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  1. @OBEler this is something that you should ask her. And yes there is a lot more than what I mentioned above, we all know that. I don't watch tv since years and im not fun of violence any more, when i was younger yes, but i do have also my moments when im angry for example. but while tripping i never had to confront violence, maybe it will come in the future i don't know. My fear while tripping is losing it completely
  2. @OBEler i don't think everyone see these scenes, but indeed many people do. I think the content has to do also with the personality of each and of course his lifestyle, education etc.
  3. Do you see such things? I think is the TV consumption for many people.
  4. @DefinitelyNotARobot @acidgoofy @Sincerity @Godhead Schadenfreude
  5. That point could became dangerous for the physical body?
  6. So you indeed do the substance as I wrote to you a couple of years back. You take it where you want, at least at this point. I realized that my self that somehow it can be done as I did it by accident, it confused me but I was surprised that I could control my intentions midd tripping
  7. 93mg snorted. Normally I go max 80mg. I cannot answer you about the music. Depends, you might get bored from too much. Classic music is an excellent choice but I like silence too to contemplate.
  8. Instrumental music is amazing on DPT, you became the music. Vibratory like you cannot even drink a glass of water, I stay in bed and I just let my body shake, I find it very therapeutic. I find it challenging on its peak on high dose, I left the house wanting desperately to feel the beauty of the rain in my body. Bad idea... after 2 minutes outside of my 4 walls everything started expanding, I was expanding everywhere, all this freedom I felt was devastating, I thought that the horizon will suck me, so I got panicked and run back home. First and last time doing that, but overall DPT gives me wonderful experiences
  9. Olive oil. I would avoid salmon if it's not organic. Very toxic with a lot of heavy metals but in Canada you can definitely find the good stuff.
  10. Instead of playing the smart ass and at the end getting embarrast think a bit for yourself. Intuition! Verify this shit for yourself
  11. I did too They have respect from me, they are filthy sneaky little bastards but they cannot touch me cause they are afraid of my truth, they know my power. In a peak state with malt I fall in a cybernet in an anknown dimension, in the back of my head your voice was saying to me 'be careful inside here'. I know what they are in the 3D world. Somewhere in the Bible is written that the Devil was God's most beautiful creation and demons were the angels who rebel and followed Devil. Corruption doesn't have to look ugly! I find that Christianity and art through centuries in the middle ages painted them ugly and excessively used them to scare people
  12. I grow up in a christian cult. I'm not clean yet. Even after more than 20 years out I still contemplate these stuff when tripping. I did, they fading away slowly
  13. @Someone here a small advise. don't ask any nutritionist, most of them are biased. Don't ask any doctor, they are more biased. our grandfathers had almost one hundred million sperms. We have roughly 30 to 40 million. So in hundred years the amount dropped almost 70%. The western lifestyle is killing Testosterone. TRT for most young men saves lifes. Be aware that Testosterone is a very sensitive hormone compared to estrogens that are highly aggressive and they don't die easily. Avoid all kinds of cosmetic products, they are full of estrogens. Testosterone is the male and female sexual hormone and is missing a lot in both genders. the nutritionist above wrote same invalid informations. Without Testosterone no muscles, depression, cardiovascular problems, sexual problems, etc. Eat meat for strength and veggies for health. Eggs are the most nutritious and innocent food on the planet. It's the purest form of protein. Eat a pizza for breakfast but please don't eat soy. It's the most cheap and genetically manipulated plant of the planet. Go and lift weights!!!
  14. If there wasn't Christianity there would be no demons in our heads or am I wrong? In many of my trips I have seeing ugly creatures with knives for teeth trying to spook me to convince me how dangerous they are but I learned to tame them, not to take them seriously thinking is my ego again playing with me.
  15. The only thing I realized from this outburst is that only stupidity can kill God! I understand him. Really I'm contemplating since years how can I love stupidity even my own but is such a hard shit to swallow.