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  1. You spoke my heart. I feel the same. As I am spiritual and other people are religious there is conflict in ideas and world view. My friends are religious and equate religion with nationalism. That is atleast what our gov try to potray . Due to my habit of posting political post most of my friends distanced from me.
  2. @Leo Gura How to identify what is wrong from gods prespective? Perspective of highest good for all. If ego is what driving my every thought and action then how can we align our will with the will of God. Most of our life is driven by our ego. How can I know what is even right ?
  3. @Arcangelo I feel nomatter what happens certain people will always vote for right wing gov no matter how badly their is inflation in country. How badly poor are suffering. When gov is working to establish religious supremacy and play with emotions of people the people become self centered. They will stick to their religious extremist gov till death.
  4. @Leo Gura I have past traumas too. My friends behaved badly on social media with me for posting stuff against the rulling gov which is religious. Actually as you taught love is the ultimate truth so I project everything should be good. I want the world to change. I want people of India to change. They support right wing religious extremist /facist gov who hijaked every gov body such as supreme court , media, news agencies , cbi, election commission etc. People's dissent are being supressed. Whoever speak against the ruling gov is labelled as anti national. This hurts me alot. And my friends donot ever speak against the gov. All because of religion. All bec the ruling gov is targeting muslims in our country which are minority. I dont want people hurting others due to religion. I had been constantly raising my voice against right wing facist gov but all I got is I lost my friends. Many of my friends unfollowed me on social media. My likes got reduced over the period of 4 years . Now I hardly get any like. I feel very depressed. What I have done. It hurts badly when your best friend unfriend you for constantly posting political post against the gov. I have deep anger for it. How can people be soo biased and think about themselves only. Why they are not thinking holisticaly like you do. Like every conscious being do. They dont care whether their is inflation. All they care is religious supremacy and hegemony.
  5. @Arcangelo No I am a man. And now people dont see my status too. I can see behaviour change. I feel I should never have disclosed my belief soo openly on social media . It did nothing fir me except spreading hate.
  6. @Average Investor I dont want to make a channel. I feel depressed seeing all this careless nature of gov. I dont enjoy. I hate ruling gov. They are hell bent on destroying the nation by their religious exterimist ideology. We have criminals in the cabinet who have lots of charges such as murder, rape etc against them. I feel pity seeing all this. I am spiritual and thats why its hurts to see people suffering due to this government. few months ago thousands of people died due to shortage of oxygen because gov was careless and was busy in election rallies. hospitals were stretched to maximum capacity. And entire health care system collapsed. All this hurts me. And I post against gov. But my friends hate it. Now they dont like my posts.
  7. Yes man I feel pity now. It is all due to spiritual work. I feel pain of everybody now. And hate government. I cant stop posting against gov on social media. Damage is already being done as I said. Due to my constant posting of political post people unfollowed me. I feel depressed now.
  8. @Chris_Esoteric How old is he? Do he have any comorbidities ? Well , measure his spo2 level periodically. If spo2 drops below 90 , do prone breathing technique. Search on youtube about it. It will increase oxygen saturation. Taking high citrus fruits. Dont give him any milk product until ge recovers. Take protein rich diet like eggs, soya bean, chicken etc . Do yoga if he feels better. Do pranyama . Do meditation if he can sit . Listen binuaral healing frequencies for viruses . Search on google virus healing frequencies. It may help. Take vitamins and mineral supplement. And rest take medicines and follow doctors advice.
  9. I had been posting 3-4 political post on social media since 2 years. Due to which people started hating me. My likes dropped as compared to previous 5 years. I most of the time enaged in fights on social media . I am highly spiritual. Thats why I suffer seeing every suffering of others due to rulling government. I am leftist because I speak for poor and depressed class. I speak for reforms . I speak for equality. But the ruling gov in india is very religious. They are hell bent on destroying economy, gdp and its own poor people. Rich are getting richer , poor are getting more poor. Gov doing everything in favor of capitalist . As the gov is religious , stands on principle of dictatorship eventhough we have largest democracy in the world. Gov is spreading hate through its paid media, newspapers, and IT CELL. We have problem of casteism too in our religion. Casteism is going rampant too in the tenure of this gov . Caste based hatred , killings, rapes etc. Religious based hatred. Using sedition to supress voices. Problem is I have lost many friend due to my posting of political post against ruling gov. Because I cant see poor suffering. I cant see people hating people . I feel anger when half of the population of the country suffers due to this religious gov. As its supporters is religious people too. They started hating me because i post against them. What to do? Due to this habbit i have lost friend circle and now they dont behave as before. I can feel changes in them regarding me. Idk but I can feel by witnessing how my likes on post dropped over the years. The problem is I am spiritual. Other people are not. They are religious. And support this facist gov just because they are working for their religion not nation. I found myself in midst of quarrel due to my habbit of posting political post on social media. Now the damage has been done. I have lost many friends. Due to my beliefs and ideological difference. And most importantly because i am spiritual and want to see change in country . Want to see gov working for its nation not religion. Uplifting poor people. What shall i do?
  10. @Leo Gura That was not my question. I was asking does anybody able to witness that they are constructing other human being consciously in radical states of consciousness ? Like they become others . They are even able to tap into them . And witness how they are constructing others.
  11. @Nahm @Adamq8 Do you able to consciously feel how you are constructing others in those states?
  12. Is there anybody here who has able to experience how they are generating / Dreaming others consciously ? I mean able to have such profound non-dual states where you know you are generating others body and mind and their ego? Where you become walls of the room. Where you become curtains. Where you become entire earth..
  13. I am not consciously holding my breath. When I enter into deep states my heart rate slows down and my breathing ceases. I feel vibrations on my face in those states. And feel like some outside force on my cheeks and head. Its strange. I want to surrender but I hardly breathes in those states. I have to consciously breath as I feel anxiety due to it. Which is not letting me to go more deeper .