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  1. @Farnaby Interestingly I'm in the same boat. I'm more a girl than a woman, and I realize this is not helpful if I must become independent. Also not taken seriously, and even when I am it's kind of animated.. I am doing my best to grow up, in my early 20s too. I got mistaken for underage, and even kids easily make friends with me. It must be because I just don't have an elder woman demeanor. Probably to do with physique too, like if youre petite. This I guess has to do with socialization, you will man up and don't mind how cute or childish you appear. It's about personality and being experienced similar to everyone your age. Maybe we will officially feel our age in 30s
  2. focus more on practicing meditation
  3. dear me, say the least I have realized to be reduce myself into nothingness is freeing, airy. Not in a low self esteem idea of nothing.. I know guilt so well, for what I needed and do not have. For what I now have because I wanted. Are we always in constant want or need? There are some peope that stay in the heart and more than worldly things, it has a place and does not leave. Not attachments but tokens, poststamps of love and joy. I wont peel these away if I have to. It can just stay. would be nice though be like a tree for once, the seasons keep you going and all you're doing is being still. Your leaves bend to the winds of change surrendering, and fruits that fall doesnt matter.
  4. @Preety_India Im very sorry this is the kind of suffering you endure. I agree with the responses shared here. I have hope and belief in your independence of your fmily soon 🙏🏼 its not impossible .
  5. I read Leo's Journal Guidelines. I will go ahead and make one for myself, a digital journal. They are letters to me and it won't be perfect but it for me. something's I hear myself say are too important for me to even utter. If my mind has a treasure chest, it will be filled with paw prints. ◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇ It is night time and I see silver dots in the black sky, I never thought stars could be so tiny from here but mighty there. I feel especially good today. After what occured yesterday for which I can forgive and look forward to to forget.. I won't try to forget in fact, if it leaves my memory then fine and if not then must to consider 1 thing: to cherish good memories more than the bad. Did you know I found my clear quartz bracelet in my handbag. I thought this too was gone, it made me so grievous like it was a love note to myself, aw shucks stupid waterworks I swear when I saw it it was a little reminder from the universe all is not lost. I held it in my hand and wear it now 🦋
  6. first I think routine requires effort and then it becomes routine without effort. There is Wu Wei in this I think, in a sennse the difficult tasks became like nothing.. it became easy (?)
  7. @Tim R when I first heard of daoism and Wu Wei it sounds so lovely and even listsining the audiobook was of itself wu wei
  8. the least that can be done as a soul, if not able to do what a mother demands. Preserve the love of motherhood that she once was for you. Not simply the womb who bore you but the mindset that isn't far-reaching as yours, the limited understandings and wherefores. Yea, Mothers can be "cruel to be kind", the kindness is a dilution of verbal sufferings that swallow her children. A mother is such a powrful force isn't it, when they love it is the universe of glory and when they disdain it is quicksand. And perhaps, you'll not forgive those who wrong you but - forgiveness is for you, owing yourself the forgiveness that make it near impossible to bestow on those others. All what preety has endured is a testimony of her courage and fountain of love. I'm reading from my screen, I can just say how in this cold world the warmth exuding from your words in the eye of this storm is blesing to everybody ❤🦋
  9. I agree, maybe you could maybe not and that's ok ❤
  10. The title though.. to master anything tou must first be a student. Life lessons are there fore reason.
  11. stop asking the questions and start doing. You won't know unless you try you have to start from A and may not always get to Z immediately. No I don't think it is selfish, it seems to be a desperation or confusion. Breathe the saying practice makes perfect is true but I prefer the words, consistency is key.
  12. @Nahm I needed to read that. Beautifully explained ♡
  13. @Husseinisdoingfine I have realized some things of late. Especially about unconditional love. Modern people may live within the understanding of conditional love, such as expectation in reciprocal efforts of others. Not only for modern people I think unhappiness can stem from not being endowed with unconditional love, or reachint a state of joy. It isn't attained without an amount of suffering at first, that is why I always think to myself how bittersweet unconditional love might seem yet it's beautiful. Also a grateful heart of thanks can change unhappiness too.
  14. @How to be wise so what is the solution? How do you destroy the ego?