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  1. I wrote about a group of people, not the whole progressive movement, please consider the rest of the post to understand the comparison. And I don't believe anything and any group that is biased
  2. In east Germany were communists!!!!! Left to the bone. Has nothing to do with Nazis
  3. During the cold war in Eastern Germany people spied their Husbands and wifes, children were putting in jail their parents! Social Justise Warriors today doing exactly the same thing because of exaggerating zeal, they are not concious enough to understand what Green means. Every Stage on Spiral Dynamics has many stages within it self. If all people on stage Purple were in the same level, we would live in caves for Eternity. SJW are the slam of stage Green. A Mature Human being doesnt get offended from such Horseshit that offends a sjw, where is the War anyways? The way i see it is that every stage starts as an infant and reach adulthood at some point to be able to jump to the next stage. If a teacher says to 50 five year olds... should we learn today the Alphabet or should we burn the school and get an ice-cream ? Guess what the answer would be The Video illustrates perfectly how egomanic and dangerous a group of anconsious People can be and sjw have no fucking clue about what Justice means, they are a bunch of children who would happily burn the school if they could ! Sorry for my english:)
  4. νοῦς ὑγιής ἐν σώματι ὑγιεῖ (old greek) a healthy mind in a healthy Body Junius Juvenalis
  5. I want your perspective. I started this journey 4 years ago because of my love for her! Thank you
  6. If you find yourself asking totally strangers what to do with a woman because you doubt, then don't do it. If you had feelings you wouldn't bother