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  1. @Loving Radiance I have over 10 Trips on the substance. I know about the issues, i wanted to double check about the insights.
  2. You mean don't rely on it for it's insights or because of physical health?
  3. And the BMW in the back
  4. Why almost all presidents are above 50 years old? Because what they cannot do to their wife's they doing it to the country!
  5. Ist like an athlete who takes steroids but not going to the gym!
  6. There is only one trick to avoid come down on a trip! Don't get high if you don't want to fall Use it only for existential reasons! Party afterwards Make a set and setting as you are going to date the most important person in your life for a discussion and that is your self. Don't invite a third person in your date! Don't discuss about football, you have only a few hours. You can arrange many dates up to 3 4 weeks distance. Make something light for food Best early in the morning when you are fresh
  7. I have seeing this movie as a boy and I was fascinated by the end. The film is nothing special is rather cheap made but it has a very important hidden meaning for the work we are doing here and I wanted to share it. It teached me much more than the religion I was in.
  8. Without life purpose you are already dead. With life purpose you just live, you don't care anymore if it's long or not! Find a life purpose and you will want to live thousand years for it.
  9. Dangerous territories isn't? So it's way beyond finite or infinite intelligence, or is the infinite intelligence? Construction needs a hell of engineering
  10. Do you mean Intuition by this? To be so conscious to intuit other minds?
  11. Nahm acted moronic! He exposed his complete lack of wisdom and tremendous stupidity. Thousands of hours of meditation, YouTube channels, years of work,so much knowledge, thousands of post full of diarrhea to end up at the end of the line. This "it's just a thought" it needs to be considered. This example tells as that this work is not a joke. The forum started its downfall since aspects of the truth have being pointed. Christ had thousands of followers but as closer he was turning his followers to the truth he ended up with 12 students and the last one stubt him in his back! We are so primitive to accept that God realization will reveal us how primitive we are!!! That is the madness we live in. Doesn't matter if you are alone or not, it won't change the fact that you want to fuck your brains out take a shit and drink blood, the thing that you are doing already but deluding your Self that you are something higher than that. NO this imaginary Self needs to THINK if he wants to stay stupid or not! No one wants to realize what a shithole he/she is but only then he/she can clean up the mess
  12. @Opo I know you are right about the freezer, I'm thinking about it but I need to make some room. This food is indeed good quality Barf made in Switzerland and it's the cheap one, high quality gets up to 12$ the pound, I would need good 800$ a month to feed him with the best. Rest meat from the markets is not allowed to sell because of regulations my ass, discounts barely exist and import meat has very high customs. Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in the world! My father where he lives he goes in the central meat market on the afternoon before they close and he gets for his dogs around 10 to 15 pounds of good meat for 5 euros
  13. @Opo dude don't make me more miserable than I am. Where I live that thing in the picture which is a pound is costing 5,5$ With 70 bucks I get only 8 to 10 cans of industrial shit. To have a dog that needs almost 2 kilos meat a day is very expensive here
  14. Barf I find the best, but is expensive. I don't know if it has in your place.