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  1. Just to be clear, Buddhism doesn't count as a religion but a philosophy, right, right!?
  2. especially when I open my jaw, right ear has a constantly frustating feeling, am i... dis-hydrated?
  3. When ma boi Dan steps in, Credibility lezgo.
  4. How to be immune to Propanganda? Looking for perspectives
  5. damn a struggle to understand..i dont get it.
  6. no matter how many times I try to hit my head against the wall, I probably still wouldn't get that " Perspective is a relative notion. It does not exist at the absolute level. Consciousness is not a 1st person perspective. That is the ego's illusion. Consciousness is Absolute Infinity." " Consciousness is absolute Infinity. Whereas a perception is an angle or a way to look at a certain situation. Consciousness is One Whereas perspectives can be many in number. Too many "
  7. Can't argue with that logic, well I could but you knowwhatImean
  8. Same, even though I never been to WW2, but my Dad almost got drafted, Sorry for those 'creepy' pms from before.
  9. I see how it is. Since you wanna keep acting goofy, Ima hand you my certified clown license
  10. Holy Paragraph your Essays, I only read the 1st and last paragraph. But on topic the practical value is any form of Art like being a fiction writers, I'm surprised you didn't figure this one out on your form, your welcome.
  11. How to not want to be misandrist misogynist, Misanthropy I'm struggling with, I know I'm part of the 'problem' but I can't help but believe I'm better off single for the rest of my life AND every future reincarnations, my hatred is unmatched, I can't stand chicks pretending to be goody good shoes when they're physiologically without a care in the world damaged the minds of any poor naive people falling for their traps who just didn't know any better *punches my punching bar with a piece of paper on it*
  12. You really made to make a super extreme comparison didn't ye, or (thats not the right terminology, struggling to find the correct wording)
  13. Isn't so called dogma everywhere? hmmm
  14. You gotten so much cooler ever since you became a WoJak, hooooow? hoooow?