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  1. I am on SSRIs. @Leo Gura Why not? I took 600ug on SSRIs? It was a bad trip with good insights that made it easily worthwhile.
  2. Does anybody have a reasonable explanation for this seemingly newly emerging phenomenon of "Rapture dream" testimonies appearing on youtube? Despite my scientific approach to comprehending reality, and my strongly held positions of religion being a poisonous slew of dogmatic bullshit, I'm finding myself forced to give credence to these testimonies. If you search "rapture dream" on youtube you'll certainly find multiple accounts of what was witnessed in various dreams, uploaded within the past few weeks, days or even hours, all of which attest to an imminent arrival of divine forces, and "end times". The reason why I can't help but take them seriously is because, a few months ago, I had an absolutely insane, paradigm shifting LSD experience in which the mystical facets of reality were made undeniably clear to me (an egoically tough pill to swallow, as a previously stubborn atheist), and I recently had vivid flashbacks of this experience. The flashbacks (provoked merely from marijuana usage if you can believe that) evoked another mystical experience, in which I seemed to rather unambiguously experience communication from divine forces that manifested through my common surroundings, such as my entertainment, podcasts and such. It was as though every word coming from my speakers presented a double meaning, in which I could interpret as divine messages that made perfect sense to me while also discernible as commonplace, unremarkable podcast banter, such that if another person were in the room, they would simply hear the crude, raunchy humor that you would expect from my typical means of entertainment, but in this moment of seemingly undeniable mysticism, I was interpreting every word as a divine expression of consciousness, and as personalized messages that deeply resonated with me. This freaked me the fuck out at first. Imagine thinking to yourself "God if you're really there, make some sort of noise", then hearing the exact noise you conjured in your head, but in fact truly audible in the physical world. Now imagine this happening repeatedly, time after time, such that there was no longer any doubt you were being communicated with. The moment that it became clear what was happening, I started shaking uncontrollably, like no other anxiety I had felt before. Within seconds though, I was comforted with an indescribable understanding that what I was experiencing was actually a "good" thing, and that I should not fear it. One of the "messages" that I received, was a warning that society is truly going to be fucked in the coming months. Exponentially more homeless people, excessive violence and suffering, to be specific. This all corresponds fittingly with the rapture dream testimonies I am now seeing. Has anyone else experienced anything similar? Does anyone know why all these people are saying 2020 is the year of the rapture? The night I had this experience I came across a youtube channel that gave me strong "turquoise" vibes in which the main speaker seems to be alluding to similar conclusions. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHc9cSStIlcDtbb5pWivN9g I just want more information, like, seriously. This shit is crazy, I would never have expected any of this to be possible even a year ago, and I would have previously dismissed this alluring personality as a batshit insane psycho mental patient. But instead I find myself desperately waiting for more of her content, as I have religiously watched every video.
  3. @Leo Gura Haha, the ol' ban hammer. I suppose that's one way to win an argument. There are multiple users who have defended my approach, and it's interesting how the ones who are not invested in defending any narrative have commended my patience in dealing with baseless viewpoints. Would you mind giving an example of something I've said that crosses a line? Perhaps in PM as not to obscure the thread's subject matter. In regards to this topic, I'm curious whether you would consider the "white supremacist" description of Proud Boys as classified by accredited US intelligence agencies enough to justify the terms' usage in reference to these extremists. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proud_Boys#cite_note-SPLC-10 @StephenK You've made my day, I really appreciate your open mindedness. I hope my tone hasn't at all alienated you from further discussion, but I would understand. I've noticed that I myself require a somewhat condescending opposition in order to be the most receptive to counter arguments, so it's an approach I reflexively cling to. If there's any confusion still, in short, the proper argument is that, of course genetics determine human behavior, but when we are specifically examining the difference between white and black prosperity, there is no evidence suggesting genetics play even a role in this disparity, and the academic consensus has consistently found that these differences can be explained exclusively from socialization and environmental factors. I'm curious if you have recently come across any media sources that have persuaded you to be more open to the environmental argument to explain black community issues, and I would ask that you please provide them if so, or was it necessary to have encountered the arguments I put forth in order for you new perspective. Very curious for you answer on this one.
  4. @neutralempty Imagine thinking your sarcasm has even a modicum of merit when you've come here, giving credence to another user's misunderstanding of an obvious joke, and then reacting with scorn once I rightfully correct them. Don't get too upset if I make some unflattering remarks about the level of wits you've committed to this discussion. @commie My dude! Finally somebody gets it. I find it troubling that people like @Etherial Cat have no trouble flinging unpleasant remarks (while misinterpreting me entirely) like "that's bullshit and makes you look foolish", but I'm not allowed to address them with the same disrespect since apparently they think I'm doing it from a position of unwarranted authority? As if I'm somehow in the wrong for articulating my viewpoints with the level of finesse I admittedly tend to. Edit: have a follow, sir, you've earned it.
