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  1. @Preety_India That´s what I (and many other people) call learned-helplessness. Just because you don´t want to work on "fixing" humanity - I don´t like the word as there is no fixing needed - it´s not meaningless. You can have a lot of meaning by doing that. But obviously you first have to transcend and step outside of the system to understand it. “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” - Buckminster Fuller I still believe in humanity to be honest, there is nothing "wrong". It just seems like it, as we are divided like never before. At least I´ve never seen such division and hatred before here in Germany. Fascism is on the rise - and most people don´t even realize they´ve turned into "fascists". Of course that´s my perspective. But in the end we will learn a lot through it. I still hope I am completely wrong about my world-view. Would be so much more chill. That´s exactly moralizing. "Basic Sense" is different for anyone. Every QAnon believer has a good reason for believing in it. Not saying everything QAnon says is "true".
  2. @Preety_India That's basically a Rapture-Ideology (Jamie Wheal?). Me and my group will survive, while the rest will perish. Not a good / loving way to think about humanity if you divide us in your mind. Also feels like I need to post this over and over again here: "If there are whole chunks of populations that you only have pejorative strawman versions of, where you can't explain why they think what they think without making them dumb or bad, you should be dubious of your own modeling." - Daniel Schmachtenberger There are NO stupid people, that´s your mind not understanding someone.
  3. I wouldnt agree on that. We had to develop a lot of psychotechnologies (like language, literacy, mathematics, ...) and integrate them, in order to use our brain as we are able to use now. How would you be able to have complex ideas without literacy to imagine words and think in language? You wouldn´t even be able to exist as you, in the way you currently think, without these psychotechnologies, which most of us take for granted.
  4. Polygamy works for me Even though I am not a "Chad". You just need women who have a different take on love, relationship and marriage. In my personal experience it´s just about showing women you don´t just want them for their body, but you truly see them as a "soul". They will naturally "feel" that you aren´t just in because you want to "fuck" them. Most girls don´t really want to just be "fucked". They may think they want that, because they never had "spiritual sex" and also sometimes use "fucking" as a way to fill a deep whole in their own self-esteem with it. I also realized (for myself) that a lot of girls won´t even have "Sex" with me, because they have a deep fear of getting in a truly emotional-connection. Which "spiritual-sex", where you don´t threat each other as "objects" always is.
  5. There is an interesting experiment - that was done by a famous German neurobiologist: He basically took 6-month old babies and showed them different animations. In one animation there is a "yellow-man" climbing up a steep mountain. A "green-man" is helping him climbing up. In the second film the "yellow-man" is climbing up the mountain again, with the "green-man" trying to help again. But in this film there is a "blue-man" pushing down the "yellow-man". After watching these animations they are allowed to choose from two figures - a "green-man" and a "blue-man". Every baby with 6-month chose the "green-man" - the helper. Half a year later, he repeated the experiment with the same babies - now 1 year old. -> 10% of the babies now chose the "blue-man". He basically argues that those children "learned", in their environment (family), that someone enforced their own will, over someone else, and has success with it. That´s how the idea that "egoism" gives us faster success gets implanted in our heads. This idea gets passed on from generation to generation, even though it isn´t inherent inside us and we could act differently. Just a different perspective Maybe it helps to answer your question. He also argues that there are at least two inherent basic-needs in us. From the nine months in the womb, we learn that we are connected and allowed to grow at the same time. Later, we constantly experience that these needs come into conflict. In infancy, this already begins. Mother or father may tell us how to be. At school we are supposed to perform and we cannot always live up to them. In the worst case, we are punished. Such experiences hurt us in the truest sense of the word.
