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  1. I came back to my home country (México) a few days ago and decided to do some 5. So I want to share with you my experience. I was sitting and started to vape some regular DMT. I started to have very weird black-colored visuals, after that I started to feel numb all my body and my hands while they were kind of disappearing. Following act, I decided that was the moment to vape the bufo. I can barely remember what happened in that moment but it was like my body started to rust in very colorful stains until the point I was not even conscious of my body, just the sounds in my surroundings that were clearly and without any doubt pure consciousness. The rest is very unexplainable but it's like I became everything and my ears were in all the space. I could hear to the voices of the distant neighbors that usually i can't hear. I was aware of everything but in a completely new way. It was just beautiful ❤️, full of tranquility, happiness and peace. Words are simply useless to try to explain this experience. After that I vaped again DMT and I felt pretty much the same but this time I was a fractal and I was aware of visuals rather than sounds. I think it was not a high dose and I'd love to experience it again with a higher dose. But anyways... ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ My lesson learned about this trip is that Everything is completely alright and it will always be and it always was. There's nothing to worry about. I can't disappear, there is nowhere to go.
  2. I personally believe every moment is the truth no matter what you're doing. Even when you are elaborating a lie, that's the truth.
  3. Make a video about memory. I believe ego lives in the memory but i don't know where is it. Is it in the brain? Is it in every cell? Is it in everything?
  4. Well, just a few months ago I was watching some Neuroscience videos and I found a channel called "professor Dave explains" which is basically a scientific guy that makes compendiums of science topics. I made a comment on one of his videos and he just answered me: " you know nothing. go watch my neuroscience videos and learn something". I also discovered he made a video where he criticizes Leo Gura's channel. He says something like: "i detect charlatans and destroy them". My point is the following. Is science dedicated to be an ego authority that aims to destroy other beliefs? I deeply feel like nowadays this is the spirit of science. The worst thing is that this guy criticizes so bad spirituality, accusing it to be just a bunch of dogmas. But he is in fact doing it: he is blindly believing all the things science is saying and repeating them like a 🦜 without testing them himself. He criticizes reiki for being an arrogant activity but in one of his videos he says science has the legitimate authority to generate knowing. The main problem with scientific people is the they think spiritual people are against them but it's completely the opposite. 😁 Ok I just felt hurt for his comment and for the things he says about reiki because I have many reikista friends and I wanted to express it elsewhere.
  5. Yes. That's the root of that paradox
  6. My gosh. I just got it. The idea of matter is made of consciousness. Anyways. I still believe consciousness constraints itself in certain ways.
  7. Well. I saw your video about paradoxes. Also, you've been saying that absolutely everything is possible within consciousness. I'd like to know what you mean when you say "absolutely everything is possible" but you are also excluding this possibility. I want to clarify that I'm not a materialistic person. Yes, matter is a figment of consciousness, I agree. But how can't it make that universe possible ?? There must be something outside God that is preventing it to happen, which is also a paradox. It seems that consciousness in some way constraints itself I mean, I'm trying to make sense of it and I find very interesting the things that you say in your paradox video, specially when you say that when you go beyond the limits, things become paradoxical.
  8. I think enlightenment is just a word, a symbol. Each teacher (and student) has their own definition of this word.
  9. Why can I remember the past but not the future? I mean. The answer "memory is imagination" doesn't convince me since everything is imagination. Let's say me & my brother had scrambled eggs in the morning. Later during the day I ask him: do you remember we had scrambled eggs? He will answer: yes. But if I ask him: do you remember that tomorrow we will have salad for breakfast? He will answer: i don't know. Or even worse, he will answer: i can't remember the future! My doubt is: why is there a mach between his past memory and mine but our memories about the future don't match?
  10. Now it's my turn to reply to you, bro. What's the hurry? Once I saw a Rupert Spira video where he says something like: "we are all enlightened but perceptions and appearances don't let us sometimes see the light" Also, I truly believe there isn't an absolute enlightenment. There's always something bigger to grasp. How many times Gura have said "I reached a new level of total awakening".
  11. Recently this paradox came into my mind in a different fashion: If God (consciousness) is absolutely omnipotent. Can it create a universe made out of matter as fundamental substance? My thoughts are the following: 1. God is not absolutely omnipotent. Or 2. God can imagine this universe within itself (imagination) and imagine it's own disappearance, and thus, disappearing that universe (which is not quite correct because this universe would still remain inside consciousness). Or 3. It can and it can't at the same time. I wanna read your thoughts and insights about this. Thank you!!
  12. I feel they do love me but not enough to even respect what I think. Thanks for the things you said. I'm enforcing myself to be more consistent in my daily socialization. It's crazy because today at work I had that understanding! it's just my ego that feels the need to be understood. At the end of the day, I think that's why we call it PERSONAL development.
  13. That's precisely the problem, bro. That I don't feel comfortable with no body around me. Although I know they love me, i can't open myself to them and it makes me feel frustrated and shy. Anyways, i understand what you're saying. I think I need to make an effort to go find different kind of people who not only loves me but also don't make judgements about my way of thinking
  14. Hey folks. I'm recently struggling more than usual to have relationship with others. I wanna start this topic explaining something that always has happened to me. When I was at elementary school I struggled a lot with my coexistence and relationship with my classmates. I had serious problems at home. I have been raised as Jehovah witness and my father was a violent alcoholic. These things made a veeeery introverted guy that in time my classmates used to bully me and take advantage of me. But also I think these things helped me a lot to look forward for something more in my life. Since I was a kid I had many interesting insights (which I won't expose in this post) that later, during my life, I understood why they happened to me and also, I've been corroborating that many people in the world have had the same insights. Now, I'm trying to expose some of my understanding and insights with my closest friends and family but they don't even understand what TF I'm talking about. Latest incident was with my own blood brother. He is an extraordinary historian. I tried to talk about my latest insights with him but as response I have just been classified in a series of philosophical currents (sorry for my English) like: "everything you are talking about is postmodernism and ______". And things like: "it is true that during human history when people doesn't understand something, they appeal to God. It sounds like religion" "you don't know what you're talking about" "science is noble because, blah, blah". But he also doesn't even understand that I'm not even against him. I don't wanna expose my relationship with others either. But it seems that nobody understands what im talking about. Some have told me I'm autistic or Asperger or weirdo, etc. Some even think I should look for professional help XD. I'm currently studying music and it's the same with my teachers. They don't understand how I see music and they just keep on telling me that I don't know music just because I don't fit in that boring, academic approach of music. The reason I'm exposing my struggle here is because I know there's many people here that cope with the same issue and maybe you can give me some advice on how to not feel frustrated with keeping my mouth shut and just pretending I'm a regular guy that talks about any regular shit and fits so well like everyone else around me. Thank you guys and it will be a pleasure to read you