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  1. @ranimarie CBD itself is a powerful antioxidant, meaning it protects the skin from free radicals like UV rays, smoke, and environmental pollutants. Free radicals lead to wrinkles and fine lines, but antioxidants protect our skin from this damage and help fight the effects of aging. @trubodywellness
  2. I suggest doing prayanam and yoga to reduce anxiety ... and it helps in increased flexibility. increased muscle strength and tone. improved respiration, energy, and vitality. maintaining a balanced metabolism. weight reduction. cardio and circulatory health. improved athletic performance. protection from injury. Thanks!
  3. @Brian Wolfe You are right caffeine keeps us feel alert Because it's a stimulant, it can increase heart rate and blood pressure, which impacts someone's overall health.” most people only have mild negative effects from caffeine, both short- and long-term health risks are possible.
  4. @trubodywellness @RoyFish oil. "One of the key nutrients many of us don't get enough of is long-chain omega 3 fats (which are found naturally in oily fish, for example, salmon) Multivitamin. In theory, we should be able to get all of our nutrients from our diet. Large doses of minerals can compete with each other to be absorbed. Don't use calcium, zinc, or magnesium supplements at the same time. Turmeric/Curcumin. Vitamin D3. Magnesium
  5. Try to sleep before 11 in the night , Morning takes a cup of green tea which makes you feel refresh, do not eat heavy and oily food before going to bed, avoid smartphones before sleep.
  6. @Dinesh Karki Sometimes, relieving brain fog is a matter of correcting a nutritional deficiency, switching medications or improving the quality of your sleep. Home remedies to improve brain fog include: sleeping 8 to 9 hours per night. managing stress by knowing your limitations and avoiding excessive alcohol and caffeine. How to clear your mind and reduce brain fog Clear the clutter. Cleaning up your desk is often a procrastination tool, but sometimes a little bit of directed procrastination can do your brain the world of good. ... Go for a walk. ... Sip water constantly. ... Get a fruity snack. ... Brainstorm with someone. ... Change your workspace.
  7. Any form of supplement, protein powder, Tablets are bad for health, we should have indulged in taking natural & herbal products in order to compensate for the deficiency. herbal supplements are safe for anyone to use. These products can pose unexpected risks because many supplements contain active ingredients that have strong effects on the body.
  8. Can anybody suggest me Best Diet plan for Keto?
  9. @Spiral These are the best things you should try Regular basis Wholegrains - May improve concentration and focus Oily fish - May promote healthy brain function Blueberries - May boost short-term memory Tomatoes -May prevent free radical damage Eggs - May delay brain shrinkage Blackcurrants - May reduce anxiety and stress Pumpkin seeds - May enhance memory and boost mood Broccoli - May improve brainpower Sage - May boost memory and concentration Nuts - May help protect healthy brain function