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  1. Maybe it was an apocalyptic paradise, where death is anywhere and the egos became a foolness. Much more close of the hell is any room in any hospital where and old person is fighting alone against the death. and many of us are going to visit that place in a while, being the main character
  2. Maybe you should first find out where that need to transmit your genes comes from. it is everything except spiritual. Maybe when you are ready, you prefer to adopt a child from another country and help him to be a real and happy person, and not pay two lesbian slaves to breastfeed your son whom you will visit on his birthday to see if his progress is satisfactory. . don't you think?
  3. Shamans, cleaner energy...I was in a shaman led and the only profit I got was histories to laugh with my friends. If I were you I d do with a couple of friends and I'd forget shamans
  4. You have acted quite cowardly but I think you are brave. You started a process that causes fear and doubts to anyone, and you backed off. well, life doesn't end with that. you have the right attitude and you will go all the way. Maybe another 6 g in a while
  5. I would say that it means that you have to use deep understanding, intelligence, to understand the mechanisms of the ego and the deepest reality, and to consciously select the latter. I find it interesting point of view, even having specific moments of consciousness, many times I choose the path of the ego. sex is an important factor there
  6. Most of times , your dick is much more wise than you. If I were you, I d listen to my dick. Is telling you: she is not the girl
  7. If you are materialistic , you will panic to die. You couldn't even think seriously in your death, so of course, the ego d try to prolongin the life of the body as long as is possible , a cosmic age if the science can reach this, and it's possible than science in any moment could do it. In our egoic society it would be the most important thing when science could: prolong the life of the body
  8. Saying that something is good implies that it is the opposite of bad, which implies duality. and duality is the barrier to understanding and accepting reality.
  9. Are you sure? If you observe the world it's obvious that God is the creative energy but also the destroyer, is the compassion and also the war, is the love of the mother and is the lion who kills the babys of the other old lion to expand his genes.
  10. That is the question. I know that ME is the compulsive thinking, so the only way to stop the compulsive thinking is stop being me , but me can't stop being me...if that me is so kind of go out for a while, me is going to be so thankful because it's so stressful that compulsive thinking...but it's not the way, I know. The only way is the death, or the enlightenment.
  11. What is evil? All Life born to die. All Life always want to survive ,it is his nature, but is also to die. It's evil? Looks like a bad jocke, true. I think if God is the life, God doesn't matter the suffering, only the evolution. Nature of life is evolve, good and evil don't exist, only suffering and joy and both are part of the nature of life, and their objective is the evolution
  12. You can't stop this compulsive thinking? Maybe you could. Is said that enlightenment make silence in you mind , the compulsive thinking stops. So I'm not enlightenment at all, it's the proof, but I realize what this compulsive thinking is and why I'm doing. I'd like stop or minimise it as soon as possible because it is a loss of energy, time and life, a bad addiction
  13. I think the ego have different levels, and maybe some of them are even deeper than the mind. Like the feeling of suffering and pleasure. It's in the adn. The humans and the animals are attached for that, good is survive, bad is dead, good is food, bad is Hunger, good is acceptance, bad is reject...thats the reason of ascetic behaviours in all traditions around the world in all times, to stop the duality
  14. I think the mind is the capacity of humans to do abstract thinking , and projection to future and past, also construction of images , so maybe the ego is the mind, or maybe a part.