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  1. @Alexop 1.) I hope that was the case, living in the 3rd world country, parents are expecting their youngsters to make up for the expenses they spend on their children, sick, and stupid traditions, I'm actually trying something different this holiday by not going home lol. 2.) Yeah I started that early this year with friends that I meet up with from time to time. Just that, they are good people to hang out with, but that is all. Only 'good'. Nothing new, no growth, nothing deep. I sometimes wonder if I'm just there as their therapist lol. Same thing when I went home to my birth town. Nothing new, just the same old town, with boring people contended with their daily boring lives. I am working on that since I've read a lot of books about services to others and creating value, I am actually working on a personal project. Just have to vent out because sometimes, you can't prevent communication with family members out of the blue, but I am making schedules now. Also, I'm working in a job. Just got lucky that I'm allowed WFH, so I have some extra free time to do my thing than spending my time in the traffic.
  2. I've always wanted to go to London uuhhh
  3. Hi everyone! I'm from Asia and from where I grow up, it's been a custom to never question family tradition and parent-aunt superiority just because they are your elders. Here's my question: 1.) Is it the same in the west or any part of the globe that you always need to be responsible for your parent(s)? Meaning giving them always money. 2.) Sometimes I wish was normal like most people in society, but it's not. I have tried that before and it makes me miserable. Now that I am starting to get out of my shell, people are sabotaging my success, even my mom doesn't understand what is it that I am trying to do. For context, I am actually living far from them (takes a 1hour) plane, but in the same country. It's been on my mind for a while now to migrate, but I don't want to be stuck to 9-5 job. All I want is the freedom to do whatever I can aaaahh.
  4. I found this video today, haven't watched it, I don't think I can waste my time on this, but the comment section is hilarious lol, but no. I'd rather read a book.
  5. Tbh I was wondering that myself. And he's 21. I dont want to judge younger kids nowadays but lol. I guess this forums attract all kinds of people per se
  6. Internet is hard. You login and see people saying 'Fapping' is good, 'fapping' is bad. And there's the in between and everything else ugh... Can I just go off grid and live my life with animals?
  7. @Kshantivadin Thanks mate, if you dont mind how old are you? Yeah I'm quite excited already! I may have to consult to you at times or post here when I need help!
  8. I used to follow Brian before because of his experience with Ayahuasca and the group that I've been with promotes him.. until sometime last year. I was new to my Aya journey and initially I thought people would use it for a good cause. I totally agree that his older videos are quite nice and I used to watch his vlog updates.. but I ended up unfollowing him for sometime. I kinda forgot what was the trigger though. I think it's the Icke stuffs. After that, I became wary of who I follow.
  9. Like Leo said, the forums is a place of community. Don't take it very seriously. You already decided what's your path though. May the force be with you!
  10. I have this ebook on my phooone for quite a while. I dont know why I waited for this long to actually read it.
  11. @Kshantivadin I may have to be more conscious about this in the coming days and report here. Based from my recent 1-2 weeks streak; I managed to do alot of declutter of my room. Which is one of the things I don't usually do after a relapse. I want to be on that jive again and accomplished things at a time.
  12. You reminded me quite of my old self where I chose to close everything from within, until the time came that I allowed myself just because of an experience that I was not expecting. Of course when I say this, I allowed myself to go out of my comfort and traveling to unknown territories. I met someone whom I thought we will end up romantically but it ended up platonically. I was hoping to end it up the other way but I learned alot about myself just being on those moment. Whatever people say on this thread, it will still get filtered on your perspective. The only thing I can say why you made this thread is you want someone to talk and validate that your current chosen path is right (e.i you watch Leo's video and argue with yourself that is the only path). Take note of this kind of trap, even Leo has mentioned this many times. Nothing is absolute and not everyone takes the same path. That's just my take anyways. The purpose of this forum is mostly community so I would understand why people do what they do here. We have free will, so do whateva you have guys lol
  13. ^ Why not suggest that on the comment section of her video? Maybe she will read it.
  14. @Mesopotamian, based from the feedbacks here it seems like you're still young. It' quite funny each and every person here project what they think is true and right. Most do that anyways lol.. Nevertheless, it felt like you're waaay to advance or the other way around at your age. My only advice is don't totally close yourself from any life experience. As with anything else, we need relationship to grow (relationship with yourself is utmost important). If what matters to you at the moment is living by yourself and cutting connection to the people you know, then do that. It will be a moment of time you will begin to connect with others (family, friends etc). You mentioned you watched alot of Leo's video right? Most people here does, but like what Leo said himself, only take what you need at the moment. While theories are nice to hear from other 'successful people', experiment with life, that's why you're here.
  15. @flowboy Oh thanks for seeing that. I may have to see more about this attachment thing. I saw some people here on the forums on this specific test to see and to fully understand my own.