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  1. So I will share my recent experience with 5meo-malt. 2 days ago. I made my usual setup for tripping as with DMT. I plugged 7 scoops of 3mg, aprox 21mg on distilled water, I lay down and waited, after 40 min of fooling my self I stand up and prepared the same amount to get snorted! Sorry Leo but my ass ist too straight even for psychedelics. So with 21mg after maybe 10 to 15min I felt my heart beating fast enough to understand that is starting to work. The come up was easy and gentle, in the middle of the trip I still could talk to my self, I relaxed and let my self to experience the trip. Nothing spectacular happened, I had just very deep contemplation, I refreshed a lot of insights of past trips, I just felt at a moment that I wanted to hug all the people I have ever known and cry out all their pain. Its lasting long!!! I suspect that on higher dose could be very overwhelming after a while but it gives the time to realize your current state and think about it to relax, I was happy saying to my self *I'm tripping:)*. No visuals whatsoever, clean head and the most important no nausea, the come down even smoother. I just took a taste of it and so far MALTesers taste good😉 The dosage is obviously a threshold for me, on DMT my highest dose was 28mg snorting it. Dmt is killing my stomach, even after fasting from the day before to prepare my self, in the middle of the trip I need to vomit and then the trip is ruined because when the body load is gone I think I will go insane, it happened to me on my very first trip! Malt is so gentle! Next time I will try 28mg as with dmt to compare how strong could be, I have no idea what to expect, my concern is the long duration without a trip sitter. That's it so far, in the next days or weeks I will manage to explore it again and will see
  2. By vaping is it so fast as dmt?
  3. If you want to open the body take some DPT, but alcohol and cocaine? please...
  4. @taotemu its not about if you should trust the psychedelic experience but trusting your own self, trusting your intuition is the key to understand and integrate those kind of experiences which is amazing helpful for me. Sometimes you don't have to understand a trip but feel it, just have your eyes open and be open minded and insights will be revealed maybe weeks or months after where the aha moment comes. I find psychedelics is the sledgehammer to brake a very well constructed wall aka. Ego! The more experiences the more open mindedness you have
  5. Very much yes, I believe and don't on this things but at 33 my life changed completely. I took the most serious decisions of my life which I don't regret! Jesus died at 33 Alexander the great died at 33 Bruce Lee died at 33 (very spiritual person) and some others. It seems that this age has something for men
  6. 5meo is the default, the eraser Lsd is writing down new things
  7. Walk through Hell and you'll find Heaven . Only if you know what Hell is you'll start realizing Heaven!
  8. @Leo Gura you hit me in the crotch. I have the same problem and I discover one thing, I am afraid to love me!
  9. Way better relationship with the clients, much more confidence on taking decisions, clear head on pursuing what I want. I wish I could discover psychedelics 10 years ago
  10. @Periergos snort a little less than 20mg for test and work higher, always on empty stomach, don't insert the straw too deep in the nose, it will start dripping and you will loose substance. I had the same problems with plugging, it just don't work on some people
  11. Even born with bigger muscles if they don't get trained they won't really care to grow. Don't underestimate your experience and your knowledge. I'm stuck on 28mg -which is a lot- snorted finding my self contemplating so fast like a computer downloading rapidly thousands of pages but no breakthrough, no God mode, plugged not a chance. I'm trying to teach my brain to get the most out of the trip with moderate doses, if I get the knowledge then could be possible
  12. Don't see it this way, it's not sad as i wrote you before, you *do* the substance, you have open neurotransmitters that I haven't dreamed of yet. It's like in the gym you can train with much less weight and be as effective
  13. Go for it and don't worry It will make your relationship much stronger when you realize that you are her. See it as quite the opposite, you will connect with her in an unimaginable ways, you will discover her beauty inside you