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  1. He radiates a fake energy and most of his quotes are stolen. I feel like he is trying to be motivational just for the sake of being motivational but there is no real substance. No real message. It feels very dumbed down. It's this "you have one life and make the best out of it" type of shallow wisdom To a fool, he seems wise. Most of his content is still about relationships, emotional mastery, purpose, productivity, success, shallow mainstream type of wisdom etc. Not very existential. He is the perfect example of someone who is >using< meditation in order to be more effective at chasing after material success. Someone like him is not meditating because he is serious about awakening. His priorities are still backwards I think in his mind he sees himself as being yellow/turquoise but actually he is orange. Surely he has some degree of wisdom but he overestimates it. I don't see much relativistic thinking either. Instead of encouraging people to contemplate "What is success?", he will tell you how to be successful And to answer your question: no, he is not enlightened
  2. Looks like we had the same bad trip. Fully get it, I call it absolute existential Loneliness haha Yes, it's like you need help but no can help you. There is only you, so if you can not help yourself then no one can. That feeling is horrifying I'd suggest stay away from psychedelics for a while and do ordinary stuff. Like going for walks, hiking, meditation, cooking etc. with a contemplative approach. Reflect and integrate the trip
  3. This is where the phrase "It is what it is" comes in. You don't really have a choice but to accept it. At first it is shocking but if you get used to it actually becomes beautiful It's quite funny at times. If you go for a walk people look at you as a stranger, but they are not a stranger to you at all Ask yourself this, why do you want others to exist? What's the point?
  4. Yeah, can very much relate to this. For me it was "I wanna be devil again". It's actually fun to be a finite self haha
  5. Also I would add that it feels like you are becoming existentially sober and going insane at the same time When you are on the "path" towards enlightenment, it feels like it is an event far in the future. But when it is actually happening, you are in disbelief. You are so not ready, but also realise you could never be ready for this The quality of the moment, of your being rises to unimaginable degrees. But what's meant by quality is hard to put into words
  6. If your "religion" is based on ideas, then it's already off to a good start
  7. Don't expose us like that Please enlighten me, what about the language I used was cultish?
  8. @Thought Art You are kind of all over the place, it's hard to pin you down and make a counter argument. It's like you are having a conversation with yourself You say that you knew you were god in fourth grade and then you say you still can't grok god You say psychedelics are very powerful, but then you say they only make out one percent of your spirituality
  9. Yes, that was really uncomfortable Did them three times or so and it always wasn't worth it overall. That woody taste will haunt me for the rest of my life
  10. Ok, now you are just mean for no reason
  11. You still haven't gotten my sense of humor Agreed. Very open to all techniques What do you exactly mean when you say an insight was not true? If it was untrue, how did you realise that it was untrue afterwards? You are more conscious during the trip, so how did you verify it as being someting untrue in your sober, less conscious state?
  12. Yeah, that white coating is quite toxic. You should put them in water for a few minutes and remove it. Also important to get chemically untreated ones. Ask the seller beforehand. Often you can find these at flower seed shops or whatever they are called. But I wouldn't recommend cause those are usually treated ones The taste honestly is atrocious. Never tasted anything this unpleasant. The trips were also a bit weird. They had this dark, callous undertone. I felt like a psychopath, didn't really like them. Also no big insights compared to shrooms. But I might still give them a chance in the future
  13. Where y'all at? This guy needs a beating
  14. What we generally call life is a joke, we have mistaken activities and possessions as life. You are your life, so you are not leaving anything behind. I would consider myself this "leaver-type", so I might be biased. If I had the means do so I would go on an island and live in a cabin for years until all existential questions are answered. But, I guess you can do that in a city with not so conscious family members around aswell, it's just less ideal