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  1. I see myself as infinity, that currently as I’m typing this, likes to experience to be conscious as a finite form. I don’t take that personal anymore tho. It‘s more like being in awe of the intelligence that flows within the act of limitation. In form of a body I’m able to interact with the world through dancing, singing, laughing, speaking. I don’t see it from the lense of limit so much, it’s more like I really enjoy to be in that state and I feel why I choose so. Also as I grow in consciousness realization I recognize how the universe responds to my inner world as it slowly reflects in the „outer world“. It‘s all a game in the end and you can change the rules in favour of the whole. We are the creators of this reality with everything what we do, think and speak. Self-expression is a powerful tool these days especially as I see how people being inspired to do so as well. For example I was on a dnb Party yesterday and I really love to shuffle, it makes me so happy, it’s contagious. Suddenly random people gathered in a circle, we hyped each other up and danced together. This was so magical.
  2. sooo from my POV… infinity includes the possibilities of the most scariest reality’s you could ever IMAGINE. (Literally) so what do you actually complain about? Some words on a screen? Or isn’t it in actuality that your mind is playing tricks on you to convince Leo that he should give us all love and kindness? That he is supposed to never be edgy, cause many people are looking up to him bc they won’t look at themselves enough? what kind of wound does that reflect back to you that just wants to be seen, heard and loved by YOU? And by that I mean the infinite presence/source/god that eventually doesn’t have any other chance but to consider this step and surrender all projections. first, I suggest - bring that to light I think I came closer to what Leo is actually teaching and it is certainly not all butterflies and rainbows seriously, it’s about the willingness to face and accept the brutality of love and truth You can’t control reality it’s just an illusion that’s unfolding right in the phase of gods realization that it plays with itself the whole time
  3. @Byun Sean if you type in Mark Passio you will see that there even are other people who teach truth (their truth) and can’t help themselves but presenting it with the brutal reality it is in your face
  4. I don’t want to act like an expert but dealing mental health issues myself for basically my whole life, more or less - it’s quite understandable from my POV that he seems insane some days. This work is clearly not the most convenient to involve yourself in. In fact, I feel it tends to be so challenging, most of people can’t really wrap their mind around it without freaking out. I don’t know how much time he actually investigated now in trips, but from my own experience and other beloved people I shared trips with, I can say that 2 of them had been institutionalized after a trip. Luckily I never must have gone that road. The realizations can be difficult anyways, but for me it was kind of freeing most of time bc it released so much mental struggles I had within a blink of an eye. Even if I also struggle with the fact that I am basically alone with all the crazy experiences and insights I had. Suicidal ideation though is the easy way out. I think it would be more wise to open yourself for the possibility that some people (all God as well) know very well what he is pointing to and that they can also exchange experiences with him. Also if god creates all of the stupidity then he’s also in responsibility in changing that if he’s annoyed/bored of that.
  5. @Hojo can you give us more informations about that? Heard a lot about that as well from many sources and even had contact with dark alien beings as well, especially on psychedelics. Actually that would explain so much, earth feels like a huge lab.
  6. Although i don’t have a super concrete advise how you can promote that, I just wanted to say: very nice solo on the guitar! It really touched my heart. I like to hear metal a lot, kind of reminded me of parts in it. Maybe try out first by showing it friends and telling them to tell other people who may be interested. Also if you like to play live music you can go in local bars and ask if you can play there or go to open stages Btw: i sing as well:
  7. I can understand your intentions but I think that some people are very devoted to spirituality and self-understanding like I. On the one hand for me it's because I struggled with mental health issues my whole life but after 2 years of deep investigation and with the guide of yours it's been significantly better for me. In fact the structure of my mind had changed in positive degrees, I never expected possible. Especially after realizing what love and goodness is and grounding myself in it, I finally feel a healthy detachment to people and outcomes which helps me to be focused on doing more good in collective consciousness not just a few beings. Which I wished to do long time ago but you can say the ego was in the way. It also helps me to stay sane whereas it's likely at least in germany/EU where I come from that we have to go through very troubling times like war in the near future. After your explanations I can clearly say from experience, it's worth putting the time and effort for me to follow up the steps to a really profound life. Which in a sense I was prone to before I even met your channel. So your videos opened up new realms of possibitilies for me which I'm so grateful for. No matter what is the cause for your decisions, I hope maybe you'll find another creative way to share your insights. (At least with people who take their responsibility serious) Much Love and Peace for you.
  8. @Ry4n honestly, that's the best answer he can give, considering the possibility that he has some rules to play as well