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  1. HAHAHA I wish a girl would react that way with me, the events that transpire would be interesting to say the least. I see what you're saying, and I think your right. There has been a recurring issue in my life where I empathetically feel for people and think I can solve their problems/help change them. It may be naive but I really just want to help people. I have done so in the past on many occasions, but usually at my expense. I take it because I think it's for the greater good and ultimately it's not about me, but it adds up depending on where I'm at in life. I'm going to try harder to balance this and to consciously remember its not my responsibility to help everyone because not everyone is ready. Thank you
  2. I feel you, it can definitely be tuff sometimes but I'm working on it😊 What do you think about this? I'll give an example incase I worded it incorrectly. Let's say someone is being an asshole towards you. A) You confront them and try to figure out what the lesson is or B) you let it go and show them some love. Am I missing something?
  3. I totally agree with you, but aren't we given these situation because there's a lesson to be learned? How about situations where the lesson in the situation and the percpective of the outcome do not coincide? I may be wrong but I fee like it's more common than the other way around.
  4. I've been listening to a lot of Matt khan lately and I truly love his teachings. I can see how powerful these methods can be for growth but I'm a bit confused. He speaks about taking the high road and how every negative situation with people is another chance for you to face/integrate yourself. My question is how do you balance this? Where is the line drawn between I need this to learn a lesson VS I'm enabling this person to step on me?
  5. I like his teachings but I get some red flags from him. I've watched a lot of his videos (I mean a lot) and for someone who claims to be enlightened and a mystic there's still a lot of ego left. You can tell he loves the spotlight and gets a lot out of it (it feeds his ego). In the end I love and appreciate him for helping me make connections I wasn't able to on my own πŸ™
  6. Hahaha the subleness in this comedy! I feel like we should Lighten up more, we take ourselves far to seriously on this forum. Now let's get serious. πŸ‘†πŸΌ LOL! I had to, I'm done I swear. - I experienced something very similar but I made the mistake of letting it drag out for too long. It's very important that you tackle this now. I know it's easy for me to say this and I understand life definitely gets in the way but essentially your unpacking hidden boxes in your subconscious mind. What comes out will surprise you but remember to stay grounded. Keep to your meditation practice so your awareness stays up. It's very crucial because your going to need to find the lessons in each experience so you can integrate it. Don't do what I did and try to unpack it all at once thinking that this would make my spiritual process "faster." Take it slow and integrate, you've got your whole life ahead of you to do it. Your going to be ok 😊
  7. When your ready to start the channel put some money aside for marketing and start testing niches related to ocd. The ones that get more more good engagement double down, the ones that don't do so well get deleted. @Consept You got this man πŸ‘πŸΌ
  8. I see where your getting at, and I also agree with @King Merk you should take the LP course. A few paths that stand out to me would be NLP, NET, and hypnosis. I'm not sure what the requirements would be in your country but they would definitely be a lot shorter then a therapist. They are all forms of therapy that are much more holistic, and in my opinion better at tackling deep core issues within the psyche compared to the irrelevant teachings you would find in an academic education. Research them and let us know what you find. Good luck friend.
  9. If someone looks at a video from 1 of those 3 topics, what are the chances they would be interested in the others? I would do a little more research. If youtube puts your video in front of another viewer who also likes watching videos on singing but has no interests in meteorology the algorithm will penalize you and show your video to less people. Relavancy is key, I wish you luck.
  10. I like this. I could see how formulating a proof of concept for it could be relatively easy. Keep us posted on your findings. Do you plan on using this as a primary income, or just something on the side? I would make the channel a little broader that way you could hit trending topics within your niche without looking like your reaching to far. From what I can see there's not enough traffic in this niche alone without haveing to spend to much on marketing. Are you into anything else besides arbitrage?
  11. @ivankiss I hope this post is an inspiration to others as much as it is to me. I'm truly moved. This post feels like a RAW unfiltered photograph. I wish nothing more then for you to actualize your dreams, I also wish there was a way we could help. Sometimes it bothers me to see corporations getting to actualize their shallow dreams of acquiring money with the help of hundreds or thousands of people, but so many of us are forced to let go of ours because it's just to difficult. I get we each have our own individual journeys but what has become of us? where's the sence of community? Funny how we consider indigenous people "backwards''. Anyway I know this is a long shot but if you could think of anyway for us to help please reach out. My prayers are with you brother πŸ™
  12. I'm a bit torn on this topic. On one end I feel like a child would get in the way of my highest potential. On the other hand I've heard so many say you experience life in a very profound way. That type of bond is not something that can be put into words. I also think I would adopt. I feel the Same as @MusicalPotato There are so many kids out there begging for a chance. Instead of standard situation of broken people raising broken people or allowing them to fend for themselves. Maybe we're in a sense responsible. Have you guys ever seen the movie Idiocracy? Sometimes it feels like we're actualizing it. Very weird 😁
  13. That's a good point... A few questions if I may. 1. Weren't you able to integrate your past business into your LP? I understand that won't be the case for everyone. 2. Did you know you beforehand that you would be able to integrate it into your LP? 3. Did you dissolve it or is it still running?
  14. I think that is the case friend. It's not particularly wrong, but do you feel the ones you gave it to have earned it? If not then your already seeing the lesson. Yes, it is definitely supposed to be gradual. Give someone your complete trust upfront and they may assume you think it has no apparent value, but if you allow them to earn it over time they themselves start to place a value on it. For example. You give a friend your complete trust right off the bat and they obviously wrong you, and you turn forgive them because you know they know better and might just need more chances. The problem is you may have just opened a door for them to (consciously or unconsciously) think they can consistently get away with this type of behavior. On the other hand, if they spent months earning your trust the value they add is the time and effort it took for them to earn it. Now they are less likely to do something to make you distrust them because of the fear of losing your trust that they worked so hard to earn. I honestly don't think so, why do you think that would be the case? I struggle with this as well sometimes, it really is a fine line. like Leo likes to say "open-minded skepticism" We should never make assumptions but we also should set forth boundaries with other people, and be very clear about them. Boundaries are very healthy. Jeez dude that's a solid question... I don't have an answer but I think that question should be addressed after you found someone worth fully investing in. Don't sell yourself short, you have a beautiful soul which appears to have so much to give. Don't settle and when you feel like you found the right one allow her to earn your trust, Just as I know you will do your best to earn their trust. I would say so, to me this is the equivalent of touching fire. Enough times and you will realize, ok I need to stop doing that. No man, you are absolutely not lost. With that said we do live in a male-dominated society where everything is a competition, it definitely makes having relationships more complicated. It's a learning curve, this is just another opportunity for you to grow. Or else you wouldn't be where you are now, on this forum, discovering how to overcome your own boundaries
  15. Sorry had an issue with the quote Ivankiss said "I can sense that, yes. Can you tell me though...Why is it that I am able to have glimpses of their purity? Their highest potential? Is that just a reflection thing? Those moments might be brief and rare, but I know they are true." I feel you on this one friend... I'm in the same boat along with some of what you said in the original post. I sense it may be the same for you as it is for me but when you get a hint of that purity and potential you feel a sense of obligation to help. I've helped people that went on to help others and I can't tell you how grateful it made me feel to impact people in that way, but for others either I was unheard, disregarded, or taken advantage of. I think some people just aren't ready for our type of support, and it's up to us to know when we're not the right person to help.