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  1. It depends on what you want to test really, and how accurate you want it to be (e.g. distinction between MDA and MDMA). Different drug, different test.
  2. @assx95 read a book 'Tiny habits', the method is great for dealing with addictions like yours
  3. @Bob Seeker If you don't have any permanent damage, look for the Alexander technique teacher in your area. Will do you more good than chiropractic.
  4. 0.5-5kg is not really much weight, how much can you pull off in total on each dumbbell? Weights that small you'd use mainly for arm exercises. You can try some single straight leg deadlifts, all the variations of squats and lunges. It should be enough weight for some proper overhead presses if you're not used to exercising yet. DB chest fly. Maybe some single arm rows? Not sure where you're at. Check out reddit's rr, it might work for you and you won't need much equipment If you're trying to lose belly fat eating is not half of the journey but rather the majority of it.
  5. Why would you compare accelerating in a car to free falling? In former gravity clearly isn't the main acting force. Also where did you get an idea that gravity is an acceleration? There is acceleration caused by gravity but these are not the same thing.
  6. Instead of forcing yourself load some calories with your first meal of the day. You can easily get 1k kcal+ without forcing yourself with some milk, peanut butter, honey, bananas, berries, milled flaxseed, protein powder, or whatever else. You're probably eating less than your body would normally require. Try tracking your macros for a week, it could do you wonders.
  7. @Anon212 Why on earth would you even think about doing something for the next four years if you're not passionate about it your PhD will be a total misery if you don't love researching the subject and the subject itself
  8. Ask her if she likes anal Works way better than you could ever imagine
  9. You can easily benefit from building muscle/strength training. Starting from injury prevention, preventing osteoporosis, improved balance, sleep, metabolism, control of sugar in blood, stronger immune system, increased energy levels... I could still go on. You don't get these simply by doing cardiovascular exercises. Your older self will definitely thank you for that effort too. The rest of this thread is extremely cringe worthy though. As much as I appreciate egoic reasons for pursuing aesthetic physique it's hard to deny obvious benefits.
  10. You probably can't. Don't underestimate the fact of everything being normalised these days. Of course you can hire already qualified stuff but a lot of things you cannot do just by yourself with no proper certification. Lmao It's a matter of what you do with your degree and the time spent at the university, not what degree 'makes' you. Terrible misconception. As to what jobs require a degree. Go with your intuition - most of science and academic jobs, civil/mechanical/electrical etc engineering, loads of government jobs, policy makers, consulting etc. Also, it really depends on your location, insurance policies, demand for employees and more.
  11. @HERO_ you're not gonna lose your progress but you might experience low energy levels during the first week or so which can translate to lower performance
  12. Cringe
  13. I mean who even drinks water anymore? We got coke zero, am I right?
  14. Feynmann was great, I recommend reading his autobiography. He was one of the few really open-minded scientists and seems like an awesome guy overall. He also experimented with darkroom meditations etc. science =/= scientific method you don't define a scientific method, it's just a model or method used to 'discover' knowledge if you will
  15. Try it for yourself. The tough part might be actually eating them. So far, I was always mixing my mushrooms/truffles with tea or food. I'd probably vomit if I ate them while on water fast.