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  1. If you want to know God, observe what you see. God is love, God is creation, God is destruction, God is wild, but there are only words , god over all is incomprehensible to the mind. It's necessary let the mind go
  2. there is something very contradictory in non-duality with reincarnation. Let's see, the partner is a dream in the mind of God, in an infinite present, ok? So who is going to reincarnate? the dream? When is the "next" life? if there is only this eternal present ... I don't understand. if there is no duality, there is neither you nor me, nor is there reincarnation
  3. @Demeter hello, congratulations on doing 300 ug 2 times, you are brave and explorer. I really like your doubt and fear of emptiness. It seems that we all see love consciousness when we take psychedelics. I've always thought that you can go deeper. what you say motivates me to try to see what is there, I never went so deep
  4. @humanProcess agree that there are differences. no one is going to use 5 meo as a recreational drug. I used it for about 6 months and if I think about the change that my life has made ... it has been great, but it has not been only for the 5 meo. I became interested in the depths of the mind and began to investigate. I found the mushrooms ... a revolution. then the salvia... well I don't know what to say about the salvia. and got to 5 meo. I used it and in a day I went from being materialistic to spiritual. It's a trick? I do not know. But my mind is on it now 80% of the time. So I agree, 5 meo can be revolutionary for humanity
  5. I assure you that the psychedelic is a shock therapy that someone who is in the situation of blockage you describe would change their life forever. Doors open in you that cannot be closed again. Doing the same without this help would require very traumatic situations or a lot of meditation. And maybe it doesn't work. is it impossible to get psychedelics in your country? that someone send you lsd by letter is the simplest brother
  6. You re right , my trauma was in the surface so wasn't deep trauma, now I see the difference between deep and intense... interesting
  7. 1 day of psichodelics could have effects for all your life. Have you ever try?
  8. I know that it's the obvious answer in this forum, but I think that the best knot melter are the psichodelics
  9. @Happy Jay you and buba, im sure you will feel a revolution after a simply 3gr mushroom session. Cheaper, fast and more effective. I guess it's almost impossible to get it in your country, but if you could, try. Believe me
  10. @Buba think that psychoanalysis can help a little, but it really consists of reprogramming the ego, and what really helps is going beyond the ego. I do not know if you are familiar with these ideas, which come from very old. as an initiation you could read the power of now by eckhart toole, it is a fairly simple best seller but it contains the basis of these ideas quite clearly in my opinion.
  11. many people at any time have come to that conclusion. I suppose it have a lot of truth. but leaving this society is a great resignation. well maybe the same to abandoning the ego
  12. Maybe you had an awakening when your Ayahuasca experience, but now , that remembering , is an ego construction. "I know what I am" is egoic, and sure it's bored. The only way is to be what you are.
  13. For me a deep trauma is that my father, who was the soul of the house, left home when I was 9 and that when I saw him again after a year he insulted me, showed me displeasure and contempt, and did it also with my mother, whenever I saw her or saw me until he died. I imagine it was a kind of defense, like: I had to leave because you are garbage, not that I am garbage for leaving. How could I overcome hatred and rage? (I was burning on hate and rage for some years) first, fighting and making my way, second, discovering that any trauma, any mental pain, is a thing of the ego. it's not real when you stop being an ego. it just doesn't exist. I don't feel hatred or resentment or anything, really my most usual feeling is happiness. I am only surprised by the behavior my father had, but it slipped through my mind. belongs to another dimension. Really it surprised me, but it's real. That trauma was a egoic construction. The pain was real when it happened, but the remembering is a trick of the ego. Really was a trick of the ego even when it happened. In fact, it's the reason because I must stop being an ego, because my father gave me the gift of a disfunctional ego, if not I'm sure I could live with my ego like a stupid until my death. Writing this for first time in my life I think: thanks father, and I think it totally sincerely for first time in my life, he gave me the key of the freedom
  14. They said the same in the 1960s of the lsd, and who remembers. In my country, Spain, before 2020 no one knew what it is the 5 meo ... well, now, every 10 days there is news about the bufo alvarius, a famous who dead, etc. there are shamans charging 150 for three sessions. I asked one of them out of curiosity and he didn't know anything about 5 meo , he only knew the toad venum, but he told me the natural is much better. He told me never to do it alone because most of the spirits out there are good, but there are also evil ones and without a shaman there, they can do idk what. no comments. Conclusion: I think it will be forbidden shortly
  15. all that I am creating or not reality is too big for me. for me there are two obvious parts: one is the ego, the voice of reason, which speaks, questions, inquires, says things like: I am the creator of reality and I don't really exist. another is consciousness, it flows, loves, sees beauty everywhere, understands, is the present, does not doubt. for me the question is to minimize the first and enlarge the second. not because of finding the knowledge, but simply because the former is depressing and confusing shit and the latter is great clear happiness. simple practicality