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  1. Lah-lah-lah-lah-lah-lah-lah .... I don't hear you..... I mean, I don't read.... Whether you agree or disagree. What I've said above is enough
  2. I think there's one thing that pro-vaxxers misunderstand and which is: A person who's against those covid vaccines isn't necessarily against all the vaccines. He's ONLY against these current covid vaccines, which, it's said, cure you of this overblown "virus". I'm also against. Why? There're a half or dozen of reasons: * if TV, social media, the heard and even our Leo (!) have begun to pressure others that you get a jab, this makes me even cautious about the decision. And my decision is NO. * some people, and only some people, may need these vaccines, as imperfects as they are. * what's the mortality rate of this cerveza virus? 1-2% or so, offficially. In some places higher. But include in it those who recover without making it into the statistics, at home, and it'll become 0.1% or 0.2%. * and notice the age and health conditions of those who die or recover with difficulty from the virus. * In any situation when there's a choice of "get a medicine, pill or vaccine, or not", and when there's NO urgent need to do so, I'll always reject a medicine, pill or vaccine. And here, for those who are relatively young, with good heath and such, there's no need. My opinion. * I've taken vaccines against rabies and tetanus. What's the mortality rate of those? Around 100%!!! This s 100 times or so higher than from the cerveza virus! And how long the vaccines against rabies and tetanus have been around? I don't know, but probably 10 or tens of years! You see the difference? Tens of years and almost 100% mortality rate! Compare it with the cerveza virus and its vaccines. * Why do the govenments and social media censor some, if not most, of the information about the side-effects and deaths from these covid vaccines? The fully vaccinated people have been dying too. If the governments and doctors are so confident in the vaccines, why do they censor some of such information which are facts? Doesn't it tell you something? * How do you even verify those mortality rates and high numbers of infections? How? They go up with a government of a curtain country needs something from people - to scare them more. Then they go down. Then they go up again. There's little to no correlation with effecasy of "safe measures". I won't be sirprised to find out later that 90% of them are fake. Yes, people die, yes, some recover with difficulaties. So what? There's no and has never been blood on the streets, nor people collapsing on the streets, nor whole familiar dying off. * A real pandemic needs no advertisiment. This scandemic, of the other hand, is constantly advertized. Otherwise people won't know *when* and and *how much* they should fear . * So called "safety measures". Rather they're anectodal idiotic measures that have never helped anywhere. I've never followed them. The governments want to do something, and therefore they do something, in order to show people that they care somehow about them. * Compare the deaths of the cerveza virus with the ones of other deseases. The deaths from other deases and viruses have been happening for donkey's years, yet they go almost unnoticied. Why? * So much disinformation and lie. So much fearmongering. Alarmists... "we'll all die. Vaccine is the only solution. Vaccine! Take a jab! Aaaaaaaaa!! Panic! Panic! Wear your muzzle". Dude, take your vaccine and muzzle and be happy with them youself. And don't push them onto others. You can't know what's better for others. Otherwise one day you may find yourself bitten up by those who you push to. * Guys, don't listen to TV, social media, big newspapers. Think with your own head. Listen to independent doctors. * And I never wear a muzzle, unless I need to enter a shop or airport. And only because otherwise they won't allow me to enter. I mean, a cloth on the face that's deemed to protect you. But my experience manifests the opposite -- no difference between muzzle vs no muzzle at all. * If you have shit and fear about apocalipsis in YOUR head -- keep it for YOUSELF! Your head -- your fears! Don't share it with others. Wear your masks and get a vaccine for yourself. --- update Some people forget that it won't be only 1-2 jabs and that's it, done. No. The virus mutates and it's already a question whether or not the current vaccines are capable of copping with the new mutations. If tomorrow there appears yet another mutation and what'll you do? And then yet another? Therefore, it'll be 1-2 jabs every 6-12 months for N years. Or may be till the end of your life? This will depend on the agendas of doctors and governements. Are you kidding me when you say "it's just a vaccine! It's for your own good" ? In this respect, it's similar to a heavy drug.
  3. or disinfecting one's hands before smoking. I have seen and see such idiots.
  4. Detox or not detox, the questions is: If you've recovered, why the hell why would need a vaccine? Anti-bodies have become low? But anti-bodies aren't the only thing that keep you protected, there're also t-cells that last way longer and can generate anti-bodies. And if you think that you have never gotten sick from this con-virus, how can you know it with certanty? For there're many, over 50%, in some countries 80-90%, of those who are asymptomatic. That is, how can you know that you've not gotten sick in the past and then recovered, all with no symptoms?
  5. Maybe you have a confirmation basis? Why don't you calculate the astrology charts of insignificant human beings? And then compare them with the ones of significant human beings, in order to realise that such charts don't tell anything about a person, whether a person be significant or not.
