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  1. Having different anatomy than a white woman or a biological advantage over them does not make black women male. Black women are female and have female body parts.
  2. What does it mean if you haven’t actively done this meditation but you’ve experienced the spinning sensations sometimes while laying down or sitting very still? This has even happened to me while I’m on the phone if I’ve been sitting/laying and staring at one thing. I’m not a heavy weed smoker, I only smoke every once in a while but it’s happened sometimes then too…
  3. Because it’s a slur with a violent history attached that still effects black people living in America. Just because black people have reclaimed it doesn’t mean you should be able to say it with no consequence.
  4. We know the answer to that. If he was black, the cops would have taken his life whether he surrendered or not. According to his manifesto, he believes we are going to replace the white race and wanted to inspire others to think like him. This happened in my city and we can’t even go into the grocery store because copy cats have been posting threats online. I feel so bad for the people who died and lost their family members. If karma really exists, how long are white people gonna keep getting away with their crimes and how long do we have to suffer because of their hatred? They truly hate our existence.