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  1. The question is, are you more conscious after the trip? be honest.
  2. It means they are connected to a deeper dimension within themselves. This can vary depends on how emotionally mature they are and how deep their Consciousness is. One can be a deeply intuitive and emotional person, which means that they are connected to deeper aspects of themselves other than their minds. One can also be conscious of who they are (and so of who you are), which is albeit different dimension than emotion and intuition, and a more fundamental one. Most men are disconnected from their emotions, intuition and the dimensionless dimension, so all you will get is probably their neurotic mind.
  3. Nice. Now become conscious of who you are without the opening effect of a drug.
  4. Your logic is circular. Of course it is impossible to remember a memory you never had! How could it be otherwise? No, the real reason you can't remember your birth and early childhood, is because there wasn't a solid enough sense of self to reference the experience to. Without constructing a basic self, there was no one there who had an experience that could be stored as a memory. What you are arguing regarding infinite regress is true regarding every distinction, but it is irrelevant to the case of not having a pre-self memories.
  5. Yes, find out who you really are. There is no way for you to love an other before you find out who you really are, because that love will be conditioned. When you will find out who you are, you will be connected to "others" beyond how they look, behave, their status or education, their communication skills or intellect. Most importantly, you will be connected to them beyond what you think of them and how different they allegedly are. Until you find out who you are, I would suggest inquiring how thought is an illusion that twist reality and does not represent truth.
  6. IMO, he is spot on and very authentic about the matter. He does not negate the possibility that some substances put the mind in a state that is more open for awakening. As I understand his words, he actually acknowledges this possibility. However, I think that his main issue with using substances to increase consciousness is that it is too much dependent on the substance and the affect on the mind. Personally, I had psychedelic experiences which blew my mind completely, including the most intense and ego shattering awakenings. However, I almost always returned to same consciousness I was in before the trip. Even the craziest and earth shaking psychedelic awakenings, where I was sure I either died or completely lost my mind, didn't "produce" increased consciousness after the trip. It was only registered as some crazy awakening experience, and opened my mind to how deep you can put your self in the rabbit hole. And I know, there has been like 2-3 posts regarding Ralston's opinion on mind altering substances. Many members have stated that he probably has some financial agenda going against substances, which I disagree with completely. Ralston displays a very balanced opinion on the matter. IMO, Psychedelics are amazing tool to shake the mind and open you to new possibilities, but they cannot be the main practice for awakening/enlightenment. Because of the deep and profound experiences they produce, they can even become a trap or attachment on "the path" to truth. Personally, they showed me many perspectives and pitfalls in my character, many subconscious patterns to look for when "sober", and much more. Ayahuasca was especially transformative, like emotion/shadow work on steroids. MODS - There is a possibility that it was more appropriate to post this as a response in a previous post on the matter. If this is so, please accept my apologies
  7. Depends how you interpret the term "ego". I think what you are asking is "can you survive while being conscious that you are not the mind or the body (or anything at all)?" The answer is yes. Higher Consciousness doesn't make the body-mind stupid or ill-equipped to survival. Moreover, even after awakening, most of the conditionings of the mind stays the same (although, you will know that none of this conditionings are who you are). So the body-mind organism continues to function pretty much the same. Only after deep awakenings it is seen that all the conditions of the mind are just conditions which can be let go of or replaced, but that doesn't mean you are going to stop sleeping, eating, defecating, and so on. Normal life functions are not affected by this, but the entire scheme you have collected throughout your life (the "architecture" of your mind) might be affected drastically. Why is this so? because you become deeply conscious that your entire self-world (that is: relationships, job, communication, hobbies, self-expressions, addictions, aversions, hidden aspects of self, manipulations you deploy, etc.) are manifestation of how you (and your environment / society) conditioned the mind to handle your needs and fulfill basic survival functions and drives such as having shelter, food, social connection and approval, sex. As you probably gleaned by now, the structure of the mind is actually the programming of the brain to engage (or prevent) in activities the serves the self. When it comes to awakening and ego, the difference is actually a matter of identity. Ego is just about thinking that who you are is the body and the mind. Awakening is about becoming conscious that you are neither and that the identifications with the body-mind was simply an illusion. So, there was never an ego to begin with - only an illusion that you are something you are not.
  8. Nah, dream is just the manifestation of thoughts in the mind. There is no location to anything because there is no center to be found. So what even is "parallel universe"? Who said their is such a thing as universe, let alone parallel? Those are just concepts. The waking state, deep sleep and the dream state are located in the same "place", which is nowhere. A distinction between one universe and another can only occur in one place - the mind. And the mind can only appear here and now, which is nowhere at all.
  9. When you awaken, you see that there is no causality. Cause and effect or beliefs in higher power or superstition are a projection of the mind. Life is just unfolding by itself, without cause or a willful creator. So there is no purpose to anything that happens to you, although life will tend to confront you with your unconsciousness. This is not because there is some mystical law or principle that pulls you to see what you are not confronting. It is just because as long as you live with internal discords, you will continue to see how they manifest in your life.
  10. Wow your post so reminds me deep psychedelics awakenings, simply brutal.
  11. What do you mean by an the inner world of the introvert? Internal world which isn't shared with others (such as thinking and fantasizing) or the activities he engages in only by himself (like playing a game on a computer or doing psychedelics alone)?
  12. As @JuliusCaesar put it perfectly, the distinction of real/unreal is created by us for the purpose of survival. It has no substantiality outside the mind that creates it (like every concept). So inside a specific relative context and rules, you might say that something is real, for example the fact that you are now reading a response on your computer screen. But without a "relative playground" (about there being objective reality where you are the subject that experiences other objects, and so on), there are no facts and no distinctions. From the waking state we determine that dreams are not real, because when we wake up they are just gone, like they never even happened. That is because we put the waking state on a pedestal and assume that this is the ultimate reference point for dictating what is real. But that assumption is exactly what we are inquiring when we "seek" what is absolutely true.
  13. Your way too clinging to words. What is the ultimate test to distinct between "real" and "not real"? Who dictates this distinction? And who will dictate that the distinction itself, or the creator of the distinction, are real or not real? See the problem here? You are just going another round on the carousel of the mind. What is isn't real or unreal, it just is. So you either keep playing those conceptual games in your mind, or you start peeling off all the layers of the abstract dream you project onto what is. Ask your self this: Is there any inherent "substantiality" or "realness" to your perceptions, or is it something that is made up in the mind? Where does the notion of "real or not real" reside in? Where did it came from? When you were a toddler, was there any distinctions of things being "real" or "not real"?
  14. Well, when you are doing Psychedelics you are affecting your mind, which awakens this life force energy (or kundalini). It is possible that the energy is stuck due to unprocessed emotions which are related to that specific area of the body which is controlled by mind. If you will keep doing psychedelics it is highly likely that you will continue to sense changes in your energetic body. Kundalini goes hand in hand with psychedelic induced awakenings, because kundalini is released when you blow your mind to shreds using intense psychedelics or high doses. This can be problematic if you are not ready. If the trip is too intense, andf the energy is too strong and goes through your entire emotional system, it may cause serious emotional upheaval or even panic. In your case, I am not sure it is kundalini awakening per se. Just activation of life energy which is trying to go through your system. When kundalini is activated it will be sensed in the base of the spine, and it will usually be strong enough to go to your head even if you have stuck energy and emotion in other regions of the body that are controlled by the mind.