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  1. Yes but this is only a temporary experience, in a reality comprised solely of eternal change.
  2. I don’t think that is what he was trying to say actually. I think he meant it quite literally.
  3. After watching Leo's advanced explanation of god realisation teaching, he ends the video, nearly in tears, revealing that his work on actualized.org is essentially, and I quote, to help me realize that I created him and to eventually reach a point where " will realise [his] love for [me] and [he] will realise [my] love for [him] and then together we will realise that we are identical and we will merge into this infinite singularity of love together as one--FOREVER". I kind of understand the merging thing as an experiential state of consciousness, but forever? Like, that will be it? Nothing else after that? It is around 2:14:30 on the following video for reference:
  4. It isn't necessarily that I take it seriously, it is that people like Leo preach it, so I am curious of the logic behind it. I understand that at the end of the day, reaching enlightenment is completely dismantling the idea of a self to the point where you become "empty" or "nothing" and that there is "no self" but I am curious what this implies for other fields of experience. If they are infinitely seperate, or somehow linked?
  5. I follow you, but who is to say that our fields of experience aren't lets say infinitely separate timelines that never merge but simply cross one another (in different lives and contexts etc)?
  6. I understand the nature of consciousness is the same, but why do we have different fields of experience?
  7. While I have been exploring "truth" through experience, there is one area that I really feel is quite unclear for me. In another thread someone posted this video where he attempts to explain "Oneness". (Not necessary to watch it). While I certainly fully grasp the idea of Oneness, Nonduality and/or Holism, how do you explain Solipsism (or lack thereof) as a truth? Example: I get it. There is no tree without the sun, the rain etc and from my perspective, I am creating separations between things. I also understand oneness from the perspective that fields of consciousness must in someway or another belong to some grand scheme of "everything"/Brahman. What I don't get is, how WE are all one, if we, as unique experiential fields are "infinitely" separate from one another, from an experiential point of view? I understand that there is no separation between different people, as physical objects, but at the end of the day, I still experience a "me" and I trust that other people are also experiencing a "me". I feel like Leo tends to sidestep this discussion and often makes comments like "for all I know, you are just my mind playing tricks on me" bla bla. and I have seen other people (mods) saying things like "who said other people are conscious"? What are your thoughts on this? How have you guys made conclusions on this? I hope for something more elaborate than "I can't explain it in words". EDIT: Sorry for this obnoxious comment but please do not reply to this thread if your reply will simply be a one-liners like "all is one" "because it is" etc. "isn't it so?". Please take a moment to elaborate your thought. I understand that not all things can be explained through words, but please at least try.
  8. I actually do appreciate one forum post I saw with Leo saying something along the lines of “human language does a shit job at portraying truth” which resonated with me haha.
  9. Could you clarify what Kundalini awakening is? Because Google isn't really clear. Is it just generally when you start to so called "wake up", have a heightened sense of awareness, realise that life is a cosmic dream with a certain order to it, and having somewhat spiritual understanding to things? Or is it even more absurd than that?
  10. Give the people what they want! A debate between Leo and Frank. Or just a friendly webinar discussion. Or maybe you guys can meet up at a gym, work out, and discuss enlightenment (filmed). Just throwing some ideas out there.
  11. It does feel a lot like Death is presented in this forum in the same way that it is presented in the Netflix special "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch" where the drug induced character deliberates a reality with a multitude of timelines
  12. Just a bit of digging around, this is as per his instagram account (with all due respect, just given it is public on his actualized page).
  13. Your channel is growing and your videos are literally hours long each, so any point you stress can very easily be lost within your other hundreds of daily posts and hours of video. I remember when I was introduced to your work, I was curious on your views of suicide, and it took me some "digging" to find it.
  14. Indeed I have seen this video which touches upon other ideas about hallucinations, feelings, changes in behaviour etc, but it is not explicit enough to be linked as a direct disclaimer that we all know is a reality, that when some people are told that death is not real, they may feel the temptation to test death out on impulse.