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  1. 2-CB Fly is pretty mild and manageable. It's simplifying abstract insights for me
  2. Germany is one of the least spiritual and conscious countries on the planet. I would say some tribes in south America are the most spiritual collectively
  3. Beautiful substance but deadly for microdosing. I would suggested it only on very special occasions even formal ones. βoa-2cb is good, is pretty seductive but it needs time to kick in.
  4. People can do change If it's in a wrong section please remove
  5. Still no money because they feed a monstrous global extra multi billion beauty industry!
  6. Observe the highly masculine dominance of the feminine over masculinity. It's funny but try to mirror it Observe the couple on the video. See it from another perspective. He is sweating to satisfy her "vulnerable" femininity while she is holding his hand and looking at him sooo sweet vibing at him... if you don't do it my femininity will fuck up your masculine existence!
  7. An excellent book on how masculinity has been tortured through history!
  8. @Proserpina say that to the "stupid girls" not to me
  9. Oh please Leo, the majority of these men when they need to take responsibility for their actions like Men they run away and hide like pussies, they have a complete lack of integrity! At the end they will exploit and their men and their women. What is a man without a Word? The macho guy in the club that all the stupid girls getting wet for is the biggest pussy when it comes to responsibility, then you see how fast they falling on a woman's eye. Women are judging! Men in general fighting to stay Men even before birth! Masculinity is extremely vulnerable and in Today's society very misunderstood. Women on the other side have no clue what they want what a man is and even what a woman is. Society has served them feminism, survival at least in the west is pushing them towards Masculinity, at the morning they want equality and respect from men and at night they want to fuck their brains out completely disrespectful. They wobble between their biological clock, society's norms and their sexual phantasies when hormonal due to birth control their bodies are completely confused in natural partner selection and then for their extremely complex lives they blame men. No wonder why a young guy wants to approach a girl who is doninant/vulnerable/independent/fragile and so on and he has no idea what he should choose to be for her, Alpha male? Beta male? Delta male? Sigma male? Society punches him with the whole alphabet of stereotypes and its feeding his masculinity since birth with estrogens, from shampoos and beer until Ink and plastic full of BPA. Go figure out. Masculinity/femininity is extremely complex issue to balance these days! We think that women are vulnerable? Dead wrong!!! The very vulnerable Testosterone it self can very easily turn to very aggressive estrogens and goodbye masculinity! Paradoxically through history men are trying to dominate women just to survive! Be a man they say, who heard a man saying be a woman? Pussy it's fuckin deadly
  10. @somegirl A small story for you. One couple. 10 years of marriage. For 10 years after the sandwich he was making he was letting all the stuff in the kitchen. She was complaining that she has to clean and pick up the stuff every single time. He was not learning. This fight was bringing more in the surface! Being entitled that she deserves something better she through him out of the house, happy that she get rid of somebody who doesn't understand her! After celebrating with the girlfriends her brakeup, she turns home at night totally drunk, opens the door, stepping on a shoe falling on the table next to her and braking her neck! In the hospital when the doctors told her that she is going to take a shit in a bag for the rest of her life she realized that, that night of the accident was the first time he wasn't home! He was picking up her shoes from the floor for 10 years straight... every single time without complaining because he loved her! You get it? All these "yes my love" " I love your sadness" and so on is Horseshit! Ask this idiot how much sadness he can handle for the next 30 40 years. Mirror your partner as much as you can. See all his faults in your mirror and fix yourself but at the same time don't get lost in it, be kind to yourself too as much as you want him to be kind to you. If he is not kind to you be carefull before you judge him because you might secretly like it, see very deep in your mirror how kind you are to yourself first. This is dancing! btw. People hate authenticity, they envy it if they cannot reach it.
  11. @Loving Radiance I have over 10 Trips on the substance. I know about the issues, i wanted to double check about the insights.
  12. You mean don't rely on it for it's insights or because of physical health?
  13. And the BMW in the back
  14. Why almost all presidents are above 50 years old? Because what they cannot do to their wife's they doing it to the country!
  15. Ist like an athlete who takes steroids but not going to the gym!