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  1. Thankyou Leo! Should be said more. Much appreciated 💙👊🏻🙏🏻
  2. @gettoefl so it’s impossible to be present as a group? Might be more difficult but surely possible and the whole intent behind it will surely raise vibration more than it will decrease. Plus there could be other rituals such as OM chanting?? Which helps raise collective vibration?? Not exactly sure but can’t see it being a bad idea. I suppose meditating alone will always be better but don’t think its a terrible thing to do group
  3. Just can’t see how mass meditation would ever cause more harm than good. Sure, some might go the wrong way but mostly if people can find stillness in their lives only good can come from it mostly imo. Especially if they’re guided by good teachers. It’s like saying if more people drank water it’d eventually turn to wine 🤷🏻‍♂️ Think it has to start at the root tho I.e in schools. Mandatory meditation in schools would have a huge impact on future generations… but life as it is probably won’t see that far anyway with AI developments
  4. @Lila9 have to try, thanks again
  5. @Lila9 thanks for the detailed response. I’ll keep trying. What benefits have you experienced from no internet use for a day?
  6. @Lila9 I find when I allow “once a week” once a whenever, it just gets out of hand way too often. Do you experience the same? How do you deal with that? Heard Leo say that the best solution is to just abstain completely, at least until the new habit is hardwired. Struggled with that so far aswell “/
  7. Just because everything is a figment of my imagination (or is it?) doesn’t mean I’m (ego me) the only one with imagination?? Infinite imagination wouldn’t limit itself through one body or one scope?? On a deep lsd trip, started bad, but when I was comfy again I had a vision/deep sense for the first time that I will never know the universe or anything without ‘me’ being there. That’s impossible, because as soon you know, it’s you/me, aware again. And when you don’t know, there’s nothing. Like all the stories, attachments, people, ideas, everything in life will all be gone, at least for me, once this current scope of awareness is gone. Can’t remember exactly how I received this insight but what I’m thinking now is that once awareness from this scope is turned off (death) then everything I ever knew returns to the unknown, but only unknown to me or just nothing… will everything still be here? Surely, who knows? You! different points of awareness through different lenses, to infinity and beyond?? You and I. Random thoughts. Boggles my mind. Even though I know I’ll never know anything unless it’s me again, it still seems absurd to just dismiss that I’m the only one here and everything else is just my imagination. What you think?
  8. @StarStruck ty will watch @Leo Gura 👍🏻 Makes sense.
  9. Got this quote from Tai Lopez quoting Will Durant, a great historian. "War and competition are the father of all things. The potent source of ideas, inventions, institutions, and states. Peace is an unstable equilibrium." What do you think? Seems flawed somewhere but I’m not educated enough on this to really know. Despite some who say competition is bad, I do believe healthy competition is good and I guess could be a great source for a lot of things… but war? Maybe has to happen on some level, but to what extent? I can’t even write too much about it atm because I don’t much to go off. I’d love to hear you guys input on this and how it relates to spiral dynamics, etc. Also, “peace is an unstable equilibrium”? Why? Do we need a certain level of conflict/competition for motivation/drive/clarity or whatever? Feels to me that peace being an unstable equilibrium just shows how deeply flawed humanity is but I could be wrong 🤷🏻‍♂️ I think Eckhart Tolle among others would have a good case as to why it’s flawed… Edit: to say peace is an unstable equilibrium must show that we’re flawed somewhere, right? If peace and love is the underlying force of the universe, it must be us and/or the things born out of it that become unstable?? It’s literally all ego?? Because ultimately we all want the same thing, peace and love. And we all know that we have it but ego has different agendas and is where conflict arises? Sure, the solution/advancement might suit one egoic agenda after a bloody battle but is all this war necessary in the pursuit of peace, safety, etc? What you think? Maybe a good video idea for Leo too… suppose “understanding war and conflict part 1” will address it on some level, need to relisten… part 2 incoming??
  10. @Leo Gura isn’t life a game? What defines important? Can’t just deny god like that! These guys are majestic and in some cases have millions of people looking up to them for joy, inspiration, education, entertainment, etc, and are gods examples of what’s possible for human potential, in their own way, if they choose to follow their own passions gifted by god. What’s all this ‘important’ work for anyway? So we can eventually, hopefully, reach a point where we don’t have to worry about it anymore and are all free to just play? 🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. Not tryna demonise anyone but aren’t conspiracies just demonising? Thinking like David icke, Russel brand etc. obv they’re doing a service in their eyes, and I’m not saying what they’re saying is wrong either but I think, maybe, just a thought that came to me, conspiracies is just demonising which only puts them in the same bracket?? And whatever’s going on, who knows, maybe it is good to raise awareness on some level but when it becomes us against them or whatever I guess it just causes further conflict? Like Leo said all life is survival so I guess on every level whoever is doing whatever are only acting from what they believe is the best possible thing to do at that moment. Dunno worth contemplating. What do you think? Maybe that’s why Leo doesn’t allow conspiracies? I can’t imagine there’s pure evil anywhere, obv some brutal shit goes down but when it’s in the name of survival shit can get out of hand. Given how advanced society is only ever suggests good intentions and love?? but there’s always problems, conflict etc… obv good intentions and love from a survival paradigm, protecting self and their tribe vs other tribes. What you think? Seems conspiracies is just noticing flaws which are sometimes obvious like war?? And trying to do something about it, raise awareness etc, but I suppose demonising just adds fuel to the fire?
  12. Only one perception and that’s right now. Everything else is imaginary and we can’t know for sure until we have that direct experience… can’t ever be more than one perception because to perceive another would mean perceiving as me again. It’s a mad one but I’m still not fully convinced that there isn’t infinite perception in one
  13. If intelligence is infinite why would it limit itself to one? I will never know unless I’m awake somewhere else, which still means I’ll never know coz it’s still ‘me’ have trouble with it myself but can’t imagine other beings aren’t actually conscious just because I’ll never know they are unless I am them. But consciousness is everything right? And I imagine it runs through all of us just the same 🤷🏻‍♂️ I think it’s typical ego saying it’s only me. Stuck in human form, but consciousness is much more than one human, right? Even tho everyone of us will never ever know until we’re actually awake experiencing it, which then does seem logical that only one conscious being will ever exist because it seems the only way to find out is by being another, which can’t happen unless it’s me again lol