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  1. Wow these are some pretty amazing historic artefacts you got there... Especially considering the personal story attached to it. Take good care of it, please consider taking it to some museum. I have no doubt that it would be important to your local Jewish community.
  2. I think there is some truth to that. Our society has in a way became more equal, women generally have a fair chance at starting a strong career. But in relationship our society is still very partiarcihiacal. Obviously if society allows women to get rich but still looks down on a woman going out with a poorer dude it creates a contradiction. I think that it's fair to point out this problem, it's real even if we pretend to be all nice and say it's not true. However it's important not to seek to reverse societal progress, we need to complete it. The partiarcihiacal view on relationship needs to end.
  3. Taiwan plays the role of an unsinkable aircraft carrier. In case of conflict, the US could competly block chinese access to the open sea. Because of this China will do everything to secure it.
  4. @iceprincess I often look at a message and don't respond because I'm distracted by whatever. It doesn't even have that much to do with interest.
  5. What do you mean by friends? Bumping into each other from time to time and being friendly and polite? Or would you spend hours at your/his place possibly hand out on your bed or something like that? I think that it makes quite a difference.
  6. People in the 3rd world would do anything to get it. But here we are in the west refusing to get vaccinated.... I guess we deserve this.
  7. Honestly my female colleges have told me about some awkward moments when at work a guy was making an approach but they had to be polite and all that since it's their job to do so. Honestly knowing how important part of the job is for cashiers to be polite I would be very hesitant to hit on them. Of course in some places cashiers have some basic human rights and are not forced to smile and be polite all the time, in places like that it would be easier. Personally I was planning to go on a date, but cancelled it because of the 2nd wave. Let's take this shit seriously, even if you are young there are still lots of unknows long term effects connected to COVID, and you can cause serious harm to folks who are older or have other pre-existing conditions.
  8. As a Canadian you profit from slightly better foreign policy. Trump will continue to pressure NATO members into increased military spending, considering the upcoming recession such investments are not in the interest of Canadian taxpayer. It's funny how republicans claim to be pro small government and small taxes. But really guys, Trump's law and order policy is going to be a huge burden on the taxpayer.
  9. Of course that's true. But humans are emotional beings. If a guy likes you he won't act on logical basis.
  10. It's really good to have some sort of exercise brakes. I have a friend that they implemented that at her workplace. They would do some basic exercises for 5 minuter every hour and it ended up helping with productivity and health quite significantly.
  11. Problem with soviet-era socialism is that the material conditions were not suitable for socialism to exist. Marx envisioned socialism as a step that would come after capitalist. He did not hate capitalism, he admired it's successes and saw it as a necessary phase. It was impossible for Russia to transition into socialism because Russia was mostly feudal, it wasn't even capitalist. Now on the other hand, The richest most powerful country in the world the USA, that's a differed story. With your level of infrastructure you have an open door for transitioning into socialism. And also you still work in socialism. You don't get free shit. It's just that you partially own the place that you work at, so you are actually invested into your work. But you will still need to work.
  12. @Onemanwolfpac Go study Marxism. It's not as bad as the media paints it to be. I promise.
  13. A big problem with Africa as well as most of the 2nd and 3rd world is that these countries are economically exploited. Big corporations from wealthy nations buy natural resources and business. Brain drain is also a series problem it's hard for poor nations to keep their talented people because 1st world wages incredibly times higher. It's essentially imperialism. Only that you don't steal natural resources you buy them. If you want to save Africa you need to make your 1st world countries more progressive, stop economic imperialist practices that strip poor countries of their resources. It's kind a cliche but the problem is essentially free market capitalism. Those nations simply can't compete against the 1st world powers. This is not limited to Africa at all. In EU for example Austrian companies bribe Romanian authorities so they allow them to cut down their trees in protected natural parks and cause long term damage to those forests.
  14. Honestly that's great. Small communes of libertarians, anarchists or communists can function and in fact do function right now. Allowing smaller movements like this is perfectly fine as far as I care. The silly thing would be thinking that this can simply be up-scaled to a nation size area.
  15. @BHKNB In principle most of us would agree with your beliefs. Of course it would be really cool of nobody would initiate violence against everyone. We all want that. But we need to think of a concrete way to get there. Just abolishing government power would pretty much leave you in the hands of the multinational corporations. For god's sake Google is already bigger than most small sized country governments are. The corporations are what you should be scared off not government.