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  2. Hi there, Would you mind expanding on those? How would those manifest while you were in the screening/getting to know a guy phase?
  3. Sleep with them at the end of the first date, that'll definitely tell you all you need to know.
  4. As a counterpoint to this, there is an excellent miniseries with Mark Rylance called Wolf Hall(the books it's based on are good as well) that looks at the same events in reverse, with Cromwell being in the right and More being in the wrong.
  5. Women are already "machiavellian". Use your natural emotional intelligence to figure out what people want, what makes them tick. If you know someone wants X you can either (pretend to)indulge him or (threaten to)deny him. Books are well and good, I second the Thick Face, Black Heart recommendation, but don't get too caught up in them. A book like the 48 Laws of Power is really just a collection of tactics, a playbook really, but "manipulation" is heavily dependent on context, on you relationship and history with your targets, psychological debt, the narrative that's already there etc. More important than that, your ability to be manipulative and execute Greene's tactics is heavily dependent on the broad category of skills that used to be called "cunning": charm, humor, the ability to sell, to tell a story, to entertain, to show and demand respect, to read social cues, to flatter, to probe someone for valuable information without appearing to, to pretend, to dissimulate, to be a hypocrite, to threaten. Someone above said to strangle a kitten. While it was meant humorously, it's actually true that if you're "squeamish" do need to desensitize yourself to the feeling and the constant tension of being in conflict, in looking for weakness, of looking to harm someone simply because they are an obstacle to you. Nevermind being "defensive", start looking for ways to "get over" on the people in your life who are not important to you. I would suggest you start small and you start in an area where women already are unconsciously, instinctively manipulative: dating. Start taking advantage of men in small ways, such as getting them to pay for coffee/drinks, to take you to dinner without you having any intention of sleeping with them etc. And most important of all: make every effort to conceal your intent. Never give any hint that you study or give any thought to topics such as strategy, manipulation etc. Develop a reputation as reliable, trustworthy, even naive, and protect it at all costs. Be cunning as a serpent and innocent as a dove.
  6. Hi dlof, very interesting, thank you for replying. What made you start practicing in the first place, did you want to do Astral Projection? And what upsides do you see now that you've(I assume) grounded your energy and started mastering the system? As far as lacking vitality, tiredness, low libido etc, those are exactly the symptoms I have now(without doing any energy work) and what I'm hoping to address through the practice. I'm not necessarily interested in Astral Projection or healing or any type of "siddhi" per se. I just want vitality and energy, clear thought and concentration, charisma and a magnetic personality. Supercharging my sex life wouldn't hurt either. Do you think those are achievable assuming I practice the system safely and concentrate on filling the lower storage center first?
  7. Does anyone have any experience with Robert Bruce's "tactile imaging" method of energy work, presented in his books "New Energy Ways" and "Energy Work"? It's supposed to be a great 80/20 system to making fast progress, especially for those who can't visualize very well or at all.
  8. Hmm. I think it was in the 5th grade, my first school "dance". It's not that anyone called me ugly or anything, but I was awkward and out of sync the whole time. It's the first time I remember feeling that I was different than the cool kids and somehow inadequate.
  9. Really? I'm also big into the Sedona Method/Larry Crane's Release Technique, it has helped improve my life in a lot of ways. But - and I know this is petty and childish - Hale has the most annoying laugh I have ever heard come out of a human being! As far as the film itself, the method presented(I think they call it the Fifth Way) is the only one of the Sedona techniques that does not work for me.
  10. I am really insecure about my looks. Objectively I realize I'm not a leper, I'd say I'm somewhere between "plain" and slightly ugly, and there is room for improvement. Even so, I just can't get a handle on it. It's the only area of my life that triggers anxiety and depression, jealousy and avoidance, A few years ago I was in a really bad place in all aspects of my life, so overall there has been a lot of improvement and I feel positive about the future in most aspects of my life. But deep down I can't fully enjoy any of the good things in my life, I'm still stuck on this and the unfairness of it all! I don't feel envious or threatened when I see other guys that I feel are richer, smarter, more talented etc. but I feel very down when it comes to looks. When I overhear female friends or colleagues chit chat about how so and so is cute or hot or even talk about celebs, I get a very intense feeling of sadness and pain in my gut and I feel like vomiting. What's worse is the fact that I'm aware of it, but despite my awareness, the problem doesn't go away and I feel doubly pissed off. It feels like whatever spiritual progress I might have made is a joke.
  11. Thank you for the thought out response, I greatly appreciate it. I don't mean to hijack this thread, but there's something I'm struggling with, maybe you can offer some insight: I have no trouble feeling/allowing both positive and negative emotions when they happen spontaneously, but I have trouble summoning up "good" feelings at will. So I'm at a loss when trying things like metta meditation, magick or Neville Goddard-type of intention manifestation, because they all rely on intentionally feeling a positive emotion like certainty/relief/love etc. and whenever I try and get into that state intentionally I draw a blank, I feel nothing.
  12. So what's the ticket? How do you get to your raw, primordial essence, besides getting into a knife fight?
  13. Taiko by Eiji Yoshikawa had an impact on me, it's historical fiction about the three greatest figures in Japanese history. The story is mainly centered on Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and it frames him as something of an underdog, unlike the other two(Oda Nobunaga and Tokugawa Ieyasu), who are depicted as prodigies. As someone who has always struggled with getting what I want in life, with fear, anxiety and insecurities, the book really showed me the heights one can achieve if he has sincere aspiration, patience, humbleness and can embrace his vulnerability. I'm not going to say the book "changed my life" but it really resonated with me, and ever since reading it I've started being braver, more honest, more "audacious"(as in daring to dream and think I deserve things far greater than I previously hoped for) and more ok with being vulnerable and authentic. I highly recommend it.