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  1. Leo probably had an existential crysis, and the video was a byproduct of it but I personally never considered solipsism to be true because it's more complicated than that from my experience, yes there is just one but it's complicated and I don't want to get into it anymore Also that's what you get in giving someone authority to tell you what reality is, the whole forum is on fire, you have to do the work for yourself
  2. That is just an idea, and it doesn't matter because you have the freedom to believe in multiple entire existence since your consciousness is just an product of IT And im not talking about solipsism here, if that's how you interpretate it
  3. You don't understand what im saying, there's only one thing in the entire existence of everything, it's inteligent and forever, and you are just exploring a part of it as an idea of having your own consciousness for you to enjoy it
  4. I mean separation, there isn't one, it's only you, but not the small you but the real you There isn't anything else but this whatever u call it, but also who are you trying to convince, you or me
  5. So than that mechanism must be conscious of what it's doing, honestly it's all bs in the end, you are just existence going from one form to another, your idea of that existence is the separation
  6. Yes but where does consciousness end and unconsciousness begin for it to be that way
  7. What is separating other God's, and other dimensions, what is this line of separation made of
  8. People here lol, trying to act all spiritual like we're on a competition, taking away rationality Really is that transgender people are a hole in a rulebook because people vote with feelings not reason And making a separate trans/non binary section would be perfect but it won't happen for multiple reasons
  9. Well the truth is who knows, politics is a complicated game in which innocent people fall victim to and that's why I don't vote for either Ukrainian or Russian government but for it's people (russian people who're not sheep) and peace Zelensky is a complicated story it seems the more research I do the more problems I found and came to similar conclusion as Candace I stopped looking in to him further and will probably continue when I have the time I can't elaborate further because im not finished with my research yet and don't want to spread misinformation
  10. Psychiatrist will say whatever needs to be said about Putin, if someone's PhD gives the authority to manipulate your worldview then you're truly lost But that doesn't mean I don't encourage people who need help to talk to a professional
  11. A blurry one indeed, that's what im saying, a political game is being played here and innocent people are always paying for it, there's no good side just the lesser evil im a certain situation
  12. NATO broke serval agreements, Putin was explaining it few years ago on an interview in USA, also there are documents about it, Russia wanted to join NATO in the 90s there's a declassified document that u can find about it also, but I think what broke Putin was the new Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy he's leaning more towards EU while the last presidents were leaning towards Russia That's why I personally don't pick any political sides, everyone lies everyone And for those people here im against war and against killing innocent people, whatever I wrote doesn't justify war
  13. What kind of propaganda is this? "Qualified" sources only when it pleases a certain individual Truth is Putin has lost it there's no excuse for killing innocent people But also he was right about the power in the world, everyone I know in eu was spitting on Russia and praising USA, But what about Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya NATO knew if they kill Gaddafi a lot of refugees will invade EU, but USA said who cares From 89-00 USA was doing everything to separate Russian allies like Yugoslavia which is evident, and im grateful for that but it doesn't change the fact it was all political From the EU and USA standpoint we were supposed to hate Russia instead of trying to help each other to build a better word however we can, but when certain people want power there's always a potential for war It's all self evident patronizing people won't change that Do I praise Russia no do I like what's happening no, but there's always the other side of the coin in any political game, but it's not the time for that since Ukraine has been dragged into it
  14. How is this going to help you directly? If u had a bad luck doing PD or lack of work to accomplish anything. I tend to think that PD is 30% mental work and 70% going out and doing the work, it seems to me like ur stuck in 100% mental work and blaming others for it
  15. Can't believe how terrible the government in Australia has become, they went full retard, total dictatorship
  17. I Watched this few years ago, what do you guys think?
  18. Well honestly idk how YOU can find out for yourself, but thinking about it won't help, some people take longer than others some take 5-leo DMT, just don't force any thoughts on reality, let it happen. For me i was conscious since i was a boy i got like some flashbacks of infinity it's like information was constantly flying towards me i can't explain it, also i can have like flashbacks of future but just approx 5 min in advance but not willingly, especially if im very tired, and playing lottery i always hit 3 numbers if im not thinking about numbers but just let them go out of me without controll or thinking Everyone is different so experiment
  19. And forcing him to believe will help? His mind is currently not open for it
  20. You can't believe someone on that if you're not awaken to it yet, you are not conscious of it. Because in your current state this all sounds like madness or some stupid fairy tale, and you don't have to be conscious if you don't want to. Just enjoy your life as it is and that's it, your choice