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  1. @mememe I don't underestimate anything. Addictions are form of lack of consciousness, because the addict lacks the ability to see through his addiction and thus be free of it.
  2. Time is the measurement of changes in conditions. It is an invention of mind.
  3. I would consider expressing your "views" regarding spiritual understandings when it is appropriate, that is in the right context of the relationship with the other and the communication you are having. If you share profound truths with someone who is not ready to hear them, or when the context is not appropriate, you are missing the point of communication. Others are not an anvil to forge your knowledge upon. This brings me to another point. I suspect to you are feeling very separate from others. Even though you explained that you explored Consciousness, it seems that it isn't grounded in your self. You consider the others to be fools, idiots, and that you have feelings of hatred and resentment towards them. This only means that you are still locked in an insular ego self perspective, and that others are disconnected from you. This is an illusion, albeit a rather convincing one, but an illusion nevertheless. Instead of living in the Now in a context of self-referential existence, how about adopting a more broad context, one that is consistent with your Consciousness. For example, you can adopt a context where the world and life are a "game" that you created and inserted your self into, and that even though experiencing a self is always limited to that self, you have also created "other" selfs whom you inhabit and experience from their mind. And make no mistake, you always have some context in which you hold your current self experience. In our culture the prevailing context is that of self-survival and the assumption is that "others" are disconnected from us. Inherent to this context, when you perceive other sentient being to be other than you, you will develop an emotional and interpretational relationship to this other which is based on this context and assumption. Negative emotions toward other sentient beings can only exist if they are held as "other" than what you identify with. The more you chip away at the illusion of separation, negative emotions will dissipate and feelings of Oness and Love will flourish. This change of context is possible with repeated practicing of decontextualizing and recontextualizing how life, reality, self and other are held, or with numerous and deep Enlightenments.
  4. Look, there a varieties of 'methods' or 'teachings' or 'practices' that suppose to help you penetrating mind and having direct consciousness. You should do research about them, experiment, and see what brings you insight and consciousness the most - which one do you most resonate with. Personally, I find psychedelics and contemplation as the most powerful tools for breaking Consciousness outside the prison of the self-mind. Don't get me wrong, I like meditation and 'slow walks' in the streets of my mind, and I can't eliminate the possibility that it can lead to profound Enlightenments. I just find psychedelics as more accessible for deep mind exploration and metaphysical inquiries because it enables you to reconfigure the mind very fast and very efficiently, and to degrees where Consciousness can have some vacation (so to speak) from being entrapped by self-contraction, programming, trauma, and what have you. Regarding Contemplation: it is simply much more direct than meditation, at least for me. I use meditation to perform 'small' operations on the mind and for assimilating Consciousness in the everyday self. And I would mention another very practical, empowering and mind blowing practice: Honesty. It is just like stabbing a knife right at the heart of the separation illusion when being honest is antithetical to survival or self-agenda.
  5. Death is a matter of identification. Yes, eventually your body and mind will disintegrate. Your self will die. 'Someone Here' will stop to exist as a function operating the macro actions of the body. As a self, you will stop perceiving and engaging in conceptual activities. Experience will halt for this self. So, if you identify with your experience of your self, death is real and present. But this can lead you to explore who you really are, and if death is possible for this real you.
  6. He does not have to believe. Belief is antithetical to this pursuit. Actually, he is already practicing belief without noticing it. He is already here, why encourage him to go back to ignorance?
  7. Okay, so now you are just assuming there are other minds in the game. Indeed legitimate and reasonable assumption, but it still is an assumption within your mind. Tell me, when you dream at night, and there are 'others' that occupy your dream, aren't you holding them as distinguished from you and having a separate mind? Did the "I" that you refer to ever experienced being your brother?
  8. Yeah, so where does it exist outside your mind? Your assumption that there is something outside your mind, also exist in your mind.
