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  1. Here is a somewhat similar piece of art: This works best on Desktops/Laptops. The only drawback is the mouse sometimes gets in the way. You can put the mouse at the top of your web browser and click the refresh (reload) button (or F5 for PC) and it will center. Just keep hitting F5 until you get an image you like. Using the direction keys on the keyboard, you can hit up/down to change the speed of the visualizer, and use the left/right keys to change the spin. For the super best experience, using dual monitors is ideal. You can put your mouse cursor on your secondary monitor while having the visualizer on your primary monitor. Hit F5 to refresh the visualizer, and then you can hit the "F" key to make the visualizer fullscreen! Hitting the "H" key will get rid of the toggle info. Lastly, CAUTION: This is a spiral optical illusion, meaning staring too long at the visualizer will mess with your vision once you take your eyes off of it. (Things will look all loopy for maybe 30 seconds) Put your favorite song on, and have fun!