  5. @Etherial CatNo, you should absolutely be called out with strong language for misinterpretting something yet having the confidence to rebuke it despite being unaware what you're referring to. I apologize for nothing, but I'll rephrase it a bit since it was so triggering. @neutralempty You say it sarcastically, but....
  6. @neutralempty Yeah I guess you wouldn't, haha
  7. Haha, can't say I'm too surprised someone actually thought I was calling him a white supremacist? r/woooooooosh The joke is that anyone can call someone anything for any reason, and it will sound foolish when there is no merit behind it.... I've overestimated the intellect of this forum unfortunately. Edit: Like, seriously, he said nothing that could conceivably be racist, and to address his meritless aspersion of me being "stage orange", I made an equally insubstantial accusation his way as a joke.. Like, c'mon. It was obvious.
  8. Sounds like something a white supremacist would say
  9. @StephenK Yet again you fail to muster any semblance of academic citation. I used to believe genetics played a role in the state of black America, it is the common sense, uninformed position after all. That was until I was exposed to the academic consensus and the peer reviewed citations, some of which I have provided you with, which you refuse to acknowledge because they contradict your narrative. I grew up extremely privileged, am at no risk of poverty, nor have I been at any point in my life, so there goes your "blame others for your problems" argument. I've never personally faced any issues due to my race, but in the mind of someone like yourself I suppose just being black is enough to warrant misery. I also find it amusing that you insist I did not pick up on the nuance of your argument when everything you've reiterated is precisely what I addressed, and previously understood your position to be. StephenK: Okay, I'll explain how you're strawmanning me and the nuance you failed to pickup on. The entire argument : *Everything that was already made clear in previous post with no new substantive rhetoric* That deserves a trophy my dude. As if merely deriving a different conclusion from what you've espoused means I'm "strawmanning" you lol. Nice try, next time come with some academic citations to make a point. This forum sure does love to ascribe these flimsy color model labels to anything but themselves. As if merely defending a position against a race-realist automatically puts me in an unflattering category of personal development.
  10. @StephenK And yet you still don't bother to explain what I'm strawmanning. Nice try mister race realist.
  11. @Meta-Man I'll think I'll be staying a solid 6 feet away from the likes of yourself, even post-covid. Simpletons: "Blacks are bad because genetics" Academic: *lists scientific citations negating the claim* Simpletons: "Whoaaa, take a chill pill man." Lol, good shit. Hahaha, it's actually hard to tell these days. It's as if Actualized.org hired a virtual court jester in the form of our good friend @StephenK over here. They are beyond incorrigible.. and yes, your version is more accurate haha.
  12. Is "take a chill pill" just a thoughtless 'go-to' response that you just throw out automatically? There's no basis here since nobody is belligerent or even upset. In order to be "strawmanning" you, I would need to be arguing against points you are not making. You sure do rely on exaggerated language to muster any sort of discernible thought, lol. Try to commit to using terms that you actually the meaning of. I've thoroughly debunked all of your claims, yet you've called me intellectually lazy while you yourself are not willing to even address the assertions I've put forth, let alone commit to your own research. Please attempt to actually debunk the things I've said otherwise you can safely be dismissed as a hapless simpleton who's opinions can (and should) be discarded like a shit filled diaper.
  13. You're making blanket statements without reasonably proving anything. The idea that people would be open about white supremacist view points is absurd, considering the immense stigmatization you'd be subjecting yourself to by adopting this approach. A white supremacist has every bit as much a reason to be covert about this worldview as any broad range of "racists" would have. So no, white supremacist is in fact a label that can and should be inductively applied to refer to anyone who is advancing white supremacist politics. Again, this line of reasoning can also be applied to a broad range of "racists" who obviously don't care to be receptive to rationales that would implicate them as racist. You're not saying anything unique about white supremacists that separates them from the groups I listed earlier. Nice of you to project this faulty definition despite my explicitly stated definition. The popular argument is essentially that it is not possible to deductively prove somebody is racist, but since we all can make reasonable inductions based on their conduct/language, there is valuable utility in ascribing these terms to people who express racist values. Same applied to white supremacist values. Dammit, I forgot to mention in my last post (since I predicted the fuck out of this response) that you had better not invoke some tenuous claim of ambiguity pertaining to this man's remarks. He directly says "I believe the white race is the superior one" and does not specify any motives pertaining to dating or sexual attraction for this conclusion, he merely says this perceived fact is why he dates them. Just because the context of the conversation is about dating does not mean the statement "I believe the white race is the superior one, so I date them because of this" requires further specification before you can conclude that he is racist.