  9. Alcohol is just putting garbage inside the body in order to have relief from mind activities, please lets not sugar coat this toxic substance. Unless used for research or urgent relief from mind, alcohol should not be consumed. It certainly decreases consciousness, causes "brain fog", hurts your sleep and your body organs (including pineal gland), deplete you of vital energy and empties your pocket. I won't be surprised if it oxidases the body and cause accelerated aging, as well as various diseases. If someone is enjoying alcohol or tobacco, it is only due to being in low consciousness, and being unable to release tension naturally. If anyone is reading this, for your own sake, don't deceive your self that this substances give you any value. Do not mistake temporary relief in your self-contractions for value, you know very well that this 'relief' will come with some cost. Additionally, the only reason one will drink alcohol or smoke tobacco is because someone presented it into his/her experience, and instead of relying on intuition and being sensitive to the body, one has put authority on the other's lack of consciousness. One sniff of this stuff is enough to sense this substances as pure toxins. If you offer alcohol or smoke to an animal it will never accept it (unless the animal is fooled because the substance is assimilated in other valuable nutrients which disguise the smell/taste/sight of the toxins). Show me a cat that will accept Vodka, Jin, Whiskey or some other garbage. We use our 'intellect' to suppress instinct and perception to our own demise. Thanks for the post, it is extremely important. Alcohol and tobacco are widely socially accepted and popular in a stupendously and ridiculous proportion. This is very clear also in light of Leo's latest episode regarding the Social Matrix. If our societies were healthy, it wasn't possible to manufacture and sell this substances on a global scale. This is just mass poisoning.
  10. I disagree. Math is language, not Consciousness. If you want to pursue knowledge, fine. But the content of math has nothing to do with Consciousness. It is just another invention of the human mind, and should be seen for what it is. It has its application in our culture and the understanding and measurement of human experience, absolutely, but it isn't the Truth.
  11. You are wrong. The video was not about taking stand regarding the actuality of event that took place, no matter how earth shaking you think it is. This is not about making more assumptions and interpretations, or spitting out beliefs and dogmas. It is about inspecting them. If you can't shake off your attachments and interpretations regarding the holocaust when contemplating or in the context of epistemological inquiry, you are simply not mature.
  12. Absolute Truth has no form. If it had, than it would have to be limited to that form, and so wouldn't be Absolute. This is also why Absolute Truth is the same as Nothing. It is impossible to grasp Absolute Truth with the mind, because mind creates distinctions and knowing (experience), and Absolute Truth cannot be known or be distinguished from any thing, because than it would exist in some relationship with other things, or in some specific way. So don't try to create a distinction in your experience of Absolute Truth using intellect, imagination or what not. It is just not possible to realize Absolute Truth from within the dream. Absolute Truth is before the dream of life occurs, before knowing is possible, before any 'sentient' being becomes aware of any thing. That is not to say that the Relative isn't the Absolute. That would be to distinct the Absolute from the Relative, but we already saw that what is Absolute cannot be distinguished from any thing. This is where you might feel you bumped into confusion or paradox. It is fine. When you are reading this right now, you are experiencing the Absolute Truth, albeit from a perspective that formulates the Absolute Truth into an experience that serves your survival. If you would to distinct experience from Absolute Truth, than it couldn't be Absolute. To wrap this up, the distinction between Absolute and Relative is tricky, and should only serve you so much. In order to realize that the Now - in what ever form or conditions it shows up - is Absolute, this distinction must eventually collapse and be seen for what it. As a distinction, it can only serve you so far (within the relative). It is just not possible to "analytically stretch" stretch this distinction in order to isolate what is really the Absolute, from the Relative.
  13. You have unresolved hurt from the relationship. Did you communicate to the girl (or someone else) that she hurt you?
  14. There is no example of absolute truth, because Truth is unformed. So it does not exist in any dimension whatsoever. Absolute truth has no opposite because it can't be distinct from any other "thing", since the relativity of their relationship negates what the word Absolute refers to.