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  1. Anybody else able to induce goosebumps at will?? Usually happens when I think of something but instead of letting the thought come and go, I try to emotionalize it (Usually by thinking "where's the Love in this", then boom, goosebumps. Heard it releases adrenaline. Something to do with the fight or flight response. Also happens when listening to dope music. Anybody else experience this or have this ability. More over, know what it represents or it's true use? I have an idea of what it could be, but curious to know other's perspective.
  2. @Charlotte Listen to that voice that tells me to let it all fall apart?? Then I might find the real me.
  3. @ivankiss I feel like that's what next for me. Can you go through 'The dark night of the soul' twice? I've gone through some transformations before, but don't know if I 'got the message'. I feel like I came out of what ill call my first dark night more confused and hence developed a "saintly" persona to over compensate. But being "Good" all the time is making me feel Inauthentic and fake. Seems like the house of cards is building faster around me, and I'm the only one that knows it could all fall apart at any second. maybe, just say Fuckk it and see what happens? at the end, I'll still have me, right.
  4. I feel like I'm shorting the world by not being Authentic. At this point, I really don't even care if I'm a "Good" or "Bad" person. I'm only interested in being Authentic to myself. This also terrifies me bc of how drastically my world would change. Will I lose my job, my relationships, my finances? All I know is that being Inauthentic is killing literally...I'm not living life and I'm only getting older. I'm holding onto a very fragile world that I've built around me. How can I be Authentic???
  5. I'm craving something truly spiritual and real but don't know where to find it. I tried meditating but IMO I haven't experienced anything profound from it. I don't know how this Maya can produce something lasting or real. I don't want to try psychedelics ( or any other substances) bc I'm unsure of how I will react to it. Please share something that you find truly Spiritual.
  6. @Nahm Honestly, when I woke, it didn't feel right at all. All I could think about is if that (hell) is where I was going after I died. Dont get me wrong, I'm not a terrible dude. I try my best to be kind and loving to everyone I come across. This is why the dream was so off putting. Maybe I'm feeling guilt for things done in the past and its showing up in my dream? idk, but I guess I need to do more introspection and research into myself. @flowboy I'll check it out. thanks for the share
  7. Something is telling to be ok with death. Had a wild dream last night where I watch myself die, watched myself be transported to the morgue and watched myself enter hell. At first, I was pretty shook when I woke up but as my day continued I realized that I could die at any moment and I have no clue what’s on the other side. Some unforeseen circumstances could literally be my last. Made me start to question just what is this physical death that I’m so afraid of. What am I holding on to so tightly? What am I afraid to give up? I read an article about death and what happens after we die where they compared our lives to waves in the ocean. The article made the point that we are not the waves and in fact waves don’t actually exist but instead are the ocean itself along with everything else that the ocean is and it’s just doing what oceans do. This brought me peace. Now, do I want to die today? No, but being ok that it will happen some way or another is a muscle I’m trying to build. Hopefully this will allow me to live each day as if. Because one day, it will be. Food for thought.
  8. @Carl-Richard I see. my confusion rest in linking consciousness with experience (form) when in actuality, it can be form or formlessness and furthermore both. Surely my consciousness does not cease to exit when I enter dreamless sleep , because when I wake, there I am. Therefor consciousness has only changed form, or more accurately, changed into formlessness.
  9. @Carl-Richard Hmm.. very interesting? I think I get what you're saying but just to make sure can you clarify what you mean by form and no form? An example perhaps?
  10. @Carl-Richard Is that a transition into what I will call "No experience"? Similar to that of Dreamless sleep.
  11. What happens during dreamless sleep? Where does our awareness go? If I check with my direct experience, I only know that there is a gap in my consciousness for I don't recall or feel, or experience what happens during dreamless sleep, so how can I know that something is happening at all. I can understand the viewpoint of the Observer during wakefulness and during dreams while asleep, yes the observer is there. But what about experience/awareness/consciousness during dreamless sleep? what if anything is there?
  12. @ivankiss @Vynce So much Truth in both of these responses. It's frustrating when you don't see the love you put out there be reciprocated. But I guess that is what conditional love is and the name of the game is Unconditional Love. Regardless of how they respond or chose not to respond at all, we should still appreciate them just because they are there in our conscious awareness and look at them as our teacher. For what they stir up inside of us is only our response to what is. I have more clarity on this now, thanks for your responses.
  13. As I've been going about my daily routine, I'm noticing that most people I come across seem to be cold, closed off, or completely disinterested in speaking or engaging with me. Energetically, I feel nothing from some of these people aside from them not wanting anything to do with me. These people have never met me, but it's almost like they have known me even before we've met and they have a disinterested disposition towards me. For example, some completely ignore my pleasantries and greetings altogether. I'll say, "Hi, how are you?" and they will just not say anything at all. Another example, I"ll make a friendly comment to a server and they will say nothing but instead engage with the person next to me. These are just two examples. I'm beginning to notice this everywhere I go. I'm wondering if I have something written on my face or if I'm putting out an energetic vibe that's just disinteresting. Can anyone make heads or tails of this?
  14. @Javfly33 In Solipsism, all do not exist except the Self. From my understanding now, In Oneness, even the Self is transcended. There is only the Oneness. The degree to which others exist is the degree to which the Self exist.