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  1. AstraZeneca has killed hundreds of people. Someone in my area took that vaccine type and got blood disease and died shortly after. Still people are denying reality. And also, why does Biden use green screen here?
  2. Might sound weird. But on my mushroom trip, I watched this video and it was obvious. The sound and the movements specifically.
  3. @montecristo of course if you smoke some consciousness expanding strains.
  4. Try taking psychedelic mushrooms and watch chicken frying.
  5. @Thought Art It's called pasta carbonara. Try it.
  6. Nature care for its own survival. Of course, there's gonna be natural disasters, flooding, and such when we dump trash in our ocean and pollute the air.
  7. My dads' doctor told him he has 3 months to live. He quit chemo and immune therapy and did his own research. He took the holistic approach and looks healthy and it has been 2 years since. @Leo Gura You're such a hypocrite man. You haven't taken the vaccine but anyone who questions it and doesn't want to take it is suddenly "anti-vaxxer".
  8. Avicii - The melodies and composition of this legend is genius.
  9. Hire a cabin in the woods for a month. No phone or internet. Just books and clean food. This is better than watching motivational youtube videos.
  10. @Carl-Richard Can't hear you, your head is to deep in your ass.
  11. Is this the President of USA? I've read that people who lust for youngsters vibrate at a very low state of consciousness. Damn, look at the guy standing left to the blonde woman, his smile is so fake so it sings about it.
  12. A guy I know took the vaccine and now suffer from migraine. I'm sure it will pass soon. Best to wait a year or two to see how people react. I've read that the TB vaccine also reduces the risk to get the virus.