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  1. That's not a 'real work', neither is a solo retreat at your stage. These are big traps if you follow Leo's work. Try to break these barriers bit by bit. If you feel like someone is judging you and that makes you feel bad in some way, be compassionate with your feelings, comfort yourself, and try talking to that person or whatever. I don't know to what extend it gets in your case but at the moment you're retraumatizing yourself with most interactions and it's not going anywhere most likely. It looks like you associate your shame with others, i.e. you project your shame onto others' apparent opinions of you. Which is what @Ulax suggests. YOU feel shame but are not conscious of it for what it is and you rationalize some of your feelings by thinking that others judge you, find you weird etc... I'd say find a good therapist (not self-proclaimed coaches from the forum or self-actualization communities) and work with him/her for a year or two. In addition to a good journaling practice of course.
  2. What work have you actually done on yourself throughout the last years? Often the turning point is admitting that nothing has changed and 'work' was a distraction leading nowhere, some dopamine boost in a way. That's the case with the majority of people on this forum actually. I'm not saying that's the case with you but it'd be good to look at what worked and what didn't and what really came out of it.
  3. How can you even question Jung's value and contribution
  4. @Ingit like you already know you gain muscle mass by eating a balanced diet with a caloric surplus, exercising regularly with resistance and resting properly. If you don't meet your protein intake goals you can supplement yourself with this protein isolate, there's nothing wrong with it. It's 80g protein per 100g of powder - you could get something more 'concentrated', but unless you're preparing for a pro tournament, you'll be fine with this one.
  5. Isolate is basically the best kind of powder protein you can get lol change your pt for a more concentrated one
  6. @Gabith Great stuff. Of course, working on it is important but don't get trapped in a rabbit hole of constantly healing traumas and inner child instead of living your life. Just getting more and more present eventually peels up past and future thoughts, ideas, concepts etc. You can try this guided meditation as well: And especially body-scan meditation is great to ground yourself if you're just starting this work. Even do it before starting the exercise @flowboy gave you. These are my favourites (20 and 40 min long): Min Body Scan.mp4?dl=0 Body Scan.mp3?dl=0 And if you're open to using psychedelics then that's basically problem solved even more easily. There are a lot of good resources you can find, or you can use psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy counsellors if you need any help/extra guidance, just make sure to find a proper one. And try to limit using this forum for this kind of guidance. Most people here are as full of shit as it gets and others are happily reassuring them in their own bullshit. Good luck on your journey.
  7. @Gabith make a habit of talking to your inner child every day after you wake up and when you go to sleep - that was very helpful in my case I also used to be a big perfectionist but since I realised it I quite quickly got out of it. Practice gratitude. Meditation obviously. Perhaps get a snap band or two? Each time I realized I'm judging somebody I snapped it to remind myself not to do that, and each time I told myself that's something is wrong with me I did the same with a second one. I'm not sure if that's the case with you, but if it is, work on anything perfectionism related. Go out in dirty clothes, if your autocorrect changes kind regards in the email to kind retards send it anyway, go out without looking in a mirror and fixing your hair, tell a random girl she's got some banging pair of tits, practice radical honesty (from B Blanton)... Shit like that In my case, it was a very rapid 180° shift (1.5-2 months) of mindset and perception. It's translating so well into all areas of my life that I'm sometimes surprised at its pace. Tension in your body will also be released in the process but why not help it with yoga? Or even better with Alexander's technique if you've got a teacher nearby (not a very well known thing, yet). Releasing tension and working on yourself can both work together simultaneously.
  8. Use an oven? Sear it on cast iron pan and finish it in the oven.
  9. I've had a similar problem and I've been bodybuilding for around 7 years now. I don't have myopia but hyperopia. Any form of exercise definitely affects the eyesight but usually momentarily (in my case) and since I started PhD my eyes are doing more lifting than I am. So, two things: 1. Diet - a lot of resources, people fixed way bigger eye issues just with diet, often combined with low-intensity exercises like yoga. Made much difference in my case as well but it was a long time ago. I've also noticed some great 'eyesight endurance' improvement after I stopped eating meat (but that might be because I started eating loads of other nutritious stuff instead). 2. Still gazing - basically, every morning+evening sit and set an object 1-1.5m from you and just gaze at it for 7 minutes. You can up the time with progress. I usually light a candle. Don't blink, and if you have to, do it very mindfully. You might get irritated at first and tears will be coming out. Still, blink as little as possible. The good thing is you don't have to do it every day for the rest of your life. I haven't done it for months now and my eyesight is better than ever WHILE HEAVYLIFTING 4 days a week (well it's more of a functional training these days but still involves heavyweights) and spending mad hours in front of books/screen. Give it a try even without training at first, then incorporate workouts and see if it makes any difference. I've coached a lot of guys with similar issues and it all always turned out for the better, you'll be fine too ?
  10. I told some guy to put lsd in his parents' tea and it still was a better advice than what you did here
  11. So? Not all of them by the way, and there are loads more I could list. Not sure what you're after here. No 'scientist', whatever you understand by that name, is trying to explain the whole reality. These are regular professionals doing their daily jobs, no different than a cook, lawyer, bus driver or engineer, although probably way more conscious than any of them. The fact that some people think that science will one day give us the theory of everything is an entirely separate matter and probably very unrelated to any individual scientist or any group.
  12. Lmao CG Jung, J Campbell, Einstein, Bohr, Feynman (maybe less), Planck, Heisenberg, Schrödinger, Born, B Blanton, probably many more..
  13. @Zeroguy in which way is it great for my health?
  14. If you're a vegan then your ascorbic acid levels should be fine, as long as it's a balanced type of vegan (I'm talkin peppers, broccoli, potatoes, brussels, black currants etc). You can't find NAC in food but if you're well then what's the point? What kind of respiratory problems are you experiencing? I've had some pretty good results with vit C. I haven't been 'sick' for past 5-6 years or so but when I catch some common cold I usually take mad amounts of it and I'm fine the next morning. But then again it might be the outcome of my daily lifestyle. I sometimes drink it before workout too. You can try popping some vit C if you feel fatigue or something, which I assume might be the case with you being vegan.