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  1. @Preety_India It really depends on the comfort level of the 19 year old, but if I were her then I wouldn't do it because from your text I see that the 36 year old is toxic.(I may be wrong) Dating with a toxic person results in dysfunction. However, by the end of the day I would judge the person level of development and then decide whether to date or not.
  2. Whats the point of this thread?
  3. I think the majority of the world's population is in such a low level of development because: 1. They don't fulfill their basic needs which is described by Maslow hierarchy. 2. They are in a low development of the Spiral Dynamic model (If you are familiar with the Spiral Dynamic model) I think it will get better in the future as humanity continue to evolve. Its because humanity has always been evolving from the dark ages till today and will continue evolving in the future.
  4. @Someone hereThat gave me some wisdom. Thanks. I will think and contemplate on that idea.
  5. @Someone hereThen what's the value you can offer to me in this thread? Did I miss something from this thread?
  6. @Someone hereSpot to me one mistake and I will leave Islam. You are not debating. Help me out and make me realize my illusion.
  7. @Bodhitree Thank you for posting it. I will go over it
  8. @Gesundheit If that's the case then that means that it come from some sort of Divine thing because Humans are always capable of making mistakes. Therefore, the divine is God which is Allah. Islam is Quran so if the Quran came from Allah then true Islam also came from Allah.
  9. @dflores321 Let me know about your results after you are done.
  10. @Someone here Thanks for asking 1. I believe that Islam is true because the Quran is without any errors. If you can spot one error or mistake in terms of grammar or information to me in the Quran then I will leave Islam, today. Since, the Quran is without any mistake so I can trust and rely in this source of book. Therefore I can believe in the story of heaven and hell. I don't think its possible to verify but also is it possible to verify that these things not exist? If you can verify to me that these things does not exist in the afterlife then I will leave Islam today. 2. I believe in the Quran because it's free of errors. Also, Quran told some discoveries 1400 years ago which couldn't be told by Science. For e.g. The Quran told the barriers between two ocean which Science didn't discover 1400 years ago. Therefore, I trust whatever in Quran is true. Quran is not filled with Scientific error and myths. Spot one of them to me and I will leave Islam today. So, again if you can spot one mistake in grammar or information to me in Quran then I will leave Islam and Quran. 3. I am a Muslim because I believe that their is no God except Allah. Its also gives me security, peace, purpose and meaning but I think that I am a Muslim because I believe that their is no God except Allah. If you can overcome this challenge then you have defeated Islam. The purpose of my response is not to start a debate but to give me wisdom and help me to verify things for myself. I would like @Someone here to help me out with this issue.
  11. @Someone hereI think religion stem from an enlightened person. All of religion stem from enlightened people trying to communicate their teachings to an unenlightened person who cannot grasp it. I am a Muslim and I follow the Holy Quran as a scripture. I think Science is about verifying and testing while religion is sort of like blind faith.
  12. @dflores321 I would do two 5 minute affirmation in one block. One affirmation will take 5 minute while the other affirmation will take 5 minutes. In total, 10 minutes.
  13. @Strangeloop How old are you when you lost your virginity? Also, how old were you when you had your first girlfriend?
  14. Hi, I have a question. Is physical labor harder or emotional labor?