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  1. This gave me goosebumps, so spot on. She knows what she's talking about. Came across her YT channel via this interview she did recently. Im amazed at her level of understanding, and she's very young. It's rediculous
  2. an email I received few days ago from a chem shop If you believe or have plausible reason to think that a substance may be unrestricted in The Netherlands -where you are purchasing from- but restricted in your country, then you should NOT import it to your country, or you should check with a domestic lawyer if there are ways to request an authorisation for doing so. The substances provided by ....... are not medicinal products or medicines, neither illegal drugs or consumption products. They are just chemicals sold under the REACH regulations in Europe and this is how they are distributed to you. If you want to know more about REACH please visit We have done a prospective research for the last 3 weeks and we have decided to restrict checkout for a few countries where we think research chemicals might not be allowed. However we as the supplier have no obligations in this sense and also it would be impossible for us to know what substances are legal in every single country. Please do your research to know if the substances you intend to order are legal in your country and do not order if in doubt.
  3. In my experience nn,dmt is alot more challenging than 5meo. If you have lots of experience with nn,dmt you gonna be surprised at how easy 5meo is. nn,dmt is so overwhelming so much things happening and just impossible to process. whereas 5meo is a rocket ship straight to destination Singularity
  4. I've tried several days a week. but these reactivations started hitting hard. even after weeks of no use. usually happens at night tho, randomly. out of the blue.
  5. If you've done 5meo-dmt before then malt seems a little more gentle in come up. but if you havent had any experience with 5meo-dmt then malt still knocks you off your socks. I had only experienced vaprized 5meo-dmt before I tried plugging malt, thought it be as gentle as you described but at around the 7 minute mark it started and completely swallowed me in two seconds into infinity and beyond lmao.
  6. Sorry, posted in the wrong thread.
  7. @stefm5 I guess I had it from the same site but they closed shop. Theres a post on reddit that says some of the left over employees might been on an exit scam with it too. its such a bummer.
  8. @Breakingthewall 10 grams is a shitload tho. I bought 250mg for 37,50 euro which is very reasonable. about the same price as 5meo dmt. if you can get 10 grams of malt for 300 euro that would be hella cheap
  9. Where I live theres a legal version of ketamine called 2F-Ketamine (2-FDCK) is that any good?
  10. From my experience the synthetic is a more clean experience. Dosing is much more efficient. With bufo I have some wild bodily reactions. Moving around much. The comeup on bufo is also much more wild like being in the eye of a hurricane. With synthetic I'm pretty still and I slip in very gently into "the state". Synthetic also tends to be more colorful visually.
  11. Try searching for bufo alvarius ceremonies/sessions.
  12. @rayamonoes how did you administer? How much was the dose?
  13. deleted
  14. I know bufo has just a little amount of actual 5-meo-dmt. and they say the other alkaloids are like assisting spirits. Synthetic 5-meo-dmt does give me the scares, given the experience I had on Bufo alone. I wrote about my bufo experience : I emptied my lungs. The pipe moved to my lips. Saw the white smoke forming. Began to inhale. Slow and steady. I hadn't even fully inhaled yet. Maybe 75%. Darkness quickly surrounded me. In complete darkness I only saw the white smoke. As it filled me up. Suddenly I was screaming. A most terrifying scream. As I was catapulted with godspeed. My scream changed from fear to superhuman, godly even. I believed the whole world was hearing it. As it shook the whole planet. Briefly I felt the pain of the world. The damage we do to the planet, nature, eachother, ourselves. As my scream was to wake humanity up. How can this be? What am I? Suddenly I was shiva, the destroyer of worlds. I got really, really frightened. I can't control no shiva power, I might destroy everything. And that exactly happened, I screamed all of existence into oblivion, all of creation. All the physical realms, all the spiritual realms, and everything in between. It was gone. As if the big bang reversed. Unity. It was all me, everything. Everything was all me. I was everything. There really never has been an "other" The people I love, the ones I've hurt, and hurt me. It was all just only me. Instant forgiveness, completeness, immense love. Insanily love that just tears you apart and shatters every molecule/subparticle. Pureness, insane joy. Insane extacy. Complete and utter insanity. No words. Began earthing back. Confusion, such disbelief. I'm back here? It would've been perfectly fine, if I hadn't returned. Ego came in with the quickness. Slightly disappointed, tears. Crying out loud. Thoughts. Nobody heard my scream? It didn't woke and shook the planet? I'm no shiva? all the illusions, it didn't collapse?