against Russia, as well as the oil price cap And yes --Putin will come to your house tomorrow and eat you alive. If not tomorrow, then after tomorrow.