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  1. the use of perfect reasoning by matt dilhunty about arguing on God. even though i didn't accept and hold the position of matt dilhunty, he uses perfect reasoning than anyone else. I think Leo and other teacher could learn more from matt dilhunty, the use of perfect reasoning.
  2. yeah! why settle for less when I can have abundant wealth. I want to be billionaire because not for money but for hobby. I am happy now. I need the money because it is my hobby to be billionaire. 50,000? I am thinking the same thing, creating more values.
  3. @ZenSwift your life should be guided and planned scientifically not only on intuition. having a plan is the greatest thing.
  4. I want to be billionaire! how do I accomplish that? how many years it would take? is it worth it, to pursue it?
  5. how to plan for 100 years on life. how to set long term goals and plans?
  6. the title is impressive, it is what most people looking for.
  7. the reason scam happens because you are not thinking logically.
  8. @Vignan unconsciousness and consciousness has degrees. you are God in the absolute sense, but as human incarnation you are human. to deny is not virtue but to understand both. I am talking about physical death.
  9. @Preety_India as usual Leo is poor at using proper words and language. what he meant and what you proposed as logical cliams is so different. death or suicide is unSpritual by any definition. seek life, knowledge, love, etc which is christ sprit. sucide or death oriented things are crimes
  10. @Guillem12 Leo is high conscious only when he uses psychedelic, which is artificial drug. I am 24 / 7 on psychedelic state naturally. so Leo isn't Spritual insulated with sprit. so he isn't high conscious interms of natural consciousness, he Low consciousness. he can grasp Spritual insight when use psychedelic, but ultimately drug is drug. what we call consious or consciousness is equivalent to christ.
  11. When you die, you become unconscious. not the things! does eating and not eating the same thing. if you are consciousness, why need to be or rasie your consciousness?
  12. in one of this forum I read a man called "Soonhei (Member of this community) killed himself to experience Conscious Death". how can man experience death as consious thing ,when in infact death is unconsciousness mechanics. we have to be very careful when applying Spritual wisdoms. all Postivite quality are consciousness but all negative quality are unconsciousness. so death is the quality of unconsciousness. the same is true for everything. add up your understanding for more discussions?
  13. @Tim R "You're so stupid, don't you realize that you are God?" is God realizing only a language understanding? No! I am God isn't God realizing, language don't do any much understanding. if he god but don't feel it and be it how the word is gonna explain the thing? you have to understand social communication and life. I am god or you are God doesn't refer anything. when people label God, it isn't about themselves or the universe, but a trancendtal infinite sprit and infinite light. he can't understand what god is! even if he become enlightened he might not label himself as God! he might say something different word. the problem of God! but I suggest Leo use different word because the word God associated with so many misconception. if use the word dog for god people will understand different things. language is so important. it is like trying to install android app in to iPhone.
  14. Jordan peterson can't able to find the truth, but he the best teacher as Leo is, even Leo isn't fully enlightened and can't able to be fully enlightened. Leo is the other spectrum of Jordan peterson. jp is great thinker and Leo is high consious.
  15. @Blackhawk enlightenment is your religion. you can't live without it, it's a life time commitment, not something you pursue or accomplish and sit. the thing is you have to be humble and wait God Time to be in effect. enlightenment couldn't be accomplished only in psychedelics but enlightenment occur in infinite ways. psychedelics is one way from many methods. consider these methods and other 1. praying 2. meditations 3. tantra 4. affirmation, mantra 5. liturgy 6. Holy communion 7. bapstism 8. Salat 9. Reading 10. contemplations 11. sport, etc