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  1. What are the benefits of embodying both, masculine and feminine traits?
  2. How so? Heard Leo and people here say it too but don’t think I fully understand or have felt it cheers
  3. Can you expand please? The rest, I’ll probably have to read a few more times to wrap my head around. Thanks
  4. “The path to powerlessness is the path to power in a balanced reality & the path to power is the path to powerlessness in a balanced reality”
  5. “…To set the mind and heart free of the sense of being a temporary finite separate self… that’s the only freedom you need… and there after, give your mind and heart freedom to do whatever it wants.” How do we reach this state? I’ve practiced and experienced many moments, but to fully embody this way of being feels so far out of reach atm. Who’s been in a similar situation before embodying this way of living? How? I guess, lots of ego/shadow work first before this. is it possible to just keep on trying detachment? thanks ???
  6. How would you answer the question “When will I meet the love of my life?” based off these cards: Knight of Cups Reversed, 10 of Pentacles, Knight of Wands? If you’re not a tarot reader, what advice in general would you give to someone asking this question? Thanks!
  7. Thankyou Leo! Should be said more. Much appreciated ?????
  8. @gettoefl so it’s impossible to be present as a group? Might be more difficult but surely possible and the whole intent behind it will surely raise vibration more than it will decrease. Plus there could be other rituals such as OM chanting?? Which helps raise collective vibration?? Not exactly sure but can’t see it being a bad idea. I suppose meditating alone will always be better but don’t think its a terrible thing to do group
  9. Just can’t see how mass meditation would ever cause more harm than good. Sure, some might go the wrong way but mostly if people can find stillness in their lives only good can come from it mostly imo. Especially if they’re guided by good teachers. It’s like saying if more people drank water it’d eventually turn to wine ??‍♂️ Think it has to start at the root tho I.e in schools. Mandatory meditation in schools would have a huge impact on future generations… but life as it is probably won’t see that far anyway with AI developments
  10. @Lila9 have to try, thanks again
  11. @Lila9 thanks for the detailed response. I’ll keep trying. What benefits have you experienced from no internet use for a day?