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  1. Even born with bigger muscles if they don't get trained they won't really care to grow. Don't underestimate your experience and your knowledge. I'm stuck on 28mg -which is a lot- snorted finding my self contemplating so fast like a computer downloading rapidly thousands of pages but no breakthrough, no God mode, plugged not a chance. I'm trying to teach my brain to get the most out of the trip with moderate doses, if I get the knowledge then could be possible
  2. Don't see it this way, it's not sad as i wrote you before, you *do* the substance, you have open neurotransmitters that I haven't dreamed of yet. It's like in the gym you can train with much less weight and be as effective
  3. @Clint Eastwood I can feel your concerns, Psychedelics need tons of maturity which the majority doesn't have. This is where the misunderstanding is
  4. @Clint Eastwood Say that to the doctors who treating patients in hospitals with triptamines
  5. Go for it and don't worry It will make your relationship much stronger when you realize that you are her. See it as quite the opposite, you will connect with her in an unimaginable ways, you will discover her beauty inside you
  6. The bible describes perfectly the human being it self! It starts with Genesis and ends with Revelation aka Apocalypse. The human being starts from birth and ends.......? Revelation describes enlightenment, Trinity is actually non duality, all three is one, but explain this to a religious person who don't want to accept that the holly spirit is his fucking mind. I find that the bible is missing a book, over 1000 years after the book of revelation is nothing written, what happens afterwards? No religious person EVER asked what the fuck is happening after Apocalypse, what trinity is going to serve the human? What's next anyways? Is hard to accept that if you do the work that is written in the bible it will reveal to you that you are that motherfucker in the clouds The bible is still incomplete and no one reads it quite right
  7. MDMA Open your heart and your soul first to your own self!
  8. Intuition, this is watching
  9. Since many here on the forum already have realized that they are God they don’t get much busy with substances but with philosophy so there is not so many informations about psychedelics. I have a bunch of triptamines on the toolbox, I have done about 30 to 40 trips till now. 5meo-DMT freebase and HCL Dpt, 4-HO-DET, 4-HO-DPT, 4-HO-MIPT, 5-meo-MIPT, βOA-2C-B,mdma and LSD A couple of them I haven’t tried yet. I have some questions to the experienced ones, how you manage your time for a nice solid trip? Time for integration?I have my own business as a car mechanic and working alone so it’s a lot of stuff to do every day including fitness,kids every second weekend, spirituality, reading, divorce, private life? and so on, I live alone and I try to steal some time to enjoy a trip. I’m not the only one who is busy and I want some tips and tricks from others, also how do I keep the triptamines fresh? with the time I’ve read that they contaminate, another concern is the tolerance, I don’t have much time to try threshold dosages and go my way up so I go balls to the wall which is also not the best solution. I had a trip sitter only twice so even when I'm out of space when tripping I NEED to be careful to stay safe, a lot of them were horribly challenging! How you manage your tripping to make it also enjoyable and be able to go to work also the next day? Sometimes when I have some time I just feel tired from the day/week and I’m afraid to trip like that. Which triptamine you find best?excluding 5meo
  10. @Bob Seeker Put in your arms a 5 minutes old human being and you will understand what creation means!
  11. God has created the church and devil has created the priests
  12. @Princess Arabia I've got a headache!
  13. @Adodd consider one thing. You don't know these people. If someone takes shrooms on a festival, if someone is watching all his life TV shit, have a bad life, is a liar, stupid, bad person, dirty mind ,too young( as the most) bad setting, on an party with some friends and cold beer and many more other things. Don't wonder why they have bad trips!
  14. Let's consider if the one teacher in the art school of Vienna wouldn't reject Hitler for 'bad design' that was the reason and could see his efforts and tell him ok you have some potential you stay! He could have learned to express his emotions on the canvas and could me more happy, but he got rejected, they didn't gave him love. Consider how this school evolved in the history we have