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  1. Ivan Illich wrote a good book about the problems with the education system - Deschooling Society. He basically argues that obligatory school in itself divides people and society. The book is already like 50 years old though, but remains relevant as it seems that school and universities only got worse.
  2. Because the US Government actually did do illegal shady stuff
  3. Society has turned upside down, left-wing is for censorship right-wing for free speech, mandates are for freedom, being healthy means having a negative test not actually being healthy, and so on. What do you expect from a society this sick? We have been doing this for years. Just a few things from my personal experience People running to FFF (Friday for Future) demonstration and proceed eating at McDonald's afterwards. Unhealthy People who got a vaccine try to talk me into getting one to, meanwhile they are sick like every second week, while I haven't had anything for more than 2 years. Spending Billions of dollars for developing vaccines to save lives, instead of using the money smartly and help more people. European countries not wanting AstraZeneca Vaccine, so they send them to Africa. Proceed to introduce a law that says you can't travel to Europe with the AstraZeneca-Vaccine (Love that one) ... How can you be Pro Abortion and Pro Vaccine? Do you mean pro-vaccine mandates? Or you just think the vaccine will save us all?
  4. Well here in Germany all politics is ever talking about is CO2 - regarding the environment. Young people are demonstrating on the streets to reduce CO2 - meanwhile if you go to a demonstration and start talking about revitalizing the soil, to have a positive impact on our climate & environment, people won't listen.
  5. Talk to people about the environment, and make them realize we won't save the environment by reducing the whole environmental issue down to a single gas, this whole crisis is only a "symptom" of humanity being disconnected from Nature. There are many projects here in Germany regarding soil and stuff, it's just not something that society wants to see. I already made a post about it some time ago. People don't care, unless you talk about the evil CO2.
  6. Yeah same experience here. @Christoph Werner I've been healthy for 2,5 years, not even a cold or anything - absolutely nothing. Yet people tell me I need the vaccine to stay healthy. Kinda stupid, because everyone I know who got the vaccine got COVID at least once- well they had symptoms and a positive test - as that's what COVID means to most people. Meanwhile I went outside, met friends, never wear a mask, was really close to people who had a positive test, even tried to catch it on purpose. And I stayed healthy. Most people have this whole idea that it's normal to be sick every year a few times throughout your life. I think this idea is a large part of what makes people sick. Even people here (where Leo teaches there is no brain :D) tell me I'm stupid because I don't buy into this whole notion that there is a so-called "virus" that's making us sick. But a "virus" is just an idea, which the ego mind will use, to serve your survival. Basically the ego mind is trying to push away your own responsibility for your own health. You can always just say "it's because of a virus" (evil-agent that made me sick), and as long as you're buying into that you will stay just like that and get sick over and over again. Just look at what Virology is doing. Taking material from a "sick" person, studying it, and labeling what they found a "virus" and said this makes us sick - which you can't know. It's just an assumption, that turned into a "fact". Imagine there being Aliens, looking at earth from their spaceship and studying it. They would notice vast forests, lands, red people, yellow people, green people and so on. They would also notice there being forestfires from time to time. Everytime they check these forest fires they are seeing a bunch of red people (fire service) running around. Because they find these red people everytime there is a fire, they are assuming it must be them who start the fire. This is basically what modern virology is doing. Try using different types of glasses to look at COVID, if you can only look at it from one perspective you are basically trapped.
  7. Do you believe current society is "healthy"? What is a healthy society to you? To me a healthy society can´t exist, if we don´t talk about the inherent problems with the systems we created. People started pushing their immaterial values (e.g. health, learning, emotional security, dignity, etc.) onto institutions. Almost any value is seen as some achievement of some institution. This leads to polarization, psychological impotence, pollution and so on. Why are you pushing so hard on your views? What happened to listening to other perspectives? Feels to me like you are simply using "spirituality" to keep your eyes closed on current affairs in the world. Even your videos aren´t "new". Imo you are repeating the same thing over and over again with new fancy words. Why do you think my "attitude" is created by people like Iverson and Russell? What does that even mean? Aren´t they also god? Why do you think there are this contradicting views? Why do you believe your truth is somehow "better" than other "gods" perspectives? Because you took more psychedelics? Your realizations were "deeper"? How did you measure that?