  6. How do you know trump isn't speaking his own truth?
  7. You should read some literature about rights and stuff. But maybe it´s just different in America. But you also have a constitution. At least here in the EU we have that right and a lot of other rights, which simply get disregarded. I already got reported a few times, but won all the time simply by knowing my rights. - Article 3 Right to the integrity of the person 1. Everyone has the right to respect for his or her physical and mental integrity. 2. In the fields of medicine and biology, the following must be respected in particular: (a) the free and informed consent of the person concerned, according to the procedures laid down by law; (b) the prohibition of eugenic practices, in particular those aiming at the selection of persons; (c) the prohibition on making the human body and its parts as such a source of financial gain; (d) the prohibition of the reproductive cloning of human beings. Article 21 Non-discrimination 1. Any discrimination based on any ground such as sex, race, colour, ethnic or social origin, genetic features, language, religion or belief, political or any other opinion, membership of a national minority, property, birth, disability, age or sexual orientation shall be prohibited.
  8. This guys perspective is more funny
  9. How about trying some "techniques" to build an authentic-relationship? People love to talk about the topics they are concerned about, if you simply avoid it, it often turns into a bigger conflict - in my experience. A therapist I got to know over the last year showed me an interesting technique, which is quite fun to do especially with women. 1. You set a topic - can be anything 2. Set a time - e.g. 10 Minutes is fine 3. Then you discuss to your hearts content in that time - let your inner monster come out 4. Afterwards you set the timer for the same amount of time 5. Then you "discuss" again, but without talking This will probably sound pretty stupid and kinda impossible to have a discussion without words, but it really helps to come back to simply being-together in harmony For me this takes the division, that the discussion most likely will create (if you have a different perspective) out of the relationship and also allows you to reflect on your own ability to discuss.
  10. Interesting take. I see rage, fear, hatred being created on both sides, at least here in Germany - "Alternative-" and "Mainstream-"Media, right-wing / left-wing perspectives and so on. A lot of vaccinated people have a deep fear towards unvaccinated people and vice-versa. It´s hard not to get sucked into this, if you simply follow some authority and don´t do your own research. Fear towards other people has skyrocketed here in Germany. There are a lot of children (my mother works in a kindergarten) with really unhealthy manifestations of this fear. People seem to lose touch to each other because of all the fear. There are few things worse - in my opinion - than the inability to listen to other perspectives because you feel morally superior. It has gotten super hard to build authentic-relationships, between people who are divided by this "stupid" question of being vaccinated and a "sheep" or unvaccinated and "lacking in solidarity" or a "conspiracy-theorist". Even here on the Forum, with so many self-proclaimed "conscious"-people (myself included), throwing labels at each other instead of trying to make sense together. I´ve hardly seen any high-quality discussions in the last few weeks here.
  11. @PurpleTree Yeah I agree. I don´t really know how bad FoxNews is, I don´t really watch that much American News. "Propaganda must facilitate the displacement of aggression by specifying the targets for hatred." – Joseph Goebbels This I see in FoxNews and CNN though. They are both creating enemies. Maybe to a different degree, but they are still doing it. But if you are able to get the "truth" from different perspectives and don´t let yourself be divided by some narrative you are on a good way.
  12. It's all propaganda, whether it's Reuters or FoxNews or any other news source, just depends on the perspective. Read some Edward Bernays... It's so mind-boggling. People always assume their own news sources are "good" and all the sources, which disagree with their own news-source, are propaganda.
