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  1. @Leo Gura Real question, from your knowledge of Truth, do you feel comfortable being certain that there is other intelligent life out there?
  2. I’m just saying not to rattle the wrong cage. I guess in simple terms, I don’t think we want to make Russia, or Putin for that matter, the enemy in a swipe…remember that Russia is in the west’s backyard. Rattling that cage can be dangerous to Europe and the west.
  3. This is a really dumb move geopolitically…
  4. As a result of a project for a client, I’m gonna have to move to Birmingham Alabama for some time. I am from New Jersey, a brown guy, and I know the history of Alabama and how it’s the old south, so that does make me somewhat uncomfortable. The only reason I’m moving there is because the opportunity for this client is really good, which is innovations and solutions for a major bank, and this will take my career to another level. However I am worried, as I am stage green/orange, if I will be able to survive in an environment like Alabama, which is more stage red/blue. For those of you living in the southern United States and may have experience with this region, is there anything I should know and be prepared for before moving down there?
  5. If you are a regular smoker, used to getting high, it will Be a better than usual high experience. If you’ve never smoked or smoke very rarely, use caution, dabs can make you higher than a plane.
  6. you were zooted my friend.
  7. Yea, I meant mostly the fringes of pickup. Nothing wrong with socialization with strangers in a healthy, non creepy way.
  8. funniest and cringiest thing I’ve seen. Actually thought this shit was fake
  9. My girl recently got a dental filling, and she still has numbness from the local anesthesia, which is supposed to last an hour or so. Can I still kiss her? Or do I have to wait a few days?
  10. Ty guys, I will try some of these techniques!
  11. I just popped the biggest boner ever after thinking about my girl in nursing scrubs. Need to get rid of this boner now, as it is not the right and proper environment. Any tips to hide it? Need some serious responses here.
  12. I have a blood test in the morning, and this requires fasting. Am I still allowed to hit my vape during this, or is that not allowed?
  13. Taxi Driver starring Robert De Niro