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  1. Hope you get better too, taking the high road despite your pain is a W
  2. So this link you linked is like a structured Chat GPT? intereeesting. Oh it will make me happier.
  3. I appreciate this. Dnd in Education curriculum? wholey agreed.
  4. I got recommended this so yes, hedonism ain't working out that well ngl, but then again I'm low on funds too so ye. But to be fair I could do more meditation exercise etc etc.
  5. Could be.
  6. Interesting intereeesting, I am attuned to this DND, one nitpick though.... Solo DND, how is this possible?! Thought a Dungeon master is required, and then some players at minimum?
  7. So we already confirmed in the forums and possibly videos the Buddha is wrong in that Life isn't suffering, it's perception. What else is Buddha right or wrong about?
  8. argh I gotta get rid of all tate falsehoods outta my system for good 'healthy fear of god' no NO. I must transcend the fear of god myself.. again.
  9. I will not be sorry as I don't know you at all personally, but my future condolences as I also deal with such thoughts, but I don't allow those thoughts (currently) to seduce me into such a foolish action you cannot take back, find other solutions that are valid in your personal own life. Don't go through with it become another statistic..
  10. Alright but the Healthcare system over isn't no. 1. And guns allowed near everywhere, Also you been to other 1st world countries which may be just as free, if the above still is not of any concern, disregard.
  11. Ascend to true Godhood after death lezgoooo.
  12. So simply by being alive value also is 'derivative of the value' aka human life is valuable according to some governments via Welfare systems, gulp.
  13. I feel better already doing the exercise, wasn't expecting practical stuff!
  14. I'd try it, and hopefully I don't ADHD away from the video, only 6 min, what could go right? right?
  15. Good mentality.
  16. Be ok with being a relative failure?, you still better than a large portion of humanity for being aware enough... simply posting this post though as you posted.
  17. Ye I'ma guess no, Video game development is Hell according to himself, so no.