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  1. In general yes. Although it's really stupid for 1st worlders to take the 3rd dose when most of the 3rd World can't get 1.
  2. @TK2021 just chill.
  3. He's not the worst, but keep in mind he's mainly an entertainer and gamer. Don't take that YouTube shit too seriously.
  4. I think there's some truth to nessesity of regulation of media consumption. We don't let kids smoke but it's not a problem to give them video games for limitless hours. It's time society takes collective responsibility for the harm that these games cause if overconsumed. I know it caused me a plenty of problems, especially for a little kid this shit is like a drug. You just can't stop playing. The problem I see with the CCP ban is that it's difficult to enforce, kids could just do some other stupid shit. But in general I support their efforts. Maybe there should be labels like on cigaretes warming about overconsumtion.
  5. I'm not a German. But on the Internet I have noticed pretty strong support for the AFD from far right circles, especially alt right neonazis. I seriously doubt that these deep blue circles would ever touch anything remotely green.
  6. The elections defenitly have some bias towards assad. Just the way the booths are decorated is clearly favoring him. Obviously it's wartime, in this conditions Western-like democracy is impossible. But regardless its reasonable to assume that he has the support of the majority. It makes sense for the wartime situations, most vocal opponents have probably already either directly opposed him or left the country. I definitely wish most adbove all that the war ends. Be it assad or anyone else, the most important thing for economic and personal development of Syrian people is peace.
  7. He lives in Iraq. We westerners are spoiled. Weather you have Trump or Biden your power will be on, you will have food and water, the police will be there to protect your property etc. For him a radical political change like Isis takeover would mean that the power will no longer be working or that he might even get killed by radical Islamists. Being apolitical is a 1st world privilege.
  8. I'm not afraid of COVID. I got vaccinated myself to protect my family and wider society. Lockdowns won't stop until we vaccinate enough of the population, and the more people are unvaccinated higher the risk of virus mutation. Currently vaccines are our only tool that can stop COVID. Either we all vaccinate and end COVID, or we live with it.
  9. SpaceX gets so much public subtities, it's hard to call it private initiative at this point. My god, you guys won the space race with a public company don't you renember that? Trumps whole thing was about running the country like a private buisniss. It was a disaster.
  10. I feel pretty good after doing it. Maybe it's the nofap mentality guilt tripping you.
  11. I feel that there is some truth to this. The main problem is that you can't treat people like resources. Although capitalism sure as hell does this pretty often. But that's why I don't see regulation in this regard solving more problems than it would cause them. But is do feel that to some extend economic equality will help solve this problem too. That's why it maskes more sense to focus on those issues in terms of government and politics. A lot of incel-ness stems out of realities of modern world. Too much work, economic inequality and societal fragmentation. Allowing people financial stability, humane work hours and a society that has infrastructure friendly too socialize in public would surely help a lot to level the problem that we are talking about. Lastly on the topic of online dating. It's a bit of a cesspool. Letting private corporations take care of that is very problematic, exactly because it turns human into a resource that needs to turn a profit. The online dating market definitely needs to be rethought. I'm all in for the nationalization of platforms like tinder. This aspect needs to be regulated.
  12. Wow these are some pretty amazing historic artefacts you got there... Especially considering the personal story attached to it. Take good care of it, please consider taking it to some museum. I have no doubt that it would be important to your local Jewish community.
  13. I think there is some truth to that. Our society has in a way became more equal, women generally have a fair chance at starting a strong career. But in relationship our society is still very partiarcihiacal. Obviously if society allows women to get rich but still looks down on a woman going out with a poorer dude it creates a contradiction. I think that it's fair to point out this problem, it's real even if we pretend to be all nice and say it's not true. However it's important not to seek to reverse societal progress, we need to complete it. The partiarcihiacal view on relationship needs to end.
  14. Taiwan plays the role of an unsinkable aircraft carrier. In case of conflict, the US could competly block chinese access to the open sea. Because of this China will do everything to secure it.
  15. @iceprincess I often look at a message and don't respond because I'm distracted by whatever. It doesn't even have that much to do with interest.