  8. Wtf ?? Do you actually believe that? School traumatizes children, the food that's promoted by Mainstream is still fucking unhealthy, the way Mainstream is promoting "love" is unhealthy, smoking and drinking are promoted, I could probably go on with this list forever. You actually said so yourself in your video "30 ways society fucks you in the ass". Something like "... mainstream is incredibly unhealthy both physically and spiritually." Imo governments primary Job is to give people the ability to offload the responsibilities they have and survival. If health would be actually important we wouldn't do a lot of shit we do.
  9. That's why you don't get a vax, you can't be sure what you get with the package. I was sick for so long, only got better after I detoxed all the shit that was in my body from all the vaccines doctors shot into me as child. I even thought it is normal to get sick. Now I'm healthy since 2,5 years, not even a cold or anything. Sorry to hear tough, hope it goes away.
  10. Yeah most of the pictures shared by the media here in Germany are fake as well. Crazy times. They don't even give a fuck anymore. There are a few interpretations I heard regarding the conflict in Ukraine. 1. Putin is basically the new Hitler. (American and German Point of View) 2. War in Ukraine is going on since 2014. Ukrain militair is/was bombing Luhansk & Donesk since then (13 000 deaths). EU and the USA used Ukraine to push against Russia, and now Putin tries to end the war. (Russian Point of View) 3. The whole war is just to distract us, because the Covid-Narrative is breaking apart. Putin and USA work together behind the scenes. (? Point of View) 4. We can't know what's going on there because of this ongoing fight for "absolute-truth" by the media. Let's wait and see. (Probably where I stand most)
  11. Depends about what they mean with "universal". They would probably limit it and only give it to "good" citizens, maybe you would need some social score, take the vaccine and stuff. If it would truly be "free" I think it would be a good think. "We should do away with the absolutely specious notion that everybody has to earn a living. It is a fact today that one in ten thousand of us can make a technological breakthrough capable of supporting all the rest." - Buckminster Fuller
  12. What is illegal is subjective. Imagine they would make it legal to kill people? Would you do it because it is legal? Or if they would make it illegal to raise your own children. Would you just obey? Here in Germany Cannabis is illegal, yet in Berlin nearly everyone smokes weed.
  13. That´s one perspective. You need more than one in order to even make sense of things. There are scientists saying we could hold up to 30 billion people on the planet. It probably wouldn´t be too comfy, but possible. It´s all about living in harmony with nature. The whole agribusiness is fucking up the planet. There are crazy alternatives to the way we do agriculture now. We have the technology to change things. We have the people who want things to change. Yet most people are locked in time & space by fear. I´m not sure about this overpopulation thing. I didn´t read the studies saying that we are nearing the limit. But did any of you? Did you guys check the methodology? The assumptions? And so on? Isn´t it more about a limited mindset? If it´s possible to change things locally, it´s also possible to change things globally.
  14. There is no outside thing that can ruin "your" life - even though there is no thing as "your" life. Sure it could if you let it ruin "your life" , but it's still your choice. You don't have to feel that way. The difference imo is the potential. Killing an ant doesn't destroys as much potential as killing a human embryo. This doesn't mean there aren't any "legit" reasons, just wanted to point out a big difference. It's not inherently evil / bad, nothing is. No suffering? What about the mother, who does the abortion? I think someone already pointed it out, it's tremendously traumatizing for a women to have an abortion. Even if she doesn't tells herself a different story. For her higher self it's still killing her own child - that's why most women who abort have to split it that part of themselves. This part will then turn into a shadow, and can be triggered very easily.
  15. Politicians in Switzerland even openly admit they spray chemicals in the clouds to manipulate the weather - Chemtrails... Bad list tbh.