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  1. My question is how someone like me - introverted, more analytical and in his head and not very funny and social can become more interesting, extroverted, funnier and exciting person to hang out and be around with (with both sexes). I don’t ask this because I want to be popular or something like that but because I see the power in it and also I think it will lead to a more exciting and colourful life. I know this is a deep topic but if you can give me the essence of this and maybe examples of actions I can take
  2. If you can redirect me to some resources that can help me with my top values I will be very thankful. I know the LP course will solve that but I am 17y and until I start earning money I won't be able to buy it
  3. @Leo Gura Is there something like "harmless" coating, because my mom tells me we have a pan with such coating
  4. So I am passionate about becoming professional athlete but I know @Leo Gura doesn’t have good opinion about sports (or so I remember). Can someone explain to me?