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  1. Stop telling me to make a journal.. i'm tired enough of the abuse you've had on me. Making assumptions. And i'm not going to address all of those assumptions and accusations you've made about me and my family.
  2. @xxxx listening.
  3. A sage walk long distances. Running is not good for your body.
  4. And I lost 19.8 pounds of muscle since february 2020 and i'm not even heavy weight.
  5. My definition of Truth is The Quran. My relative truth might be limited, but the Quran is complete.
  6. I just add another one light so my space was brighter than ever. But then my memory card got formatted without my will. Your post came up right after. Hence , Am I being excessive? For having too many lights.
  7. And I just got my memory card deleted. . Wayo?
  8. There is cause and effect. And the most enlightened are those who can see the furthest distant future and the past.
  9. Actually, this forum is the first online forum that I know of.
  10. 21, 18, 15 shifting into 21 is hard. But with same aged friends it was made easier.
  11. Know your field and you will meet like minded people.
  12. @Leo Gura leo but you have to lose your moral don't you? Pure emptiness is any of your original state.