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  1. Enjoyment
    Urge to go extreme with spiritual practice
    There's literally nothing stopping You.
    There's nothing stopping you from enjoying God every moment of Your Life.
    It doesn't matter what You're doing.
    Just enjoy Yourself.

  2. Anti Narccissism
    Are You A Narcissist? - Take The Test
    @Ulax I see what you're saying. I think the narcissist just isn't happy being "normal". He needs to always be better than everyone else. So what the narcissist is avoiding is that feeling of dropping down to being normal and not special. And then also facing the ugliness of his lying, cheating, and other nasty behaviors which he was using to rise above everyone.
    If the narcissist ever became fully conscious of his own ugly egotistical behavior he would definitely hate himself. But he's not conscious of that yet so there is no self-hatred. Self-hatred would actually be a step above narcissism towards truthfulness.
    Self-hatred is what a narcissist would experience if he started doing serious spiritual work on himself. Which is exactly why he will never do it.
    Here's how it works: It's easy to love yourself when you bullshit yourself about how great you are. But this is just lies. It's much harder to love yourself as you truly are, without all the facades and lies. Imagine if you convinced yourself that you are hotter than Brad Pitt. This would make it easier for you to love yourself. But then you would have to avoid looking in the mirror and facing the truth and learning to love the truth. So that's exactly what a narcissist is doing. He's thinks he's got everyone fooled, but really he's only fooling himself and a handful of fools who worship him.
    I think I just figured out narcissism.