  13. Yeah obviously that´s a possibility. But one I think of highly unlikely. My friends / other people I know aren´t even able to view topics like the deforestation of the rainforest as a systematic problem, which can´t be solved by simply stating "just stop". Why would they stop? There are 9 countries which are doing it. If a president decides to stop, he won´t get elected in the next election, too many peoples survival depends on the deforestation of the rainforest. They are unable to talk about certain topics, get triggered by it and so on. Use name-calling and other low-conscious behavior. How do I explain this? Well most people live in their bubbles. Don´t have a grip topics like history (or only the history in school), consciousness, money as a system, systems thinking in general, psycho-technologies, ego, health, nutrition, bias, dogma, self-deception, and so on. Also our society "breaks" peoples self-esteem. I made a pretty interesting discovery regarding that. People who are "Stage Green" as you call it, are giving away their sensemaking to "experts" like the IPCC, Mailab (super deluded chemist, or she´s doing it on purpose), Mister Wissen2Go, ... They aren´t thinking for themselves. Whenever I talk about a certain topic and ask them to explain something further they can´t - because they don´t really understand what they are talking about. They are just pointing to some authority. How many people truly do their own research? Not that many in my opinion. Most peoples lifes are bubble-centric - meaning they have their topic - mostly what they´re studying. They are able to tell you a lot of "book-knowledge" about that certain topic, but are unconscious about the most basic things in life like nutrition and health. They never questioned who they are and so on, what society is, ... Basically what I see here in you again - you use this label "conspiracy theory" to explain why I think the way I think. Meanwhile I believe all "conspiracy-theory"-labeling is just because people don´t want to understand where someone else comes from, because it is dangerous for their own narrative. You basically argue I didn´t do my own Sensemaking, just bought into some "idiot" telling me lies without checking it for myself. I don´t do that. I am not certain with things I can´t be certain about. Even what I said about climate-change, shouldn´t be taken as Dogma, it´s simply what my current research showed me. Maybe it will turn out as wrong. But what I am sure about is that we won´t be able to "stop" climate-change by introducing a CO2-Tax or reducing our carbon-footprint to zero. That will just destroy mid-tier business, because the companies who are actually doing most of the pollution will simply be able to pay it. I don´t dismiss a side just because a certain person is on a specific side lmao. That´s really bad Sensemaking in my eyes
  14. Lmao This seems to me like dogma at it´s finest. Dogma always says it´s not dogmatic. I did my own research, e.g. reading the IPCC-reports which are pretty bad to be honest, other studies, perspective from physics, chemistry, and so on. If you check out how they work you will understand how they come to these conclusions. As you probably are following some autority, if you did you research on climate-change you would at least know it can´t be almost entirely man-made, if you take into account more of the probably infinite factors, which are affecting the "climate". Not being open for different perspective is also a strong sign for dogma. Why do you think so many people don´t buy into this narrative that humanity is 100% responsible for climate-change? Are they all deluded idiots? Or could it be that you are the deluded one?
  15. As I said the AFD is ideological and dogmatic as well (maybe "some" was the wrong word). At least a big part of it. It´s jst super diverse if you listen to the people in the AFD there is actually some systematic thinking, which is pretty rare in other parties. You can only be triggered if you don´t understand something. Try to see the nuance in the AFD. They triggered me as well a few years ago. I really hated the AFD and got triggered whenever someone said something "not bad" about them, because I didn´t see the nuances. Yeah I noticed we have a completely different approach / perspective on Stage Blue. For me a lot of people who are fighting against climate change (friends of mine who go to these FFF-Demos and stuff) are doing it out of a strong dogma and subscription to a belief-system. Which is stage Blue to me. Climate-Change-Denial: They are not denying climate-change, they´re simply arguing that it´s not 100% man-made (which I agree on). They say it´s bullshit to "save-the-climate" we should rather focus on "saving-nature" in general, as that is what is smarter in that regard. Nationalism: Well yeah they´re nationalist, to a dogmatic degree, which I also don´t like. Though I see the partial truth in nationalism. The function of a nation is to protect it´s people and their desires from outside influences which want to force them to do something they don´t want. Anti-globalism including proposed EU exit: Yeah and I am for that as well. The EU in it´s current form isn´t really doing "politics" for the people anymore, but rather for big corporations. E.g. there are laws which forbids supplement-producers from doing advertisement in a meaningful way, there are EU-Laws which make it nearly impossible for farmers to survive without working themselves to dead. All in All: I am all for globalization is a conscious and smart way though. Yeah we could argue about all the other points as well, but I don´t really have the time right now maybe I will continue later.