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  1. @K VIL2 You're welcome!
  2. @SaWaSaurus thank you
  3. More explanations simplified would be great
  4. @Hardkill i do not masterbate to men based on looks. It's the entire package that's a turn on. Most women need a connection before they are turned on sexually. Looks are important but not everything. Everyone is different tho. Confidence is sexy.. humor is sexy.. intelligence is crazy sexy
  5. @aurum society has it wrong. I agree greatly with the system failure @DIDego agreed I'll make a point to check in daily
  6. That's very insightful and so greatly appreciated. There is a part of me, a traumatized immature part, which I believe is my higher self trying to grow, that feels others don't want to connect with me and disconnected from others.
  7. Connection. How can we connect with others and have others connect with us when we feel disconnected. I feel this often and would appreciate any resources.
  8. Complex PTSD from surviving to thriving by Pete walker or drama of the gifted child by Alice Miller
  9. Martha beck has a good Program but it's Pricey. I received mine through life purpose institute. It's ICF accredited. It covers the basics.