  6. The same governments, doctors and pharmaceutical companies people who sell the panic, sell the cure --- Look at Israel and UK, for instance. Could it be that all that is a part of the show? virus --> "don't let any crisis go to trash" --> making it overblown in a humongous way --> lockdowns, muzzles, chemicalls, TV, news and other shit --> vaccination of 50-60% of people --> "alright, more or less good" --> lifting almost all of the restrictions --> "hmmm... actually we've decided that we want to sell even more vaccines! Mooooreeeeee moooneeeyyy" --> new overblown mutations of the virus -- to the rescue --> more cases (manipulated fake numbers, that is) --> "People! Do you see what happens when you don't listen to us. I mean those who haven't received his jab of a vaccine? You see? We've told you!! Now, we want almost everybody of you, sceptics, to get a jab!" ---> return to partial restrictions ---> "your jab is waiting for you, everyone who hasn't yet done it.... it's waiting..... new mutations are scarryy you know..... your jab is waiting for you...."
  7. And also, search not for what's shown to everyone, but for what gets sensored. Namely - "masks/vaccines harm/censored", "despite vaccine", "pcr tests Kary Mullis cycrles" for instance. And thus you'll descover more truth than in mainstream media. Some "fact check"-s have already been created by the mainstream media, in regards to the topics mentioned above. An official lie. "Read only the official lie, from the government, you stupid!"
  8. I like it -- "harming you". Who "the you"? You Leo don't know who he is (kamill), how old he is, what his heath conditions are. How can you give advice to him? And how do you know what the odds of covid harming one's heath are? Provided that one's isn't too old and is relatively heathy. -- What's the mortality rate of the virus? It's less than 1%, or a fraction of 1% -- in all those who aren't getting included into the statistics (because they recover at home or aren't getting tested and found), would get included into it. --- Don't forget, covid isn't only innosently getting fought against by the govenments, it's also been used for their own agendas. A lot of info has been censored, reframed and overblown. And don't forget, that those covid vaccines have been around for half a year, at most a year. Half a year or year! There's no way that ANYONE knows about bad long term consequences or side effect of them simply because that they've not been around long enough. Long term side effects here means years, not weeks, not months. --- Some people say - "4 days ago I got a vaccine and now I've already gotten good. No side effects". Are you kidding me? 4 days! Come back in several years . And simply google "vaccine died" -- there're more and more examples out there on daily basis. Funny enough that this information, at least partially, gets through censorship and don't get reframed in favour of vaccines. Shit, even some FULLY VACCINATED a) are getting sick b) die from the virus still c) die from a vaccine itself. Young healthy people die who would otherwise may not have even noticed the virus. And many healthy people do not notice it -- asymptomatic cases. A cure is worse than a dease, that is. --- That being said, for *some* people those covid vaccines, invented yesterday in a rush that is, *can be* better than nothing still.
  9. Death of the body? Nooooo. Of course not. Then why wouldn't your jump off a cliff? Since death is imaginary, you'd have problem with it, would you? Or rather it's imaginary because you repeat Leo's words, like a parrot. But for you in fact it's not imaginary.
  10. Who deleted my last comment here?
  11. Awesome piece of shit, rather. What could be awesome about software which is a) paid b) close-sourced c) works only in browser? Nothing. That's precisely software one should never choose. They'd raise a price one day and what would you do? And they have access to all of your notes. You have no control whatsoever.
  12. Wrong. Relative to this dream, I'm a person and I'm not dead, and life and death aren't the same. And it's how I've asked my question.
  13. What comes after death? Leo, why despite all of your awakenings you still haven't been able to find out what comes after physical death of the body of a person? And is there a soul? Does it move to a new body? Does a person return to the Earth in any form that's related to his previous life? Does a person continue from the same level of consiousness in a new life that he's reached in the previous life? P.S. And if I'm God, why do I need a bloody PCR test to enter almost any country now?
  14. I think it's a bad idea. Who is it for? For people who have no time to allocate *2 hours per WEEK* to watch a whole video? Why? How can it be? Either a person is a CEO of a mutinatinational conglomerate or a fисking lazy slacker who spends all of his time watching cat videos. And the former can't even be that busy. Besides, when time isn't an issue, and an issue is the focus as one isn't capable of focusing for 2 hours, then it's especially important to train oneself to sit and watch a video for 2 hours. Moreover, this "short cat videos" channel with 5-minute clips may make Leo revise his strategy, thus switching to create such superficial 5-minutes videos instead. Straight to the point, in a 5-minute clip? You're kidding me. It'll be one more boring superficial channel the only purpose of which is spread the word, atract more eyeballs, but not teach anything.
  15. My opinion, so far - he's in Green-Yellow or higher --> kind, concerned about surving others, wise, non judgmental, open minded, able to see his own limitations. So what that he speaks about money and is a enterpreneur? Does climbing up the spiral require becoming poor? Then Leo should be in Orange too because Leo has more money than the average person.