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  1. He already working on this, I want to help me in an other way, give him some task for push him out of his comfort zone Thank you
  2. Nothing is real if we want to see from this point of view It's a long process this, one fact it's understand this concept the other is to feel it and relize it My friend know this and he's working on it
  3. @J J thank you for sharing your experience 🙏 You describe very well the pure love this experience give I didn't have this death fear, I let myself completly go and actually I didn't remember what I really experienced. I come back with this sence of completely love, peace and awareness but the people around me told me I screamed like I had 1000 orgasms 😅 Apparently happen a lot
  4. I don't know this book but I don't think is the same
  5. For women is more easy this technique because we are normally capable of multiorgasmic, we don't have like the end of game like the man's ejaculation You can learn how to have orgasm without ejaculation so you can have more than one channeling the energy The exercises is the same, only some differency about breathing and point of energy channel
  6. I don't know where are you from but I know two good teachers for man about this technique , one in London and one in Chiang Mai, Thailand Otherwise you can find also some video of Mantak Chia in YouTube 🙏
  7. Qi gong is a very effective way for channel the sexual energy. I suggest you to check "the multiorgasmic man" book of Mantak Chia. He teach how to have orgasm without ejaculation with the microcosmic orbit, an exercise for circulate the energy Also for women it's very helpful, in this case "the multiorgasmic woman" and the use of jade egg It's 5 years I'm practice this technique and it's very powerful
  8. Fear, everyone for one thing or an other feel fear I'm writing here for help but not for myself, a friend ask me to help him about this. He's doing is work already, he's a yoga teacher (all the yoga not just asana) , he go to a very good psychologist but he feel doing more. I'm a big fan of psychedelic and I feel he arrive in my life for try them, of course he's totally afraid but ready to try them with me. Right now for this virus situation we are in separate countries so I suggest him to do some task I want to propose until we gonna be able to meet. He never went to a holiday alone, he's afraid to do everything alone, he found himself also in a bad relationship right now because he can't stay alone. So I was thinking to give him easy task like go out to have a dinner alone or dress in a uncomfortable way and go out like this for one day. Task able to bring him out of his comfort zone Do you have other suggestions, exercise he can try to do? Thank you 🙏