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  1. AstraZeneca has killed hundreds of people. Someone in my area took that vaccine type and got blood disease and died shortly after. Still people are denying reality. And also, why does Biden use green screen here?
  2. 1 year ago conspiracy theorists were told to put on a tinfoil hat when they said vaccination pass is incoming. I know 9 people who got what is believed to be Covid. After 3 days they feel better and one week everything is normal. The immune system is enough. Instead of saying I have covid, they might as well say: I have a fever. The media pumps out fear to hijack people's consciousness so they become receptive to whatever bullshit they want to implant. I am a Copywriter and to be an effective one you must trigger human emotions, where fear is one of the strongest ones, to sell effectively. And I read a post here that not taking a needle to your vein is selfish. How is that selfish? What if you cause a minor car accident and the other party only gets hurt? Would it be selfish for me to not drive straight into a wall so that I also have an accident? You might say getting a vaccine prevents the spread of the virus. We might as well burn all the physical cash because there are bacteria circulating on dollar bills. Don't be surprised if they actually decide to get rid of all physical cash in the future and blame it on Covid. So many people are asleep. Just look at these Tiktok girls smearing their face with makeup and shaking their ass unknowingly that their mind is hijacked. And not to mention these chimpanzees who follow them and worship their butt. I am a firm believer that porn rotten your brain and the way you view women. So many people worship ass these days. People think the government wants the best for the people. If the government told that eating shit will cure covid, some people will microwave their own feces and eat it with a glass of wine without hesitation. Conspiracy theorist here and there. How about stop watching CNN or whatever people watch, and instead; read books and research ancient civilizations. By doing so you might stumble upon some interesting stuff that will raise questions about today's society and how it is structured. A Vaxxpass is so inhuman it can get. Do you want a social reward system also before you notice how twisted this is? Maybe a yellow emoji star next to your credentials to prove that you behaved in society. Call us crazy conspiracy theorists, incels, or whatever to make you feel better and safer in the reality we live in. Do that while you stand in line to get the shot and don't forget to pat yourself on the back and pretend you did something for humanity.
  3. Might sound weird. But on my mushroom trip, I watched this video and it was obvious. The sound and the movements specifically.
  4. @montecristo of course if you smoke some consciousness expanding strains.
  5. Try taking psychedelic mushrooms and watch chicken frying.
  6. @Thought Art It's called pasta carbonara. Try it.
  7. Nature care for its own survival. Of course, there's gonna be natural disasters, flooding, and such when we dump trash in our ocean and pollute the air.
  8. My dads' doctor told him he has 3 months to live. He quit chemo and immune therapy and did his own research. He took the holistic approach and looks healthy and it has been 2 years since. @Leo Gura You're such a hypocrite man. You haven't taken the vaccine but anyone who questions it and doesn't want to take it is suddenly "anti-vaxxer".
  9. Avicii - The melodies and composition of this legend is genius.
  10. Is this the President of USA? I've read that people who lust for youngsters vibrate at a very low state of consciousness. Damn, look at the guy standing left to the blonde woman, his smile is so fake so it sings about it.
  11. Hire a cabin in the woods for a month. No phone or internet. Just books and clean food. This is better than watching motivational youtube videos.
  12. @Carl-Richard Can't hear you, your head is to deep in your ass.
  13. A guy I know took the vaccine and now suffer from migraine. I'm sure it will pass soon. Best to wait a year or two to see how people react. I've read that the TB vaccine also reduces the risk to get the virus.
  14. I thought you were on a journey to become a Sage as said in a video? Have you tried home-grown Golden Teacher Mushrooms? It's like you get a lecture from the universe with plenty of insights. If you want, they offer you erectile dysfunction from anti-depressants. It's more profitable to keep people sick than heal. In west coast Sweden there are at least 2-3 shops in every city where you can buy natural remedies for all kinds of alignments. Even in drug stores nowadays you can buy plant-based medicine. In my city alone there are also spiritual teachers/shamans that do Reiki healing and stuff like that. People are becoming more health-conscious in parts of the world and aware of the corruption circulating Pharmaceuticals.
  15. @Extreme Z7 Losen up mate, you take things too seriously. They are developing a vaccine for your afraid tight ass as well so don't worry. @Loving Radiance Do you know that the Pharma industry funds like 75% of the FDA budget? Why do you think Kratom is banned in Alabama? Alabama has the highest rate of opioid prescribing in the country. Of course, they ban so they can sell and make a huge profit from addicts. This stuff we learn from some TV channels here in Swe. Not sure what they broadcast on TV in America but it seems like it's not very educational. I think that people who consume energy drinks and rely on other stimuli like porn for their weak brain to function in society should stand back. @Leo Gura Are you gonna take a shot every year? Imagine if you take the vaccine and all the work you've done meditating vanish because of some weird interaction with neurotransmitters. Like anti-5-meo. Do you think monks and sages up in the mountains take vaccines?
  16. @Forestluv You have misunderstood completely. Some people do whatever the government tells them. Remember when Trump said to inject disinfectant as a treatment? I bet you think your vote matters in Murica. @Lyubov one of them is 83 years old. Wonder why he still stands, maybe because he has a strong immune system and never touched alcohol in his entire life. Maybe we should let the whole world get covid and let the weak die out? There is a whole world outside America. Believe it or not. Here in Sweden for example you don't have to take any vaccine (not even for Covid) and can still be part of society just fine. And aren't they in a sense controlling you with a vaccine by limiting your freedom to travel for example? This is so subtle and hard to notice what's really happening here.
  17. Has anyone tried writing music using shrooms and 5 meo? Did it cause any enlightenment experiences and feeling the presence of God because of the ininite ways to use notes?
  18. Where are you right now? I'm on 7 and slowly moving to 8 Remember those layers must be beaten, skipping one can't work.
  19. This is insane... Purchased the paid report from Numerologist - Here's an excerpt: First. I'm currently studying academic writing and soon to start a journalist school. I can sing. I also have a blog. I also have been acting when I was younger in acting schools and in a movie. Here's another excerpt. I have been producing music for 2 years now and up to this day I've made 155 songs... How can this be so accurate? Do you think they have access to my email?
  20. find your deepest fears and hidden traumas far back in your psyche.